87: the meeting

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The following morning was Thursday. There was some hold up on the Badagry expressway but I was determined to visit Mr Chukwudi that morning.
I had called him and he said we should meet at the Charity Bus stop in Oshodi.
The super agent who could get a visa in a twinkle of an eye wanted us to meet at a busy bus stop, that was where he intended to collect my passport.

I got to the Charity Bus stop and called him. He asked me to wait for him there. I did.
It was time for him to delay me but I recalled how fast he was to ask for the rest of his money.

He eventually came to me after over 30 minutes of patiently waiting. He said he was stuck in a holdup somewhere down at Mafoluku.

I opened my pigeon hole and handed him the international passport.
He flipped through it and certified it good enough.

”When is the Visa going to be ready” I asked him.
He said I should give him the maximum of two weeks. He also said that it could come out before two weeks but that he usualy give his customers two weeks. I nodded.

”Is this your car” he had asked.

”Nope, it belongs to my Army major cousin who lives at the Ojo Barracks” I had answered him.

I deliberately wanted to instill some fear into him if he was planning to swindle me.

I left him and drove to Mandilas near Idumota. Some of my cloths had started to fade and some friends had taken some. I needed some new cloths.
I got there and drove around for over twenty minutes before I could locate a place to pack my car. I eventually had to pay for a slot before some area boys allowed me to pack.

I bought two Jean trousers, two T shirts and a pair of sandals. I bought a pair of ladies shoes and a ladies bag for Daisy.
It was true that I had started having second thoughts about her but she was still on top of the list.

I got home and called Irene. She said she would come in an hour.

I waited for her with a glass of Elliot whiskey. She came before an hour. She was wearing a trouser with a Blouse on top of a sandal. She did tried well to look good enough for a guy who had lived in Germany. She wore some cheap perfumes too. I took her hand right from the door as we walked to the long sofa.
I wanted her to know that there was going to be body contacts right from the begining.

The truth was that there were some girls that you got and do whatever you liked. If they left or refused to do anything with you, it won’t pain you. Irene was in that category.

But there were some girls that you won’t be in a haste to sleep with. Those were the ones you had more respect for.

”Do you want to drink this” I said as I lifted the glass of whiskey in front of us.

She took it from my hand and sipped it effortlessly.
Soldier girl! she wasn’t new in the game of whiskey.
Since we were drinking the same brand, I went inside and got a pack of juice from the ones I had bought at Ladipo.
We mixed and drank until it became obvious that she had sipped more than she could manage.

”Daisy said you have Fvckedd her” Irene said out of nowhere.

Don’t deny! The shout boomed from my head.

”Yes, we have had sexx before” I said while smiling.

”Have you also had sexx with a man before” I asked, knowing that sticking with the sexx topic was the best if I was going to get anything.

The point was that I didn’t want to be too frontal with the sexx request. The girl sitting with me was a daughter of a Nigerian army man and whether I liked it or not, the army was still angry after General Abdulsalami Abubakar handed over the power to the civilians seven years earlier. The army men were still maltreating civilians here and there and I didn’t want to be a victim of that harsh reality.

”Yes, I have done that with an army man” she said with a smile.

I had not detected any mouth odour from her, therefore I figured it was safe to kiss her lips.
As soon as the idea came, I moved my mouth slowly to hers and kissed her. Irene responded instantly and the chapter started. We kissed some more before my hand moved up to the two soft balls hanging on her chest. She moaned as I squeezed them one after the order. The balls were still hard and erect. The bosoms were so fun to squeeze. I continued squeezing until I was sure she was lost in the Pleasure, then I pulled out her blouse and placed my lips on the nippless. The sucking was even better. It tickled her so sweetly that she held me tightly as if to say ” please don’t stop”.

I sucked for over five minutes before she encouraged me to go beyond that. She had grabbed my dicck and squeezed on it softly.
I opened the zippers on her trousers and pulled the protector down. She was wearing a red underpants. I pulled it down too. Her cunnt was not shaven but a careful look showed where the entrance to the honey pot was located. I slipped two fingers inside it. It was already wet. I manipulated her severally until her moanings turned into a near crying, then I pulled down my boxers, slipped a condom on my dicck and mounted her.

She almost relaxed with pleasure as the tip of my dicck searched for the easy way to go inside of her. She was tight as expected.
I moved in and out of her slowly but increased the tempo as she cried out in pleasure. Her two hand were on my buttocks squeezing and encouraging me not to stop. She was clearly in Heaven as she shouted ”Oh, Lord” several times before she climaxed.

I reduced the tempo of the pumping to allow her grasp the entire pleasure that was associated with her releases.

”It is necessary to help others, not only in our prayers but in our daily lives. If we cannot help them, the least we can do is not to hurt them”

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