85: Don’t Leave Me Behind

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“Brother i want to go with you and Aunty” Precious has said.
There was no need trying to stop her from following us. Circumstances made her part of my family and the least i could do was to include her in my future plans.
I was even surprised that she has not made any intimate move on me. There were times when i met her coming out of the bathroom with just the towel covering half of her breasts. There were times when Maria would go out and in that few hours she would be out, Precious would hang in the sitting room around me. My mind would be on alert to detect any move from her but she would managed to scale through without raising any suspicion.
She was also good at holding herself up; i pitied her a lot because she was supposed to have a boyfriend like every other young woman but due to security challenges, i banned her from venturing into Castel Volturno or Napoli.

One of the reasons why i decided to take her with us was to allow her the freedom she deserved. I was going to encourage her to go out in the street and mix up with men. I would sponsor her outings and buy her good clothes. I would buy her the best make up cosmetics and take her to night clubs.
The problem however, was that Precious has no traveling documents.
George, who specialized in getting documents for me was not into town. I needed to go into town and get her the travel documents and the only places i knew very well within the Southern Italian region were Napoli and Castel Volturno.

We already agreed that we were heading up to Amsterdam and it would be foolish to attempt to cross Italian-French borders, French-Belgium borders and Belgium-Holland Borders into Holland without a valid travel documents.
It would have been easier if we were traveling in a reverse direction. Getting from Holland down to Italy wasn’t usually difficult because you were actually heading towards Africa and the Europeans didn’t care much when you head towards Africa.

“I am returning to Napoli for a business” I said to my girls.
“It is late, you are not going anywhere this night” That was Maria.

I explained to her that it wasn’t a dangerous business; rather it was to go and get a traveling document for Precious. She eventually allowed me to go, not that she could stop me if i decided to ignore her consent. I had apparently positioned myself in a way that she has no much powers to stop me from doing anything. It was her who ceded that powers to me when she declined to marry me.

I got to Napoli in the night and located a Nigerian bar where over five Edo girls served as restaurant and bar attendants.
It was a bar and eating center ran by one of the big Madams in Napoli.
Common sense told me that the girls who worked there had resident permits because the Italian and the General EU law prohibited non documented immigrants from working; secondly, the owner of the shop wouldn’t risk her business closing down by the authorities by employing undocumented immigrants.
Before i left Palermo for Napoli, i had gone to the central station and changed 500 Euro to American dollars.

It was almost 9pm before i arrived in Napoli but i managed to find an open Chinese shop where i purchased an ear ring that could be hanged on the ear without piercing it. I purchased a slightly large ear ring and a fake silver neck chain with a big G-UNIT pendant hanging on it, then i wore two of them before going to the African restaurant bar.
The idea was to be an American that night.

“Hey fine girl, get me a bottle of Guinness Stout” I said to the one who came closest to resembling Precious.
She went away and returned with a bottle of the biggest size of the stout.

“What else do you people sell here, i just came from United States and i don’t know what else to eat here” I said.

“But you sound like Igbo Boy” She said.

“I am Igbo Boy sweetheart, i just live in Chicago”

“Chicago, did you not just say that you came from United States?” She asked with her eyes open.

“Angel, Chicago is just a city in the United States” i told her.

“Ok Welcome to Napoli. We have fish pepper soup and fried Chicken” she said.

“Nahh, i ain’t gonna eat no Chicken baby. We have gat them plenty over there in the states” I said with a faked American accent.

In a bid to become a criminal, i faked everything from who i was to how i talked.

“Then eat fish Americana” she said and laughed.

“Aiight baby, get me the damn fish then” I said.

She went away and returned with the plate of fish.
“Do you live around here?” I asked.
She nodded.

“How about i take you out tonight, only that i don’t know no damn place around here” i said.

She said she needed permission from her Madam and asked that i continued eating my food until she got permission from her Madam.
I already knew that they were all prostitutes but i had no problem with them; they were all above twenty years.

When she returned thirty minutes later, she said her Madam was demanding for €200 before she could be allowed to go.

“Sure, i will give you the money” i said as i opened my wallet and brought out some dollar bills.

“I am down on Euros, can she manage US Dollars?” I asked.

She went back and when she returned, she asked that i give her 250 Dollars; I did.

It was some minutes to 11 pm when she announced that she was ready to go.

“Where is your hand bag? We could go do some shopping in the morning” i said with a smile.

“By the way, what’s your name?” I said as she turned away to get her bag.

“Angel” she said as she walked away to the store where she kept her hand bag.

I needed her to bring her hand bag because the target which was the resident permit card was supposed to be inside it.
I didn’t spend all that money just to sleep with Angel, i had two women in my apartment.

“Where are we going?” I asked as we walked out of the restaurant.

“Don’t worry, i know a good place to have fun here in the night” Angel said.

We held hand like lovers and walked to the nearest bus stop to get a cab.

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