88: Calls From The North

For the entire day, nobody saw Zuby and Ngozi’s in any Italian Train Station. They seemed to have lodged in a hotel to stay out of the road. If that was the case, there were never going to stay there for long. They would need to leave the hotel and continued moving to France sooner or later. The problem was that i didn’t know how long they would stay wherever there was and each day that went by, i would be required to pay something to the numerous search teams scattered all over Northern Italian Train Stations looking to capture the fugitives and the 17000 Euros in their possessions. I have even went ahead to tell one of the teams where Zuby hide the money in his Jean belthole.

Nothing was heard until the following day. It started when the search team called and said they spotted Zuby and Ngozi at the Genova train Station. Two of the boys who escaped the day before were among those who spotted them in Genova, therefore there was no doubt whether it was them or not.

“We just saw them in Genova Central. They are inside a Taxi but we have blocked them. I will call you back soon” The team leader had shouted on the phone.

I was at Madam Philo’s apartment when the call came.
We laughed and waited for the next news. The bastard and his new bride has been finally cornered and captured. I was going to recover my money and my girl. I didn’t even know how that was going to be achieved but i trusted Madam Philo, she was long in the business before i even finished school.

The next call we received was that Police were pursuing the search team. Madam Philo was disappointed and so was I. Some minutes ago, Zuby and Ngozi were cornered in a cab and the next call we received from the search team was that the Police suddenly showed up and started pursuing them.

I didn’t want to believe that Zuby had Police escort. I knew he was dangerous and smart but i didn’t think he had the police at his call. It simply meant that somehow, he knew where to find the Police.
I was almost tempted to call off the search team because Zuby warned me a day before that if i attempted any more attack on him and Ngozi, he would come after me. I still didn’t know how he intended to achieve that but i also knew that he was capable of doing anything; both good and bad.

“How did that happen?” Philo had asked them.
It was good he was taking charge of the situation. There was no way i could have managed the situation the way Philo was doing.

“I don’t know. The taxi driver who carried them started driving away and while we pursued them, Police just came out of nowhere and started pursuing us. It is not our fault” He had shouted on the phone, it was the team leader of the search group.
The phone was on speakout as it had been right from the beginning.

“Just make sure you catch that thief” Aunty Philo said to them as if it was that easy.

There was nothing else to do except to wait, the Rice and Stew Mary brought to me sat there on the table for several minutes Even before i noticed that the food were there.

“Maria eat your food” Philo said.
Instantly i knew that when someone begin to pity me in such manner, it meant that there was no more hope.
I had no appetite to eat anything after the last news from Genova. Unfortunately, the food was brought when the search team called and said they had cornered and surrounded the fugitives. Everybody was in a good mood then and we were about to start eating and drinking when the second call came in and announced that the Police was after them.

“Aunty i am not hungry” I managed to say.
The chief fugitive up north had surprised me in numerous occasions. It seemed that he thought about everything before they happen. Unfortunately, they were always police officers in every major Italian Train Station. It could be that Zuby knew about it and was taking advantage of that.
In fact, he must have known, he has lived in Europe for long to know how things happened there.

I was worried, not because of what was happening at the sitting room of Aunty Philo but because if the Police managed to capture any of the group up north, my name could be mentioned.
Zuby was likely to mention my name to save himself in the event he was captured. The search teams were also likely to mention Aunty Philo if they got captured and if that was the case, Aunty Philo, despite being my madam, would link the troubles to me and at that stage, i would be in the most serious trouble i ever witnessed. My resident permit could be withdrawn from the Italian Government authorities. Depending on how the story was told to the authorities, i could be designated a human trafficker and if that ever happened, it could spell the end of Maria James in Italy. The happiness i had ever known would be withdrawn in a minute and i would be locked up somewhere in a prison yard without the hope of getting out anytime soon.
If the operations were left for me alone, i would have simply called of the search team and pay them off but Madam Philo was in charge of the search team and each time i said something contrary to continuing the search, she would accuse me of getting scared.
It was almost like i had no option that to stay quiet and follow her lead.
I eventually refused to eat the food.

Over an hour after the last call, we received another call from the search team. They said they managed to escape the Police chase and that they have finally found Ngozi alone in a hotel in Genova Airport Road.
When Aunty Philo asked about Zuby, they said they didn’t know where he was.
It was not a good news because as long as the Zuby man was out there, Ngozi would never be taken away easily.

“Stay close to that hotel and wait for Zuby, he will surely come there sooner or later” Aunty Philo said before she ended the call.

I didn’t know if it was a good news or not, they said they followed Ngozi and a taxi driver to a hotel and that Zuby was not among them. If they brought Ngozi back, i would welcome that, but i doubted that.

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