86: The water pleading

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A knock came on my door at some minutes past 7pm, I opened the door. It was Stella’s father and his wife.
I was sitting with my cousin when they came.
My cousin wanted to leave but I asked him to stay.

I offered them seats and they settled down.

”Azubuike, I believe you know why we are here” He said.

”Is it about the house rent, I believe we still have over one year left” I said and kept quiet.

He laughed and stopped.

”My wife told me what happened today at my place and I have come to say that I am sorry” he said.
I kept quiet.
He started like a prudent man. I was expecting him to warn me off against his daughter and I was ready to go to the kitchen and return their bucket of water.

”You know women, they act before they think. Please forget about it. she is not a bad person. She was just concerned about Stella” he continued.

”Oga, Landlord, there is whiskey on the table, should I get you a glass to join me” I asked.

He declined and said he didn’t take alcohol.

”Oga, Stella was here when she got a call from madam. She was scared madam was going to beat her and I offered to take her back and explain what she was doing here. Madam didn’t allow me to even say a word. She just poured dirty water on me as if I was a criminal. I knew she acted on impulse but she should Atleast know that I am a man and I am bound to marry a woman someday. Stella is a girl who studies outside Lagos. Non of us here know what she does outside. She is matured enough to have a boyfriend whether we agree or not. But that is not the issue here. The issue is that you have to tell madam to think before she does somethings. I did not do anything because of the respect I have for you. I still have the agreement we signed when I first rented this place in 2002. There was no place it said ” I cannot bring a woman to my flat” If that law was not written and somehow I was attacked because the woman who came here was madam’s daughter, then it was hypocritical. I have already told Stella not to talk or even greet me again. She must have also known how dangerous it is for her to talk to men now. We have learnt our lessons and I thank you for coming here. You did like a man” I said and gulped down another whiskey.

”I am sorry for what I did….. I was just very angry. Please forgive me” madam said.

”I have already forgiven you madam. Most women would do what you did but please understand that Stella is a girl. Dont kill her for doing what every other girl her age is doing out there. She like me and she wanted to know where I come from and what I do for a living. I think she is a good girl and the only thing that could happen between us is sexx which I am sure she must have had. I will stay away from her and live my life as if nothing happened” I said.

They thanked me and left.

It was just all talks. I don’t really forgive stupidity because an act that was not punished, usualy repeated itself.

Madam would be punished at the right time, however, I had some other pressing issues at hand.

A man whom I had given my N200,000 was acting funny. A bucket of water poured on me was a small case compared to the money.

First things first.

I called Daisy and asked how she was doing. She was fine and I wondered what she would think of me if she ever heard that water was thrown at me.

I called Irene at the barracks. She said she could come tomorrow if I wanted.

Due to the Stella issue of the day, I had decided to halt the women affairs and concentrate on how to retaliate and satisfy my ego.

A white woman could never pour water on you no matter what you did with her daughter. A certain parents was so glad that I visited them as their daughter’s boyfriend.

My cousin advised me to stay away from madam and her things. He said every one knew she was wicked.

The day slowly turned into the night at the rate of 60 seconds every one minute.

I got tired and went to bed. It was time to sleep.
”Tomorrow is certain to come even if I would cease to exist but hope is what drives humanity forward”

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