84: the initial payments

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The following day, I drove to the bank and paid in another N50,000 to Mr Chukwudi.

”I have paid in the rest of the money into your account Oga Chukwudi, tell me where you are so that I can get the passport to you”. I called and said.

”I am busy now, I will call you and tell you when to bring it” He said.
I didn’t record the call but I suspected that he wasn’t any busy.
I didn’t care much anyway because I knew that the story might change as soon as he had the money.

I called my brother and told him that I found a woman in Lagos.
First he advised me to forget women and concentrate on how to return to Europe. He also told me that there were numerous women to chose from whenever I would be ready to marry.

”I understand what you mean but I want you to do something for me” I had said..
I told him where Daisy and his parents came from and told him their family name. I asked him to send some one to their town and ask questions about them.

In Igboland, there were some things that could stop marriages; Things such as Outcasts (Osu), Madness in the family lineage, history of criminals etc.

I knew that I had not decided to marry daisy but I knew women. She could trick me into getting her pregnant and the tune of the music would change from there. Not that one could not deny such things but the story would be different when the game started.

My brother agreed to send someone there and report to me when the investigation was over.

After two hours, I called Mr Chukwudi again. He didn’t answer the call. The bastard had started to avoid my calls as well.
I vowed to fish him out and punish him if he ever tried anything.

Daisy called and wanted to come to the house. I told her not to come.

I sat down and relaxed on the sofa.
Damn! There was a letter inside my car pigeon hole. I had collected it from the gateman yesterday but since I didn’t want to visit the Daisys with mixed feelings, I decided to abandon it there until when I returned. However, I forgot it entirely until that moment when it came to my mind.

I walked downstairs and picked it from the car. I tore it right on the staircase and read it.

”Azubuike, have you not discharged the girl you told me about. I have been missing you and I want to come to your place again” she wrote.

Why did Stella not send me a text message instead of sending a letter? I was usualy suspicious when things like this happened but in that very case, I couldn’t figure out the reason for the letter. Could it be that she had no credit on her phone, or maybe the phone had even been seized or stolen.

I called her. She answered.

”Why did you send this letter, why not send me a text message” I asked.

She said she had no credit the day before. I didn’t know whether to believe that or not.

”I will tell you when you can come to my place, I need some time to think about something now” I said.

I was already forgetting stella. She was quickly going out of the equation until that very brown envelop made it to my hands.
The census was going to cover her again but not yet.

Mr Chukwudi called and said I should bring the passport in the morning. I thanked him and cut the phone off.

There was nothing to do for the rest of the day, therefore I called Daisy to come. The two condoms in my wallet had stayed there enough.
One thing I decided was not to touch Daisy without condom, Atleast until I get a feedback on the investigation I had ordered.

She said she was busy and couldn’t come. I called Stella back and told her to come. She said she had started cooking but would come as soon as she was done.

She came later. Looking sexy as usual, she was on a silk gown which showed the shape of her full brreasts and her bumpy A.rse.

”I have missed you” I lied to her as I hugged her right from the door all the way to the sitting room where I carried her on my laps and started fumbling with her brreasts.
She knew why she had come as she didn’t resist even for once.

I opened her Bra and sucked on the two soft bosoms. She moaned as she encouraged me by pushing my head down to suck more.
My right hand was busy with her thighs. I caressed her thighs. Slowly as she clung to me like her entire life depended on it.

When it was apparent that we couldn’t hold it any longer, I removed her entire gown and pulled down her tight underpants.

She was already dripping with liquids as I pulled down my boxers, fixed a condom on my dicck and mounted her.

I expected a freeway sexxx like the first time but it was actually more tight than the first time.

Really! What had she done?
What trick was that.
There was no instant explanation but it wasn’t time to think. It was time to act and think later.

”We gain strength and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face.. We must do that which we think we cannot”

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