87: Finding Esther vol 2

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Chapter 87. Finding Esther Vol 2.

“Gone to where, how long ago?” i asked the receptions as if She was obligated to know where went and what Esther did.
“I don’t know, she left about five minutes ago after i went up and told her that your payment has expired” she said.
Five minutes ago! That meant she must still be around the vicinity. I quickly brought out my phone and dialed her number again, it was still off. I called Franca in Paris.
“Franca, i have left Esther and i have told her to go back to you. Has she contacted you?”
She said Esther has not called her and that her number wasn’t connecting. I told her that she would eventually call, then i cut off the call. I had an old simcard which i used in Paris during the time i was running with Naomi and Lisa. It contained the phone numbers of some people especially in Paris; Naomi, Franca, Nonso Ukeh, Efosa and a few more. It also contain outside numbers of Ify, Jennifer and many more people.
When i returned from the Milan lake where i threw my Nokia phone, i had blamed myself over why i didn’t throw the simcard into the lake as well. That way, i could not have been able to contact Franca and others again but as fate may have it, it was destined that i would contact them again.

After talking to Franca, I opened my bag to brougt out my MP3. I needed to play some music to be able to shift my mind from the imminent troubles that was attempting to swallow me. I wondered why nobody has been able to reach Esther until i opened my bag to get my MP3. It was then that i found the phone chargers in my bag, all three of them including that of Esther’s Samsung. She had been playing songs with the phone and it was only a matter of time before the battery became empty. It explained why the phone suddenly went dead while she was talking to me and why Franca has not been able to reach her on the phone.
I knew she would call Channel or Franca eventually but i didn’t have the phone number of Channel anymore. It was among the contacts lying at the bottom of the Milan Lake because I stored some of my contacts in the phone memory.
I picked up my bag and walked out of the hotel towards the Bus Stop. About 150 meters down the road at the bus stop, i saw her. She was sitting at the bus stop alone. An Alfa Romeo car had stopped and the driver was talking to her. I quickened my pace and walked down towards the bus stop. I was almost close to them when she got up and entered the Alfa Romeo. The driver had closed the door for her and jumped into his seat. They drove away before i could get close enough. I quickly turned around but there was no taxi available. A blue Peugeot car was coming down; i waved at it but the driver didn’t look my way. I waited for over two minute before i saw a taxi and stopped it. It was a long time to wait because the Alfa Romeo must have gotten far from me.
I entered and asked the man if he understood English; he said he understood little. I told him to start moving forward towards the direction i had seen the Alfa Romeo gone. I tried as much as possible to explain to him that i was going after a car but i wasn’t sure he understood me. After several minutes of driving around the city center, i gave up and paid the taxi driver off. I believed that Kingsley was at the city center because i had told him to go there for his Laptop. Ironically i didn’t care if we might collide with each other there at the city center. I didn’t care about anything anymore except finding Esther. If i happened to meet with Kingsley, the worst he could do was to demand for his money or laptop. I had that angle covered since i had enough money to pay him off or purchase another laptop for him. My major concern was the whereabouts of the little girl i abandoned out of anger. I blamed myself for not knowing how to be patience for those traumatized girls.

I was about giving up on the city center when i saw the Alfa Romeo. It parked in front of a large Italian restaurant. I walked up to it and saw Esther’s bag lying on the back seat. They must have been inside the restaurant. However i didn’t want to take the risk of going to look for them in the restaurant which was on the third floor of the building. It was true there was an automatic lift on the building but going up there and returning to the Alfa romeo would take nothing less than five minutes. Five minutes was such a long time for them to disappear again if they were not in the restaurant. One funny thing about lifts was that the people going up cannot see the people going down. I won’t forgive myself if they disappeared from me again. Therefore i stood at the back of the Alfa Romeo and waited for them. Twenty minutes later, they came out. Esther’s eyes were red as a result of crying for a long time. As soon as she saw me standing there, she ran to me and hugged me.
“My battery died. I don’t have money to buy another charger” she had started crying again as she held me. The little Italian rat who had picked her up at the bus stop stood at a considerable distance trying to analyze the situation. I didn’t have time for him. I was hoping he was going to start trouble but he didn’t do a thing. While Esther clutched at me, my eyes and attention were furiously focused on the face of the yellow Italian. He had seen the anger and fury in my eyes and had decided that I could be trouble.

“Why did you leave me alone there? You promised not to leave me” Esther was saying with tears.
“I also promised to find you wherever you go and i have just done that. I think you have cried enough. Get your bag and lets go” I said as i slowly pulled her out of my body. She went to the little Italian man and thanked him for whatever thing he did for her.

We picked up her bag and took a cab to Novara, another satellite city of Milan. We were leaving Monza and the entire Milan Finally and i didn’t want to use the Monza train station. We could run into trouble there.
We got to Novara and bought a night ticket to Marseille, it was time to return to France. I didn’t really know what to do with Esther since i already concluded that i can’t live with her as a partner. She was a little weird and would be putting me into too many stress if i managed to live with her. The best thing i could do for her was to send her out of France. That was what i was going to do. Perhaps she could get matured someday in the future and become ready for a healthy relationship but as it stood then, she was going to Marseille first.

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