89: The Kiss And Tell

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“I love you baby” Linda kept saying over and over through out our stay that night.
She had purchased a new sleeping gown for me which she said would stay in her apartment for me to use whenever i visited her.

“I hope no other man will touch the gown because i will deal with him” i had joked about the sleeping gown in a bid to make her believe that i was in to stay.

“There is an Island i know off the coast of Sicily. It would be so perfect for us to visit there. Besides i have a business deal there which i would like you to even see since i am not going to let you go again” i had also said to Linda.
She loved the idea and agreed that we would go the next day after she must have secured the permission to rest from her restaurant management.

When she went into the bathroom, i called Adisa, the Alaye girl.

She was happy to hear from me and said she had only a few days to pay her house rent.

“We are going to finalize the business and share the money tomorrow in Sicily” i told her.
But before i told her anything, i asked if she has heard from Alaye in prison. She said she has not even heard anything and wondered if she would even wait for him to come out. She blamed Alaye for being arrogant and rude which landed him into trouble.

I asked if she knew the route to Sicily and she said she has been there before.

“I will tell you when to start coming to Sicily tomorrow but remember not to tell anybody where you are going, especially on the phone” I told her.
She thanked me and cut the phone.

When i finished my own bath, i wore my latest cloth and went to bed.

Linda was wearing a transparent sleeping gown which revealed her body under the blue light.
I already knew it was intentional and didn’t have to pretend.
She has also sprayed herself with body sprays that smelled like hibiscus flower which made the atmosphere romantic.
The mixture of red and blue candles lighted the corners of the room and also made the setting very ready for passionate love making.

“Wow, this is so romantic” I said as i walked to her on the bed, bent down and kissed her forehead.

As long as i was concerned, i was an actor that night and the only way to succeed in my role was to play it perfectly.

The bra-less breasts were held slightly tight by the transparent gown but one could only look closely to know that the boobs were actually under the cloth.

The company that designed the cloth had made it in a way that the areas that covered the private parts were more transparent than others.
One could easily attempt to put his manhood through the gown if he didn’t look closely.

The neatly and newly shaven cuunt could be seen through the gown and as i bent to kiss her again, i wondered if i should just forget her lips and kiss the neat cuunt but i already vowed never to do that again to any woman i didn’t trust well enough. Even if i was expected to play my acting role very well, i wasn’t expected to die in the movie.

“I love your dress” I Managed to say as i lay beside her and started to squeeze the inviting oranges sitting on her chest.

“Please don’t leave me, i am in love with you” I heard beside my ear.

‘Really’ I thought.

“I love you too baby and you know i came back here as fast as i could just to be with you even when i didn’t finish what i went to do in Germany” I said.

As i lay beside her, she slowly got up and untied the ropes that held my gown together. The entire front of my body got exposed; my Manhood jumped out excitedly.
Linda held and rubbed it slowly until it got to its limit, then she started the blowjob that blew my mind away to another planet.

As i moaned, i forgot what i came to do in Italy. I would have done anything to remain in that situation and forget the world.

Why on earth were people suffering instead of enjoying?
Why where there shortage of food and water while we lived inside the Farms and Oceans?
Why were people so wicked as to try to hurt the people they should have loved?
Yes, Linda was supposed to love Maria and protect her. Maria’s sin was that she helped me to take some girls out of the street. That was the sin she committed that made Aunty Adesuwa and her thugs to beat, rape and detain her for days.

Above all, they killed her child. A child they didn’t know what she or he would become. They killed Berlin or Paris; two cities that would not have been what they were if someone had demolished them from inception.

As the questions and the sins of Adesuwa and her thugs pumped into my head, it jolted me out of the reverie and i nearly jumped up to grab Linda’s throat but i had already committed enough crimes in Castel Volturno and it would be foolish to do something else there.
I planned to take her away into the Island and punish her there. I didn’t know what to do to her yet but i was sure that something would come up.
The major thing that made intelligent people intelligent was using whatever they could see or touch to change things to their advantages.

“Come and suck me baby” I heard from Linda.

I nearly shouted at her but that could have jeopardized my operations; therefore i decided to change the situation by just telling her that i never did such thing.

Whatever made these girls to believe that blowjobs and sucking were equal and opposite.
Blowjobs were practically licking ordinary human fresh while sucking a cuunt was different; It meant putting your mouth into an area that was constantly dripping blood; one really had to be very careful on that.

“I will do it tomorrow, i am not prepared for it now” I said as i opened my wallet and grabbed a condom.

“You keep condoms in your wallet?” She said.

“Not really but i knew that i was coming to see my baby, so i bought it at the duty free in Germany” I lied.

I slowly pulled up the transparent gown and spread her legs wide apart.
The newly shaven womanhood opened up and the red lips separated from each other slowly.

I dipped my manhood into her and slowly pumped away in ecstasy.

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