88: Return to Amsterdam

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We got to Palermo Airport and went to the Easy Jet counter.
One of the reasons why i always went for Easy Jet was that it was owned by a British company. They hardly checked for the authenticity of documents as far as one wasn’t flying to the UK. They believed that apart from the UK and Russia, the other European countries were just the same. Flying from Germany to France, Italy, Holland, Belgium and the rest of western Europe was not supposed to be problem but due to the fact that some countries such as Germany and Holland were richer than Portugal and Spain, the immigration officers decided to check documents just to show off.
Nobody stopped a traveler from Germany to Portugal but flying from Portugal to Germany would definitely teach you that the countries were never the same.

At the Easy Jet Counter, i collected the entire resident permit cards as the ticket officer watched. I mixed the entire three cards up and handed it over to him.

“We are going to Amsterdam” I said to him.

He looked at our faces once and looked at the cards, then he started keying our data into the computer.
When he finished, he printed three tickets on a A4 sheet of paper and handed it over to us.

I was scared that miss Angel could have reported that her card was missing but i doubted it.
I figured the Police would leave her late in the morning and then, she would go home to search for the card. Before she would declare it missing and report to the authorities for a new one, we would have cleared immigration in in Holland.

There were no Easy Jets going to Amsterdam; therefore, we took tickets to Eindhoven.

It was already half past 1pm when we arrived at the Eindhoven Airport.
We took a cab to the Eindhoven Central Station and took a train to Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena near the Ajax FC Stadium. It was still day time and Nigerians were outside there at the Station; afterall it was Summer but i didn’t care about people seeing us.
I already decided that anybody can see us and bring the war to us but running away was no longer an option.
The first thing i decided to do when i settle down was to get a gun. If the whole thing eventually turns out to shooting spree, fine; man would die only once.

Robin who was waiting for us at the station, helped us load our bags into a Snoda and we drove to his apartment.
He has relocated from the duplex where we lived together during my stay in Amsterdam and has moved to a newly developed area Between Krainest and Gasperplas metro Stations. The new apartment was behind the Bijlmer Central Mosque where the Muslims worshiped.

After settling down and eating the Okro soup he cooked, we discussed about the apartment i asked him to find for me in Weesp.
According to Robin, he has asked the house agents to look for apartments but decided to wait for the inspections until i came. He said that Since he lived alone, we could hang with him in the two bedroom apartment until we find our own apartment. He liked Precious and from the way he was smiling at her, i knew that it was a matter of time before they hit the road and the bed together but why would i care; i have been wishing the poor girl a good boyfriend ever since she started living with us.

By 5:30 pm that evening, i opened Robin’s laptop and searched for information on the flight timetable of Easy Jet. It was then that i learnt there had flights from Eindhoven and Amsterdam to Napoli until 10pm in the evening.

“Baby I like Amsterdam very well, i need to go and finish our business in Italy as soon as possible. I am going back to Levanzo now” I said to Maria who has been holding me like a two year old baby.

“No, you will rest and go tomorrow” She countered.

I convinced her that i needed to go there that evening so that by 8am the next morning, i would visit the house agent and close the apartment while it would also give me more time to find out how to clear the apartment.
She eventually agreed reluctantly after i promised her that i won’t spent more than a day there.

Robin saw me off to the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, he has gotten a Dutch resident permit through an European Woman whom she entered into a contract Marriage with; therefore venturing into the airport was no longer a fearful thing.

I was lucky to Purchase a ticket on time for the next flight to Napoli.
As soon as we boarded the Flight, i Blocked my caller ID and called Linda. She was happy to hear that i was already on my way back to Napoli.

“I will come and wait for you at the airport” she had said excitedly from the other side of the phone.
I thanked her for her care on time before the overhead speakers announced that it was time to shut down every electronics in the flight.
I switched off my phone like every other passenger and waited until we took off and headed southward towards The Italian City of Napoli.

As promised, Linda was there at the airport when i cleared immigration.
She hugged me and held my hand as we walked to the taxi stands.

“I hope nothing will stop us from going for our vacation this time. I will go to the restaurant tomorrow and take two days sick leave” she said.

The cab took us to her apartment where she has prepared fish pepper soup for me.
We ate together and chatted and kissed.
While kissing her, i wondered how many of them i have kissed. I couldn’t remember all of them and i vowed to stop kissing until i got married. I believed love was such a good thing but i couldn’t justify the essence of licking each other’s saliva in the name of passion.
One thing i knew from when i was in secondary school in Nigeria was that i was not created for passionate love.
I had only had sleepless nights for Oge, when i was living in Awada Onitsha. The girl then was a brilliant girl which i believed was what endeared me to her. I loved brilliant and intelligent people from the beginning, not dumb girls with good looks.
Physical appearances never meant anything to me.

As for Jennifer, i loved her out of necessity.

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