85: The real face of the Ritualist

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“Life is about opportunities. If you miss the best one, you will never get it back. Your chance to become free is here. This is not the first time i am doing this. I have rescued many Benin girls and sent them to many other places. As we speak, i have girls i rescued that live in London and America. I am going to reveal my true identity to you now, You can do whatever you like after that. As you can see, i am a rich person already and i made my money as a drug dealer back in Germany and in Amsterdam. The first girl i rescued in France is called Naomi. I sent her to Marseille but she later found a boyfriend and returned to Paris. The second one was Lisa, she is now in London. I have their phone numbers, so you will talk to them in the morning. There are many other girls i rescued in Italy, some of them are in London too and you can talk to them too. They will all tell you who i am. The Madams here in France and maybe in Italy had a meeting and decided to lie against me. They told their young girls not to sleep with Nigerian men because of one man whom they said was a Ritualist. That man is me. My name is Azubuike and i am from Enugu State. It was me who was chased in Marcadet by some hopeless girls this evening. I came from Amsterdam and went there to pick one girl up but when i told her who i was, she called others and they started chasing me, it was the reason why i didn’t want to tell you girls who i was initially. It was also me who came here and took Some girls away, I sent them to their freedom and some are in schools now. Nobody is against sex but sleeping with hundred men in a week is no more sex. Its an abuse, a serious crime to humanity no matter what the reason is. Money is good but money is not everything. Your Madams said i am using girls for rituals so that you people will continue to be their sex slaves. Tomorrow morning, i am returning to Amsterdam with train. If you are interested in recovering your life, follow me. If you are not, you can stay here and roam the streets of Paris every night. In a few years, you will get tired and old and useless like many of you out there in the street and that is if you don’t get killed or contact disease before then. Do you have questions?” i asked. It took both of them minutes to utter their first words. Somehow they knew that i wasn’t harmless. They didn’t believe it was the ritualist. “Brother do you have documents?” Tina asked. “Yes, why do you ask?” “I want to see your name and confirm everything you said” she continued. “I don’t know what you wish to confirm but i will show you my documents” I said as i stood up and walked to the wardrobe. I brought out my international passport and opened the data page for her to see. “But the name in the passport is not Azubuike” Tina said. Kate has been keeping quiet all along, she was still surprised at the new revelations. “Yes, Azubuike is my native Igbo name” I said with weak conviction. “I don’t think i will go anywhere With you. I don’t trust you. We will just go in the morning” Tina said. “You can even go now if you wish. There are cabs in front of the hotel and Paris don’t sleep. Since we already had sex, i will give you your money” I said as i returned to the wardrobe to put my Passport where i got it from. I also used that opportunity to pick out some money. “Here is your money. I am giving you people 500 euros each and i hope it helps you in the future because as for me, i have come to help some girls and whether it is you or not, i will go back to Holland with a girl or two” I said. They reluctantly took the 1000 from me and stood up. “Bring out your phones and take my number, you may decide to become free someday and call me. If i would still be interested in helping you, i could do that but be rest assured that if i pick other girls up, i won’t help you until they are settled” I said. After arranging themselves, they both opened the door and left. I already decided that i wasn’t leaving the hotel room for any other place. I was going to wait until tomorrow evening and try elsewhere. I was going to ask around and find out other areas where prostitutes operated. If there wasn’t other ones, i would travel to Lyon or Strassbourg or Lille to pick up girls. “Yes” I said as soon as i picked up the ringing hotel phone. “Sir, are you aware your friends are leaving the hotel?” The voice said. It was from the hotel management. “Yes, thanks for the security concern” I said and returned the receiver. I slept and forgot the World until the next morning. The first caller was Madam Model. After shouting, she said she has finally decided to let Olokun deal with me if i didn’t return to see her by mid day. Maria followed. She had called and when i said “Hello” she kept quiet for a while. “How have you been?” She said. “I am fine and out of trouble but i am in Paris now” She asked what i was doing there and i told her. “Have You started picking up girls again?” she asked. “Yes, it became boring for me when you left, so i decided to keep myself busy with our old job” “I miss you here everyday. Its difficult because i have not found a job and my friend is changing everyday. She reminds me everyday that the apartment belongs to her. And sometimes she refuse to buy food items” Maria had said. “You can always come back to your house in Almere, you know that” “No, i have decided to move on. I just need some money and i don’t know who else to..” she was saying. “Maria, what do you want to do with money?” I fired. She said she wanted to pay for a small apartment of her own and continue job hunting. Why not? It was me that disorganized her prostitution and human trafficking career. I should help her out if i could. “I will send you 2000 Euros in an hour. 7 or 800 Euros should be able to pay for an apartment for two months, use the rest to buy the necessary items and food stuff. Please take care of yourself” I said and told her goodbye. It was time to go..

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  2. ritualist indeed lol

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    i appreciate what u are doing to safe this girls and at the same time i have to thank u for Maria,pls do whatever u can do to help her. u are indeed a God sent

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    maria needs money

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    What an opportunity missed or to be missed by those brainwashed girls

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  10. You re a man of action Zuby, i wish i can emulate that. you hve ready made solutions to every of ur problems dat may arise on d course of ur sojourn.
    You dnt have to look back, cos am running with you. next update pls.

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    mehn, you indeed spent a lot of money mehn, ….. Its nt easy for what others kill to help dm selves dey gain ntin, …..sha, God is with you for your generosity to mankind !!

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    But Zuby anytime i post sometin its alwayz telin one protection stuff. Wat do i do?

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