87: The Fatimah Lesson

Fatimah recovered without being taken to the hospital. We would have rushed her to the hospital but she had no documents. That was one of the major setbacks of illegal immigrants all over the world.
The hospitals were never going to touch her if she didn’t produce some kind of documents, even if they were fake ones.
But thanks to God, Fatimah recovered.
I told her how sorry i was and promised never to touch her again. She didn’t say anything to me, she just went ahead to do her normal chores. Every effort i made to convince her to forget doing anything didn’t work.

Aunty Philo encouraged me to stay calm and wait for the search party to come forward with positive results. She and Mary left around 5pm and went to their shop.

I sat in the sitting room, waiting for the search teams to call and announce that they have captured or atleast spotted the fugitive duo.
No call came. I slept in the sitting room until day break, then i continued waiting.

It was in the afternoon of the next day that the much awaited phone call came from the search team. They said they spotted them at the Bologna Central Station and that they haven’t yet known that they were being followed.

I warned them to be extremely careful on how they approached Zuby.
“He might have seen you people, he is very smart” I told the search team leader who maintained that Zuby haven’t seen them.

When Ngozi and her new boyfriend entered the train to Florence, the team entered as well and called again. They said they were in the same train heading to Florence and that they will stop and capture them when they got outside the Florence Central Station.

I maintained my stand that they must be careful with him. I reminded them that Zuby stole my money and my girl under my nose and that he even went as far as proposing to marry me just to lower my guard.

As we waited for the capture of Mr and Mrs. Zuby in Florence, a different phone call came.
One of the three man team who followed Zuby from Bologna to Florence has been captured.
The one who called said that Police were waiting for them at the Florence station and that as soon as they got down from the train, the police started pursuing them.

I was very angry that the slimy Zuby sneaked away from my grip. I didn’t know Florence and its environs; I didn’t know where they could be headed next. I just have to wait for Zuby to call me because he would definitely call me, it was just a matter of time.
It was so bad to know that a man i loved so much could be doing this to me.

More than two hours after the police arrested one of the search team member, i received a call from a French number but when i answered, it was the unmistakable voice of Zuby.

“Hello Sweetheart” He said.

“They told me not to trust you but i was stupid” I said calmly.

He interrupted.
“You are not stupid for trusting me Maria, you are stupid for trading on human beings. You are a bloody slave trader and the worst part of it all is that you trade On your sisters. You buy your sisters to sell them to the whites for prostitution. I am in France with Ngozi now. When i settle her down properly, i will return back to Castel Volturno to pick you and Fatimah out of that dump you call Volturno. And for your information, the Police were after your thugs the last time i saw them in Florence, it was me who sent the cops after them. That was to show you what i am capable of doing. If i see any of your thugs after me once more, you won’t like what i will do” He said.

I was already crying before he stopped his talk. He seemed to genuinely care for me. First he said i lived in a dump and then he said he was returning to take me away with Fatimah.
Did he really mean that?

He could have meant it because he sounded like the Zuby i knew back in Nigeria.
He was very clear in his speech and even accused me of using Juju in Italy. He said he saw some diabolical items in my apartment.

There was nothing i could do except to cry. The worst part of things was that he claimed to have identified and setup the search team with the Police at the Florence Central Station. I had no option than to believe him, i witnessed his setup first hand back in Lagos the night the area boys took my money and my phone.
I tried to warn the search team but they never listened.

When i confronted Philo with the latest situation in Florence, she said that Zuby could not have gotten to France. She said that perhaps he had a French simcard and must have used it to make the call.
Aunty Philo also said that she would organise more thugs to watch the Genova train Station since they must go through the station on their way to France. She also said she was sending two people to Watch Milan and Torino Stations since they could decide to also use those cities to go to France or Switzerland.

At that stage, i had no objection. The operation had suddenly become that of Aunty Philo and it was good that she took over because i knew no thug who could have organised the search for me up there in Torino, Florence, Milan and any other city up there in Northern Italy.

As i wondered what to do next, i watched Fatimah closely. She seemed to have fully recovered now but was still not talking to me. To put the matter to rest once and for all, i walked to the kitchen where she was cooking rice.

“Fati baby” I said.
When she turned around, i hugged and held her for over twenty seconds before i released her.

“I am sorry for what happened. I know how you feel and what you went through but i made the mistake out of anger, it wont happen again” I said.

The moment She started crying, i knew that she has started releasing the burden in her heart.
I knew that what i did was wrong, i should not have hit her with the mop stick but what she did was even worse.
Someone was planning to run away with my money and my girls and she couldnt tell me until it was late.
Nobody would have been happy with her in that situation, but i learnt not to hit anybody again.

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