86: Who takes it all vol 2

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Santorini Islands Greece

Santorini Islands Greece

Chapter 86: Who takes it all Volume 2.

This Chapter is dedicated to my friend and fan Mr. Chinedu. A, aka Firearm. Edu Celebrates his birthday today In Far away Florence Italy.
I have given him a joint where to check out some Girls in Della Cascine Florence. I hope he got some. Happy Birthday.

“You are doing what?” i asked childishly.

Everything thing we did in life was all about timing. Time was the only constant, every other thing in was a variable. Time was the only thing that remained what it was, moving at a steady pace. Everything we did and didn’t do were inside time. It had always been that we either did it early, on time or late but however it was done; it was done within time.
Starting from the moment i left Germany to Nigeria in early 2006, my ties with Jennifer began to fade away. I began to see how she did one thing right and the other one wrong, even the things I. wouldn’t have minded if i was with her. For long, i forgot how our journey started. I forgot that she was even in Germany only because of me in the first place. I forgot that i pulled her out from the streets and showed her glimpses of a better life but wasn’t there to fulfil all the promises i gave her. She made mistakes but we all did. I recalled that I fought for a girl like her when I arrived at the Eisenhuttenstadt asylum camp back in 2002.
Since i returned to Europe in early 2007 and met her pregnant, i had excommunicated her and treated her as if there was nothing between us and as if pregnancy was such a bad thing. It was true that i sent her money regularly but i never for once asked myself if money was what she needed. I had eventually ran into Ify, another woman who went and got pregnant for another man right under my watch. That incident alone should have thought me that things would not always work out my way. That incident should have sent me back to Jennifer because there were worse things than getting pregnant especially when she was not married to me. My anger and ego then wouldn’t let me understand how she felt. She felt Abandoned and rejected. She felt betrayed by the man who gave her so much hope in life and the man who defied the powers and fear of deities to take her away from her madam. She felt betrayed by her own Hero who rescued her form spending years in the streets in a hopeless and devilish attempt to repay some debts.
Then i excommunicated her at the end of it all. I changed my phone numbers on numerous occasions without making any attempt to give her my the numbers. She eventually understood the realities of being abandoned and eventually found someone who wanted her for what she was.
Then I showed up from nowhere and asked to take her to Sweden and start a new life.

“I am sure you heard what i said Solomon. I am happy to hear your voice once more. I think about you everyday and i pray for your safety. I know that you are a good man with a good heart. Ify told me that it was you who sent her to Dublin. I also told her that it was you who brought me to Berlin. I am sure that you must have pulled some other helpless women out of streets and send them to other places. I tried to blame you but eventually understaood that it was in your destiny to do whatever it was you were doing. I am sure that wherever you are now, you must have done something good for someone else but i stopped crying the day my Pastor told me that you came into my life for a purpose. Where are you now?” She asked.

Tears had already filled my eyes from listening to her, not because she was getting married but because i abandoned her out there in Berlin. I recalled how i raised Victor, Agnes’ son for years. Victor was a boy i knew his biological father very well. His father was my enemy at the Eisenhuttenstadt camp back in Germany. But yet i took it upon myself to be there for Victor. I didn’t the Same thing for Ify when she got pregnant for a man who convinced her to steal my money and my drugs. Instead of being angry at Ify, i had understood that she was a woman and as a result, i had channeled my anger to Ikenna who confused and convinced her into stealing my goods. That was when i was a human being,
i attracted some troubles for my self in Amsterdam and as soon as i left there, it was all over for a life of quietness. It had become a Life on the Run for me which i never recovered from until that very moment i saw myself shedding tears of regret in a Milan hotel.

“Solomon there is something i need you to do for me. It will be my last wish from you. If you do that for me, you will find out that i am no longer angry with you” She said.
I kept quiet as drops of tears rolled down from my eyes onto the bedsheet.
“Why are you not saying anything, are you not happy for me?” she asked.
“Tell me what it is and i will do it for you” i eventually managed to blurt out.

“I want you to be here in Berlin on Saturday if you can” she said.
“It is OK Jenny, i will be there” I said and said goodbye. I cut off the phone instantly and cleaned myb eyes. It was true that some of us were not designed to cry but nothing in life was constant except time and changes.

Who else remained among my girls? Ngozi.
Ngozi was not ready to settle down. She knew next to nothing about marriage or relationship. She still believed that she would make some big money and send to her parents someday afterall she was an Igbo girl. I believed that it was better to allow her to live her life on her own terms. Trying to settle down with her was going to cause me more harm than good. Therefore, i decided that it would be better to go and look for a new matured girl who had seen it all. Maria fitted the description of what i wanted and would have made a perfect understanding partner for me if not for her involvement in human trafficking.

‘Esther, what about Esther?’ i asked myself. The truth was that she wasn’t as stable as i wanted in a partner. She changed her mind like a Chameleon. Today she was a nice little sweetheart and the next day, she would turn into a nagging housewife. The issue of refusing to tell me where she came from and where her people lived was still there as well.

Right there on the bed, i understood that no woman was ever perfect. It was impossible to find everything you needed in one person, be it a man or a woman. Relationship was all about fitting into each other’s programme and everybody becomes happy.

Since I finally agreed within myself that no person is perfect, i decided to go back and pick Esther up. I was going to apologize to her for abandoning her out of anger. I would promise her that it won’t happen again. I would held her and kiss her on the lips and tell her that it was the devil that tried to separate us.

I opened my wallet and brought out all my simcards, then i check them but couldn’t find Esther’s number in any of them.
I picked up my bag and rushed downstairs to the road. There was a taxi waiting there already, i opened the front door and asked the driver to take me to the hotel where i left Esther.

“Your woman just left here a few minutes ago” the receptionist said as soon as i was about to walk past her.
Esther was already gone.

Beautiful Costa Rica

Beautiful Costa Rica

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