84: The tricky moments

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. The girls pushed me back down to the large bed and continued what they were doing. They had somehow changed positions without my knowledge because by the time i knew that i was still in Paris, Kate was working on the already ready manhood while Tina was kissing my little breasts. ‘They must have done that to someone else in the past’ i thought. No wonder Tina called Kate to come all the way from Marcadet when she could have just waved to another girl down the road in La Defense. The combined excitement made me forgot that there was money in my pocket. If they was another girl in the room, she could have easily brought out the trouser from the wardrobe, searched it, took the money and left the room without my knowledge. That was how bad the situation was. When Tina stood up, i wished she was tired and was going to put on her clothes but she opened her small bag and brought out a condom. She opened the rubber and slightly pushed Kate away from me before slipping the rubber unto the stiff manhood. “Get up” “Yes my lord” I said as i stood up with all the strength left in my body. Kate was already on the bed with her dripping cunt. I watched her opened legs as Tina bent her waist while holding the edge of the bed. Without enough memory to think, i said, “Lie on the bed with your stomach”. She stood up and did as i said. I took one pillow and put it under her belly to raise the waist. The young legs opened up as i spread the legs and dipped my manhood inside her. At the same time, my left hand went for Kate’s cunt. Two fingers entered inside her cunt as i pumped in and out of Tina. They both moaned as i worked on them. The strength at which i performed surprised even me. I didn’t know i still had such powers in me. Not that age was telling on me already but since i started such life early, it was natural that i got tired early as well. “Do it harder” Tina said over and over again as i pumped in and out of her while my fingers had increased from two to three on Kate’s slippery cunt. This act continued while my mind ran all over the place as if i was commiting a sin. ‘A sin’ says who? The single most enjoyable thing on Earth was somehow forbidden by some group of elites who felt that controlling humanity was their rights. I was free inside the hotel room because i suspended myself to the current realities. I wasn’t thinking about going to hell or heaven at that moment, i was only interested in enjoying myself and that was what i did. Me and my own Chi would discuss the consequences later. It was already past 1am when we exhausted ourselves and sat naked near each other on the bed. “Get me that whisky on the table” I pointed to Kate. “I no get strength, make i rest” she said. “You said you were not interested in sex, but you were interested. Look at what you did to two people. You have a lot of strength” That was Tina. I laughed over what she said because there was nothing else to say. Eventually i stood up And poured some whisky inside the glass cup. “Give me some, let me drink” Kate. “No, not again, you shouldn’t be drinking this. How old are you?” i asked. “Why didn’t you ask how old i am when you were dancing on top of me? Is it now that i want to drink that my age comes in” she responded. She was right. Even though they initiated the sex but i was expected to stood firm on rejecting it. They were never going to force me to have sex with them, that was for sure. However, such things worked both ways and no matter how intelligent or clever a human being was, it was always important to act foolishly sometimes to get things done how you wanted. Kate and Tina were never going to force me like i said, but they could have decided to leave the hotel room if things weren’t done how they expected. They were already in doubts over whether i would pay them or not since they were not going to do anything except talk with me. Their financial security depended on sex and whenever they didn’t have that sex, it was usually difficult for them to demand for money. Unlike Africa, If they ever claimed that you had sex with them, there were a lot of state-of-art the facilities that were in place to determine whether they were telling the truth or lying. But if anything had happened that made the girls to leave the hotel, then my mission must have been deemed a failed one. The reasons ranged from the fact that Marcadet and now La Defense would be out of the equation and i didn’t know where else to locate other girl except outside Paris. “Take the drink, i am not interested in answering that question for now” I said as i handed the bottle and the glass cup to Kate. “What about you, are you drinking too?” I looked at Tina. She said she would take small quantity. Somehow, i knew that i didn’t convince the girls well enough to follow me. There were some things i still needed to tell them. We also needed to make arrangements on how to move since i didn’t want to contact George, who has always done the temporal traveling documents for me. There wasn’t much immigration control between France and Holland. The only country on the way was Belgium and somehow, the Belgium government made their economy in such a way that people didn’t like to live in their country. Belgium was a small organised country but not rich as Holland and France. “What is our arrangements tomorrow?” I suddenly asked inside the hotel room. “Arrangements, what arrangements?” Kate asked. “I want you people to stop what you are doing. Both of you are too young to be doing this. Who are your Madams?” I asked to nobody in Particular. It took them both some moments to fully grasp what i was talking about but when it became clear to them that i was willing to take them along with me, Kate said, “Lets follow him to Holland”. “To do what?” Tina asked. It was the opportunity i had been waiting for. It was time to hit the nail on the head. If we got lucky, we would be in the Netherlands the next day.

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