86: The Ghost from the past

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I left the Hotel and took a cab to Champse Ellyse. There was a Western Union office behind the large Orange Super Mall. From the money with me, i sent 2000 to San Marino with Maria’s details, then i sent her text message with the withdrawal codes. She called back immediately and thanked me. “I have received the codes, thank you very much. I will keep in touch” She said. Why won’t she keep in touch with someone who just mailed her 2000 Euros? The third caller surprised me; it was Kate from the night before. She asked if i was still at the hotel and if she could come and see me. “No, i left the hotel and i am going to St. Dennis area. I wish to pick some other girl there in the night and take her to Amsterdam” I lied. I was really in the cab heading to St. Dennis but it was only to locate a cheap hotel and sleep there, then wait until the night to strike again. “Please tell me where you are in St. Dennis, i want to come there” She insisted. I told her to come to the St. Dennis Train Station near the Parc Des Princess and call me. It took another 30 minutes before she said she was there. I directed her on where to locate me. I didn’t care if she was coming with someone or not. I believed she must have asked for advice from someone who would have either told her to go with me or even expose where i was so that the Madams could catch me. For security reasons, i had waited in a bar near where i told her to come. My eyes were fixed on the road she was going to pass through where i was able to scan and examine every human being with dark skin. She could have been a bait set up by the bad guys to get to me but i was expected to know something like that was Possible. Kate walked past the bar alone. She had changed clothes and by mere looking at her, one could easily understand she was ready to run. She was on a new and cleaner decent set of clothes. Her small hand bag seemed to be stuffed with some materials and she was on a nice shoes. When she walked past where i was, I came out on the road and followed her at a considerable distance. I also scanned the roads to make sure she was alone. When she called again, i told her to turn around. She saw me and started walking back. “Can we find somewhere and sit down?” She asked. “Follow me” I said as we walked all the way back to the bar where i was waiting for her. It gave me the opportunity to watch out some more for the bad guys but there was no sign of any foul play. We got back to the bar and sat down. “I have decided to go with you” she said and kept quiet. “The question is whether i am still willing to take you along with me” I said. “From what you did last night, i have found out you are a good man and not a ritual man. You gave us more money than we agreed on and allowed us to just walk away. A ritual man would not do such a thing” She said. “First of all, i have told you people that there is nothing like ritual here in Europe. This is a first World country Where people’s mindset has been configured to know and not to believe. They don’t reason like us and there is no way they can believe that a human being could turn to money. They all know that money is printed on papers in a Special Machine and not out of a living human being. Your Madams are evil, if they know that human beings could make money for them through rituals, they would surely use some of you to do the rituals. They don’t care about you because if they do, they would never pick up a15 year old girl and send her to make money for them in the streets. Would you ever send a girl your age to the cold streets if she is your daughter?” I asked. She shook her head indicating that she would never do such a thing. “If you have decided to follow me to Amsterdam, that is fine. I will take you along with me but first of all, you will listen to me at all times. I know it is going to be difficult for you to doubt most of things you were told as a kid. But always listen to me because i have no reason to lie to you” I said. She promised to always listen to me. “How about Tina?” I asked. “I don’t know. I told her when we left the hotel, that i will call you this morning and follow you. She said her Madam traveled to Italy and that she will wait for her to come back before she can decide to come with us” She said. “Alright. I wanted to wait until the night but there is no need for that again. We are leaving France immediately” I said as we stood up almost at the same time and headed for the exit. At St. Dennis station, we took the local train to Gare Du Nord. As usual, the Largest station in France was busy. We entered a small coffee shot inside the station where i asked Kate to wait for me. I took her mobile phone from her and left. At the ticket Counter, I saw her walking towards me. I knew that face from my days in Paris but due to some reasons, i couldn’t place a name to it. I thought she had bleached her face with chemical cream and looked pale. I left the counter and walked towards the exit, she followed me. I crossed the traffic and walked into the McDonald restaurant opposite the main entrance of Gare Du Nord. She stood across the road and watched me while making calls. All these while, i had pretended that i didn’t see her. I wanted her to believe that i was trapped. Inside the McDonald, I bought burger and ate it while standing and looking out the window. It didn’t take ten minutes for two men to show up where she was standing. I recognized Ernest among them. It was the old squad all over again, it was Aunty Franca from the past. She had come to disturb my present and it would have been easy to slip away from them like i did in the past but Kate was there and the worst of all was that i had her phone with me. There was no way to get into the station to hand her her phone and there was no way to tell her that our plans has been altered. I ate my burger and watched the bad guys with the corner of my eye, while i considered my next move.

Tomorrow is my birthday.

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    #ghostmode Now before they turn to devouring beast and take u as their prey…..

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