88: Dance on me

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The pleasure from the first round demanded that we tried a second time. The army girl was very good in bed. I discovered that during the second round of the sexx game.She had decided to be on top.

She almost made me fvckk her without condom, but I never trusted anything from the barracks; anything.

I lay on my back as she danced with her slim waist all over my dicck. At a stage, she placed her two hands on each side of me and pumped with enough power to push a volkswagen beetle car. I moaned incredibly.
The army girl was bringing a different style and energy into my sexx life and as a result, I decided that she would be counted more than ten times in the ongoing Lagos census.
You may call it a cheat but I had a different name for it, ”Pleacheat” ; derived from pleasure and cheat.

After the second round, we were both exhausted. She placed her head on my chest and played with the hairs on my chest. The alcohol in her system had somehow evaporated with the energy she released while Fvcking me.

She was not the loving type.
Girls were made for different reasons. Some of them such as Daisy were good for playing romance and love.
Some such as Irene were good to have sexx with and discuss about other things different from romance afterwards.

It was the same thing with men though. Some men were so good in bed but didn’t know about romance much. But some men can be perfect in romance but when it came to the bed action, the lagged behind.

After over two hours in my house, Irene got ready to go. She asked if she could come tomorrow but I lied that I was going out. I promised to call her when and if I returned.

It was evening when we got down from the house. Issa was at his duty post as usual counting who came in and who went out.

”Issa, there is something I want you to do for me… You will get your phone back if you do it” I said to him.

”Anything I say Oga, me I go do am” he said.

I had heard the landlord shouting at him some days ago. He had somehow left the gates unlocked and went inside. Something our landlord hated. I guessed every rich man hated that as well. Since the landlord hated leaving the gates open, I was going to explore that little glitch in security system.

”Take this money and go to the barracks. Buy me Meat N500” I said as I gave him a N1000 note.

”Oga, abeg, stay here for me. The people will start coming back from the market soon” he had said.

I promised to stay there for him as I watched him left the gate and walked down through the street on the left and disappeared.

Irene had also left, I had given her N1000 and she was happy.

As soon as Issa left, I looked inside the house and saw that nobody was at the veranda.

I opened the big gate as if I wanted to drive out, then I left it open and walked upstairs.

I watched the front gate from a small chimney hole as people came in and go out through the big gate. A call came to my phone. It was from Zainab. She wanted to know when I would pick her up.
”Tomorrow, I will come to your school tomorrow” I said quickly as I saw the Landlord drove inside the house and stopped to check the security house. I guessed he wanted to ask Issa why the gate was already open before his arrival.

I could see the frown on his face as he discovered that Issa was not even there.

” If you pricked us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?”

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