89: Africa, My Continent

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Chapter 89. Africa, My Continent.

I rubbed Esther’s back slowly as she slept on my laps. I didn’t know what to think after what she told me. I had spent most of my time blaming those street girls but after what she told me, i discovered that it wasn’t entirely their faults. Most of them were helpless. They were tricked into the game by their Slave Masters. They were then taken to one bush or river to instill more fears in them.
The black Africa was still in the dark. We have not seen any kind of light like other parts of Earth. We didn’t know what to fear and what not to fear. It was the same thing for almost hundred percent of us. We believed in Imaginary things that didn’t know we even existed. It was the same thing for the Church, the Mosque and the Pagans. We go to Church all the time where we were told how to behave otherwise one god somewhere would strike us down for doing something else. The Self appointed prophets told us that one fortune or misfortune was going to befell us depending on what we did. One thing that We Africans had failed to understand was that good and bad worked side by side. Without bad, there won’t be good. Nature had made it that way and we were expected to know that out of common sense. Rather we chose to trust one prophet or Pastor or native doctor or Imam. They then took advantage of our gullible nature to take our money while controlling us with their lies. They picked one verse or the other in the Bible or Koran that fitted their ideologies, then they interpreted them to fit into whatever purpose they wanted. We bought into those interpretations and lived by it whether they were right or wrong. What we failed to understand was that life was all about context, that the way we analysed things were very different from each other. Take forinsntance in Science classes; a class of of 20 students would listen to a lecturer and at the end of the day, only a few would understand what the lecturer said. How could we not be applying that in our religious life? How did we all managed to always claim to understand what the Pastor said; all of us. And then we tried to live our daily lives by such self deception. It was only you and you alone who knew who you are. Your parents and friends may know some percentage of you but it was just you alone who knew who you are completely.

Esther just opened my eyes more to the street life. I knew all along that most of them were tricked into coming to Europe but it was difficult not to blame them. I had believed that they had the chances to run away from the prostitution world but after what Esther said, i knew that they were all scared of being killed by one deity or the other residing somewhere in a bush. Fear was the cause. If fear could be able to be removed from them, they would learn to abandon the prostitution business for a better thing to do. It was never in the culture of Africans to hawk their bodies for money. We were the most decent and cultured planet in the World. We were the hope of mankind after others must have destroyed themselves. We were the only planet that was growing at our own pace until the White men showed up and forced us to grow at their own pace. The result was what we were seeing at the present. It was never really our fault, they started developing weapons and poisons and diseases before us. It was either you agree on what they said or they force them on you. First they managed to divide us into many units without respect to our cultures and languages. That was the beginning of our problems. Today, we see our neighbours in Niger Republic and Cameroun as our enemies while we see Britain and United States as our friends. We failed to integrate what we learnt from them into our system while maintaining our own culture just like the Chinese did. We failed to tell them what we wanted and therefore they gave us what they wanted. It was true that they left us in the 60s but did they actually left? Their ideologies and the things they brought remained behind and the leaders who followed up immediately they left didn’t know their right from left; the neo colonialism remained. No disrespect to our leaders but since i was never scared of the deities, why would i be scared of humans?

As we got near Marseille, i considered the next things to do. I wasn’t sure Naomi was going to like it if i showed up at her doorstep with Esther. It was better that we go to a hotel first. Therefore when we stopped at the Marseille Central Station, we took a cab to a hotel and rented a room. We slept for some hours and when we woke up, it was already 11:00. I told Esther that i needed a new simcard and phone. I left her and went out to the street where i bought a new Nokia phone and another French simcard. I bought her a new simcard and recharge cards too. On my way back, i called Naomi and told her that we were in Marseille. She said she was in school and asked us to come to her place when she returned.
I got back upstairs and told Esther that Naomi was still in France and that she was very close to us.
“You lied to me that she was in the United States” She said.
“Yes I did and i am sorry but that was all an attempt to convince you that what you were doing in Paris was not good for you. Besides Naomi was the one who said that she wasn’t going anywhere. I wanted to send her to London like i did to Lisa but she refused” I smiled.
“You mean Lisa is in London, is that another lie or do you mean it this time” she asked.
I called Lisa right away and asked how She was doing. The phone was on speak out. Lisa said she knew Esther very well and asked me to help her out like i did to her and Naomi. She said she had joined a Redeemed Church in London and had no fear of Olokun or any deity anymore. I was happy she said that to the hearing of Esther who eventually spoke to her. Joining redeemed Church was leaving one Master for another; however redeemed was a smaller evil compared to Prostitution but all of them are mental slavery.
At the end of the conversation, Esther agreed that she would go to London.
“You will stay here in Marseille for a week or two before you go to London. I need to go to Berlin to attend a friends wedding on Saturday” i said.
She nodded and jumped on me while smiling. The little confused girl had started returning to humanity. Thanks to Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin.

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  1. Africa seriously need her help from darkness. Imagine someone coming to my house to pick any of my lovely sisters wit flattering promises only to kick into d streets to sell their bodies.


  2. Yea a big thanks to ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin

  3. Truly, the way we live our life is in our hands.

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  6. Let’s go and see Jenny baby walked to the altar…… #Kudos Ozongbodu 1.

    We have many girls like Esther who have a tormenting memory of the past and they need care and assurance for their safety before they can actually start living the present.
    Great points noted about the use of trickery. Materials are a very good bait that can lure many preys in Africa. May God help us o.

  7. Sunehri_145

    We africans need help,

  8. zubby what do you believe?


    jesus christ



    science and invention

    western influence

    african culture

    yourself ‘ luck or Intelligence’

    history and event.

    what do u put ur faith on?

  9. abi o, zubby what do u believe in pls dont speak about religion dis way pls

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    sweet , luring and captivating pls, more update to complete the day.

  12. pastors in the house I greet o.We should only be interested in the message Ozoigbondu is passing nt asking an irrelevant questions.
    He says Africa is in dark…what do you have to say about that not asking him wether he is an atheist or pang.
    Again,what have religion done to Africa and it messages?
    One can choose to be a free thinker not necessarily an atheist…that is where I keyed in.
    Yes,I believe or I was told to believe just like you and me that there’s a supreme being somewhere.etc

  13. Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery… ~Bob Marley

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  17. We africans have our own tradition b4 the other religion came…. Fela Kuti said so

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