84: My dependable Ally

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Berlin Germany

Berlin Germany

Chapter 84: My dependable Ally.

Esther called again and continued crying.
“Why are you calling me?” i shouted again at Esther. She didn’t say a word, she just continued crying, then her phone suddenly switched off. It must have been that the airtime finished or that the battery died but whichever that happened, i didn’t care. My heart had suddenly switched to that steel it used to be and it was going to take a divine intervention to return it to a human heart. I would have been on my way out of Milan if not that i wanted to know if Kingsley was sending the money for real or not.

I called Franca and told her that the money had been cleared.
“I have released Esther and she is free to return to you. You can call and tell her what to do” i said.
I waited for an hour and called Kingsley again. He said he was on his way to the western union office after running around to complete the money.

Franca called and said that she couldn’t reach Esther on the phone. I told her to wait for a while and call her again. I also warned her to stop calling me.

Thirty minutes later, kingsley said he had sent the money to Dublin and gave me the clearance codes.
I called Ify and told her to go and clear the money immediately.
“When you get it, divide it into two and send half to Jennifer in Berlin. I hope you remember the girl you sent money to in Berlin last month?” I had asked her. She said she remembered and that she still had her details on her phone.

I called Kingsley and told him that he will get his laptop as soon as the money cleared. We waited for an hour and half until Ify called and said she had cleared the money and had also sent €485 to Berlin. She also said she called Jennifer and told her that i instructed her to send the money. According to her, Jennifer had asked for my phone number and where i lived but she had told her that she didn’t know where i lived.
“Don’t give her or anybody my phone number. I will be contacting you people because things are very complicated around me for now” i had said to Ify.

I called Kingsley and told him the shop where i had sold the laptop in the city center.
“Go there and meet the Moroccan man, ask for the apple laptop. Settle with him if you have anything important in the system” I said and cut off the call, then i switched off the phone.

I lay on the bed and thought about the things that happened to me in the past few days. Apparently it worked almost a hundred percent according to my plans. Thinking ahead of my opponents had always worked wonders for me, the secret was always to dictate the terms. My journey and operation in Monza was hugely successful except for Esther. I had come looking for her as i promised myself, i had found her and brought her out of he street like i promised. I had tried to pet her as much as i could knowing that i was exceeding my limits but still she refused to open up. She refused to tell me who she was. I had asked her numerous times and each time i came up with the topic, she would brush it aside and started a different topic. I wasn’t superstitious, if not i would have believed that she wasn’t a human being at all. When we were small, we believed that there were some spirits living and working among we humans. I reflected on my life then and my life at the present moment and wondered why i had to discard all those things we believed in as kids.
We feared such names as mermaid, Ogbanje, Lucifer etc but i grew up to believe that those names were all created to make us follow a programmed kind of life. I hated programmed kind of life which usually meant that you already knew where it would end. I had always liked new challenges and new discoveries. I hated to to know that i was going to Heaven or Hell, i hated to know that i would live for Seventy or Eighty years before i die. I wanted everything to happen when it will happen. That was why i chose the life of adventures and risks because i believed that separating my self from those programmed doctrines would give me enough room to take risks and without risks, humans would never go anywhere.

I watched my phone sitting on the bed beside me for several minutes. I didn’t know what to do with it. The Nokia phone had served its purpose. It had made enough money to buy it over one hundred times. It had found Esther for me and punished those human traffickers who traded on my African queens. If the phone was a human being, it would have gotten promoted for all its good jobs. The phone had steered me away from troubles many times. It had found many of my African queens who were lost in the European streets and changed their lives. It saved Naomi from Paris and brought her down to Marseille to manage her own life. It had saved Ngozi from Napoli and sent her to Marseille to start a new life. It saved me from Maria’s thugs. It brought a resident permit for me. It kept me in contact with my people back in Nigeria and all over the planet Earth. The Nokia phone was my best friend and my dependable ally. It never shut itself down without telling me several times in advance. It had carelessly fallen down in numerous occasions due to my faults and yet it always started to serve me as soon as i picked it up. I had nearly forgotten the phone twice in a bar and each time, it started ringing or vibrating to remind me that i should put her back to my pocket before I left. My Nokia deserved all the praises in the World but as i lay there on the hotel bed, i believed that it was time to retire the phone. Since it was just a machine, the only good thing i could do for her was to always have her sister, cousin, brother, nephew, niece, uncle or aunty with me for the rest of my life. Yes, i was going to make sure that a Nokia phone was with me wherever i go.

I got up and picked up the phone, went downstairs and took a cab to a small lake i had seen in the outskirts of Milan, then i threw it inside the lake and went back home.
It was goodbye Franca, goodbye Kingsley, Goodbye Fred, goodbye Basil and goodbye Milan but above all it was the end of the road between me and Esther. The truth about life was that we can never win all the time. We only appreciate winnings after we must have lost. There were too many other things to pursue in Life. I felt that it was time to end the prostitution rescue mission and focused on a different line of business. I believed that the decision to quit could not have surfaced if Esther had not insulted me by reminding me that she never begged me to help her. I could have went on to emancipate so many other girls, especially from mental slavery which seemed to be the biggest problem but atimes humans just required a little nudge to go off track. Unknowingly to Esther, she had just saved me from a lot of troubles. It could have been the gods that wanted to save me through her but human beings were not designed to know the future.
‘Thank you my little Esther, we must meet again if it was the wishes of the gods’

I lay on the bed and shed a few tears for her and for myself. Since I started the liberation job, I never left a work halfway but Esther’s case thought me that we can never win them all.

Florence Italy

Florence Italy

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