86: The Unexpected Double Trouble

The mop stick landed on Fatimah’s shoulder.

Someone else was supposed to take the blames for my imminent downfall. This stupid little girl knew for the past five days, that Zuby was planning to run away with my girl. She should have told me even if i wasn’t going to believe her. It would have allowed me to be on alert and set some traps. Even if Zuby was going to run away with Ngozi, i would have not given him the 17000 Euros. I would also have made life difficult for them.

The Italian household laws prohibited me from hitting Fatimah but i didn’t remember it as i hit her numerous times with the mop stick until she fell on the floor and started shaking.
I was going crazy and if i didn’t control myself, i would damage what i could not repair.

For one whole minute, i watched as Fatimah shook and reeled on the floor before it became clear to me that she could be dying.

“Fatimah Fatimah” I called out as i tried to bring her up from the floor. She was vomiting foams and wasn’t breathing well.
My life was collapsing before my eyes.
The situation was swallowing me.

I called Madam Philo immediately.
“Aunty Please run to my house now, there is trouble” I shouted.
Before Aunty philo could say anything, i cut the call and continued carrying Fatimah up.
The issue of Zuby and Ngozi was forgotten for the time being. The immediate problem was more dangerous and could lead to death if nothing was done instantly.

Ten minutes after Fatimah started her convulsive action, she calmed down. I helped her up and carried her to the long Sofa where she lay and rested.
My heartbeat had stopped to pump like a working car Piston.
I was carrying a glass of water in my hand, asking Fatimah to drink. She didn’t say anything, she just stared at me as if she didn’t know i was there. Her eyes had started to return to life.

As i sat there and waited for the next thing to do, i wondered how the mop stick could have caused so much damage on Fatimah. Could it be that the attack just triggered some kind of convulsive reaction which could have been in her for long.

The bang on the door brought my mind back to life. Madam Philo was outside, banging as if there was fire outbreak in my apartment.
I walked to the door and opened it, Madam Philo stood there with Mary.

“What happened?” She asked as she stepped inside the apartment.

“I don’t know where to start. So many things just happened to me today and i think i am going crazy” I said.

“Just calm down and tell me what happened. I hope its not that Igbo boy you brought here” Aunty Philo said, she was looking straight into my eyes as i nodded to agree that it was the Igbo boy.

Before she could begin to blame me, i started telling her about Fatimah.

“I hit her with this thing out of anger and she collapsed and started vomiting and foaming around her mouth” I said as i pointed to the mop stock lying on the floor.

Aunty Philo walked to Fatimah and checked her pulse.
“She will be fine” she said.
“What happened?” She asked again.

I started telling her what happened. I didn’t hide anything from her, i just laid everything down from how we met at the beach and how Zuby came to Italy.

“Did he ask you any question or give you hints over what you do for a living here?” Philo asked.

“I just don’t know,” I said, “I think he doesn’t like our work. He never said anything about it but some days ago, she asked if Fatimah and Ngozi were my sisters and when i told him that there were not and that my own sister was at school in Nigeria, he asked if i would bring her to Italy when she finished. I thought he was just being careful but now i know he wasn’t” I said.

“Well, there is no need wasting time. They must be traveling north to Rome or Bologna. Let me call my people there to organise some men to start looking for them” Aunty Philo said as she brought out her phone from her bag and dialed her friend in Bologna.

Five minutes later, the Bologna group called back and said they will take 20percent of whatever money they recovered from Zuby.

The Rome group also called back and after asking for the description of Zuby and Ngozi, they said we would pay them 5000 Euros if they captured and recovered the money i gave Zuby.
I approved both deals because at that stage, i wasn’t really interested in the money, i just wanted to capture that bastard and punish him eternally. I wouldn’t mind if they killed him. I welcomed him into my life only to run away with my money and my heart at the same time.
The incident will soon spread like wildfire all over Castel Volturno and every idiot in the street would be looking at me wherever i go as the girl whose fiancee ran away with her money and her girl.
Mike would mock me. Sunday would laugh at me. The street girls would make me their laughing stock. Not that they suddenly became better than i was but because they would foolishly forget that misfortune had no address, It goes wherever it wanted.

We waited for the whole day but got no news. It seemed that our Zuby was traveling through another means. It could be through bus because taxi to the North would cost hundreds of Euros, but then he had money with him; my money.
The safest way for them to travel was through the rails.
Long journey Buses never loaded fast and secondly, they usually requested for documents before they give tickets.
Ngozi had no documents and i didn’t see how Zuby could maneuver his way this time.
They can’t also use the airports because of the same documents.
Boats to the North also required documents.
The only three methods that renquired no document were trekking, trains and cabs, trekking was out of the equation.
Cabs were also ruled out. That left us with only the trains.

Mr. Criminal and his newly acquired girl Ngozi were traveling up north with train.
They were traveling North because Italy has no border with any country in the South, in the west and in the east. Their only land borders were in the North.

They were heading North.

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