84: The European Prison System

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When Linda called, i told her that i was in Germany. She said she was missing me and that she can’t wait to have me back in her arms.

‘Don’t worry, you will soon understand that people don’t hold flames in their arms’ i thought.

The process of packing out of Levanzo started the following day. The chairs in the sitting room were to be abandoned. It wasn’t the first time we did that. The actual reason why we usually meet some properties in newly rented apartments was that the people who lived there before us couldn’t or didn’t want to take away those things.
Forinsntance, with just €300, one can purchase a new fridge. After using that fridge for a year or two, it was usually due to be replaced. Therefore it was usually better that we left them. The same applied to some other properties.
Another option was just to move those things out to the street where some African and Asian exporters would see and carry them. If you were lucky, the authorities won’t see when you brought those things out to the street because if they did, you must have to pay for the disposal.

Europe was relatively rich and no matter how we looked at it, things were better there than every other place especially Africa, Asia, USA and South America.

After arranging the things we needed, i called Precious and asked if she would like to travel with us or return to Castel.

“Aunty Adesuwa is likely to spend many years in prison, you can return to Castel and stay there if you want. Another alternative is to move up to France which is very close to Italy here” I said.

From the way i tabled the options, she knew that i didn’t want to take her along with us. In contrast, i didn’t want her to return to Castel because Maria was likely to remain in contact with her and if there was anything i wanted badly, it was to severe every contact Maria had with Castel Volturno. She was likely to hear whatever revenge i was going to take on anybody related to what happened to her.
Despite everything they did to her, she wanted me to just forget the past and move on.
But personally i believed that the World was never angry enough when it comes to revenge.

Someone raped my girlfriend and killed the child in her womb, yet i was expected to just forgive and move on; then i wondered how they will learn never to do such again.

European prisons were never a good place to reform Africans. The reason was that the only thing the European prisons stopped people from doing was just living free life. Apart from that, the prisons were far better than 80% of the African homes. The prisons had relatively everything we had in Africa and even more;
Good foods, Televisions, good beds, good sports facilities etc.
The likes of Alaye usually enjoyed themselves there because it saved them the stress of struggling to make a living in a society that never welcomed them.

Have we ever asked why after five years in prison for drug related charges, an African man would go back to drug Business?
The reason was simple. He was comfortable in the Prison.
The Europeans created those prisons for their citizens; not for Africans. To them, it was unfortunate that lesser human beings were being locked up there together with their citizens. And unfortunately they ate the same thing.
The European Union law stated that they must not be separate prisons for Immigrants, that was why the immigrant prisoners enjoyed their stay in European prisons; however, prisons were never meant to be enjoyed.
The prisoners even got paid in Europe.
Yes, they got paid because they did some menial jobs inside the prison and at the end of their stay, they got large amount of money.
Now look at it this way, Alaye and his friends raped Maria and killed her unborn child, they got arrested and got locked up for 10 years.
Alaye did menial jobs in the prison for 10 years that fetched him €5 daily. He worked five days in a week.
The 365 days that made up one year, if multiplied by 10 years will gives us 3650 days. Now let us divide 3650 days by 7 days that made up one week.
What we have would be over 520 weeks. Alaye worked five days in a week which fetched him €35 every week. Now you can see that €35 is such a small money to make as a worker in one week but when we multiplied that €35 by 520, Mr. Alaye has over €18,000. Now that was enough money to start any business back in Africa assuming he was deported after his jail term.
€35 was very small for prisoners to make in a week. Some made over €60 a week.

In contrast again, Alaye could be smiling out of the prison with €20,000 after killing my child and raping my woman.
Well, that was a No-No for me, lest my reasons to always go for my own revenge method.

Some Lazy Africans did some nasty things to get to prisons in Europe especially in rich countries such as Germany, Holland and the Scandinavians.

It was only the communist governments and its allies that built separate hidden prisons for immigrants. They never locked their citizens up together with the immigrants, especially the Africans even if they committed the same offence. The leaders in that category were the Chinese and the Russians.
There were Chinese prisons where they locked immigrants up in underground. Most of the crimes committed by the immigrants were that they didn’t have valid resident permits. Nigerians were the most affected because understandably, they were the most populous country in Africa. Secondly, Nigerians, especially the Igbos loved traveling out to other places to do trading businesses. Unfortunately, they had little or no information about the countries they intended to travel to. That was and still is the biggest mistake Nigerians are making when it comes to traveling out.
We must have information about the countries we intend to live before going there.
One can not travel to live in Iraq or Afghanistan or Maiduguri without considering the security situations first.

“The best way to solve any problem is to understand it first”

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  4. OzoIgbondu is going after Alaye.
    On the Migration trend; people are brainwashed to believe that living outside of Africa is Heaven on Earth it doesnt matter if you are in Guatanamo Bay or the communist Cuba; one cant really blame them because the situation back home is not too favourable.
    Imagine a car washer collecting like let say 300 Euro/ Dollar/ pound in a week compared to his counterpart in the acclaimed giant of Africa being paid unregular 12,000 Naira in a month. The foreign currenry when exchanged to naira, will dwarf whatsoever the the value of Naira might be.
    I was privilege to visit one of Nigerian prison in North central state of Niger, I and majority of those we went together shed tears when we show what able bodied men are passing through on the hand of corrupt authorities. It wont suprise you that some were petty thief some were even wrongly accused wwhile our vagabond in power Rulers are enjoying their loots that will last their 10th generation.
    Just looking forward to when there will be strong institution back home in my country Nigeria to deal with offenders no matter how powerful or connected you are.
    Thanks Zubby for this elaborate lectures.

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