87: The final piece of puzzle.

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I stood and watched as the poor girl searched through her bag without success.
She first of all, brought out her small purse and opened it; searched through it and hissed. It all meant she knew where she kept it but then it had magically disappeared from there and there was nothing she could do about it.

I wanted to get myself involved by asking if she came with it but decided that it was better that i stayed away from the entire thing. The police could decide to ask me some silly questions about where i met her and all that.

“Come out of the vehicle” One Police officer said to Angel.
She wasn’t disturbed because she knew she had a resident permit. She also knew that the worst the Police could do was to take her to the station and take her finger prints, then they would locate her data from the Central database and let her go.
The downside was that she wasn’t going to know where i would be when she got out.

I watched as they pushed Angel into their vehicle and drove away.
I wanted to give her my phone number but that could have easily convinced the police to ask me to follow them to the station.

Ironically, the event was a massive blessing in disguise. I had been thinking about how to disappear from whatever hotel we were going to lodge. I had thought about pretending that i wanted to go down and buy something outside and disappeared from there.
Fortunately, the gods that wanted me to disappear with her resident permit card, were the ones that sent the Police out of nowhere.

As they drove away, i closed the car door of the cab and joined the driver at the front.

“What time does the trains start to run here in Napoli?” I asked the cab driver.

“5am” he said.
“Take me to the Central Train Station” I said.

I had suddenly decided to go to the station and wait for an hour and half before the trains started to run.
An hour and half wasn’t a long time. I had waited in train stations for longer periods of time. There was a night i spent over four hours in Gare Du Nord in Paris. There was another night i spent over three hours in Essen Hauptbanhof in Germany.
Secondly, i believed that it would be better for me to start moving away from Napoli rather than staying in a hotel. My mission of stealing a resident permit card has been achieved and there was nothing else to do there.
But i also thought about how to get the value of the money i gave to Angel’s Madam at the restaurant. I wanted to have a go at sex with Angel but as circumstances may have it, it was not destined to happen. The bigger thing has been achieved.

Beautiful Miss Stacey Edafe.

I got to Napoli Centrum and waited inside a small room. There were others waiting for the trains to start running. My only concern was for the cops not to control me again. I had been controlled several times in Italy and it was a matter of time before one smart Police officer puts one and one together to pin me down. It was really time to run away from the country.
I waited until the First train arrived. It was going North to Rome; therefore i waited for another 10 minutes before the train to Palermo arrived.
It was an old train that almost crawled.

While in the train, i called Robin in Amsterdam and told him that i could be in Amsterdam the following day. I asked him to find an apartment for me in Weesp, a nearby town to Amsterdam.
Weesp wasn’t far from Amsterdam but I never believed Nigerians lived there. It was a small town occupied mostly by whites. The reason while Nigerians never lived there was that an average Nigerian drug dealer in Amsterdam received over five visitors daily; some received ten and above. Therefore, living in such places such as Weesp was always going to be very dangerous for Nigerians. The whites would call the Police if they witnessed many visitors going in and coming out of your apartment.
Bijlmer where 95% of The Nigerians lived, was a high rise suburb of Amsterdam City. Due to the kind of buildings there, it was very difficult to know where anybody was visiting. One Lift usually served over twenty apartments.

At a time along the route to Messina, i wondered if i should have even used the ferry boat rather than the dirty train but i was consoled by the coastal views.
We eventually got to Palermo through ferry train from Messina in the evening since our train broke down in the middle of nowhere.

While the train was being repaired by the engineers, i feared that another train could come and hit us with speed. As a result, i left my seat on the last coach and walked to the middle. I knew there must be communication between control and the trains; there were bound to tell other trains that one of them broke down and was packed on the rail but to be absolutely secured, i decided to stay in the middle coach. If our train collided, i had good chances of surviving it, if we were hit from the back, i still had good chances of being alive.

When i got home, the girls were eating; i joined them and as we ate, we discussed our next movement.

“We are going to Amsterdam tomorrow” I suddenly announced in the middle of the food.

“Did you succeed in getting traveling permit for Precious?” Maria asked.
It was apparent that they discussed about it in my absence. Maria was doing everything to ensure that Precious traveled with us.

“Yea, I hired one from an Edo girl. We will be at the Palermo airport by 10am in the morning. Hopefully, Amsterdam will be our final destination. I am tired of running from one country to another” I said, knowing that they would support me.

We played and talked and joked until it was time to sleep.

“What is going to happen to some of the things we are leaving behind?” Maria had asked while we kissed on the bed.

“I will return here to take care of it and Close the apartment properly. We just need to go up to Amsterdam and secure a place first” I said.

All along, i knew i was returning to Italy. There were some scores to settle, Linda and the Alaye girl were still out there.

This chapter is dedicated to Ebuka Samuel for his birthday today. Ebuka is one of our Fans.

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