87: Always on the Run. Happy Birthday to the Boss

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After eating my burger, i decided to check Kate’s phone. It was something i should have done when we met in St. Dennis but i felt there was no need since we were traveling together. The calls Kate made since when they left The hotel last night were just four. She called Tina once, and called a certain Aunty F three times. When i opened the Aunty F call details, One was made by 6am, another made by 6:15am and the final one made close to the time she met me in St. Dennis. It didn’t make sense she called Aunty F before she met me. Aunty F, if she was the same Franca who saw me at Gare du nord, could not have known that we were in Gare du Nord since Kate didn’t make any call in my presence. The text message sent box? I had seen Kate playing with her phone in our train to Gare du Nord. I opened the sent messages box and saw it. “Aunty we are going to Holland now. Please don’t tell my madam. I told you because you have been good to me. I will call you as soon as we get there” Damn. This Innocent teenage girl was giving me away while thinking she was making a secret plan on how to remain in contact with her own people no matter where she would be going. But hold on here, It meant Aunty F wasn’t her Madam, she could be just a mentor or even the guardian. But from what Kate told Aunty F, it was very clear to whoever she was, that It was the same Solomon Azubuike who came to Paris sometime in the past, took away Naomi and other girls and used them for rituals. I was sure that Aunty F must have seen Naomi in Paris again since she returned from Marseille; of course she would never tell the teenage girls that i didn’t actually use Naomi for rituals. The idea was to murder my name in Paris. But just like Religion, some set of people had been brainwashed to believe that i was a killer and they believed it but still, someone or some people out there must have had some doubts over the ritual thing. Not that they knew or trusted me but because it was difficult for any sane person to believe that such things happened in Europe. The game has been set and now that i already knew there was danger across the road, it was time to take every necessary precaution to safeguard myself and escape from the area either alone or with the innocent girl called Kate who must have started looking for me at that stage. The McDonald restaurant opposite Gare Du Nord occupied the ground and the first floors. The way the place was built, there were three doors at the ground floor and one exit door at the first floor which led to a staircase that was hardly used. I didn’t know the exit door at the first floor but there was something i learnt about Europe right from the beginning; there was always an exit door everywhere humans stayed. The Europeans knew that there were always dangers of building collapse of fire outbreak and as a result, they put emergency exits on every floor. I climbed to the first floor and looked around. There three doors on my right; One was marked ‘F’ with a small carved image of a woman hanging on it. The second door also had a carved image of a man hanging on it with the inscription ‘M’ marked above it. It was easy for me to determine that both doors were the toilets for Females and Males. The third door had no carved image on it but, the word ‘Sortie’ was written on it. I didn’t know much French but i knew that was my exit door. I walked towards it and turned the handle, it was locked. A few months before then, the French Government had introduced the pay for easing system in the Country. It meant that easing yourself attracted some fees in major places such as McDonald or KFC. A black woman was sitting near the toilet doors, her work was to collect 1 Euro from people who were to use the toilets. The logic from the Government was to create jobs for the masses. Then they created the toilet jobs for the Africans, we were pretty good to work in the toilets but that was not why i was there. My only concern there at that moment was how to leave the building without the hawks across the road seeing me. “No road there, where are you going?” The woman asked. “Out” I said. “That door is only for emergency” She said. “I am on emergency now, i need to use that door” I said. “There is no emergency here now. They will sack me if i just open the door for you” she protested. “They will also sack you if you don’t open the door for me right now” I said. She seemed to have ignored me until i kicked the door with my right foot. “Mr, what is it? I am going to call the Police for you” she said. “I know this is where you hide the drugs you sell to people here. Wait and see what is going to happen” I said. “What drugs? I am not a drug dealer” “Just wait” I said. “I walked to the window overlooking the road and looked; the Franca squad was no longer there. Of course they knew i was inside the McDonald and must have gotten to a place where they would have known that i was no longer inside the place. “Open this place, i need to leave here on emergency” I said. She looked me over and stood up. “Thank you Madam. If anybody comes here looking for me, just tell the person i wasn’t here. Take” I said as i handed her a 10 note and entered the dark stairwell. She had opened it and said, “You can go please, i don’t want to have any problem with anybody. “Close the door behind me immediately” I said as i ran down the stairs and busted out of the street behind the Mcdonald. I crossed the road and walked right towards Magenta Station. Magenta was the next station after Gare Du Nord and i knew that i could access Gare from there. As i walked near the buildings down to Magenta, i considered my next move. It was ether to go to Gare Du Nord and locate Kate or just to disappear from Paris entirely. But since i liked Challenges, i decided that i was going back to Gare Du Nord to pick Kate up. It may or may not work but as long as i was concerned, it was back to Gare du Nord.

Time for The train.

Dedicated to the Master Runner,
The Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin,
The Ikuku Ama N’onya of Abidjan,
The Ochubara Ndi Nando 1 of Bijlmer,
The terror of human traffickers of Italy.
The enemy of the Okada riders of Surulere.

For his birthday today.

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