83: The Sweet old Game. +18

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“I want to check if you have a joystick” that was Tina. She was holding my trousers lightly, demanding that i removed it. I was sure she wanted to make sure she earned her money so that i would have no excuse not to pay her in the morning. Their mentality has been configured to work towards money and nothing else. “Tina, if you want money, i will give you the money to keep now. But like i said, we are not going to do anything this night” I protested. “I agree we are not going to fuck but we can do other things” “Do other things like what.” I asked. “You will see when you bring out your Manhood” What was i even doing? It was clear they were teenagers and under normal circumstances, i would not have even talked to them but we were not in the law court. We were in a semi expensive hotel room, paid by me and the hotel management would bear me witness that i never forced anybody to the hotel on the other hand, they were Africans and no European government would like to spend their money and time settling our disputes. As the above thoughts zigzaged through my mind, i wondered if i would have thought of such things a year before. I was getting matured and i was getting older as well. The things i did in the past had suddenly become abnormal to me. “What are you going to do if i pull down my trouser?” I asked. “You talk too much. Just do what i said” Out of ego and curiosity, i unhooked my belt and released my jean trouser to fall on the floor. While that happened, my mind was on the cash inside the jean pockets. I had had no time to hide them since we all came into the hotel at the same time. I was going to stay awake all night to secure the money if that was what it takes. The bulge in my boxers indicated that my manhood had started to get excited. I had wondered what Tina intended to do but being a master in the prostitution game, i knew that all roads leads to one place; her cunt. As she pulled down my boxers to expose the huge ball headed chunk of elastic meat, i excused myself and removed the entire lower chamber set of cloths. First, i carefully arranged the clothes inside the wardrobe and returned to the middle of the room where i was standing. Tina had removed her blouse once more and was pulling out her tight black trouser. “What are you doing? I though we agreed there was going to be no sex” I protested. “You and who agreed to that?” She said as she continued pulling out her trouser. My manhood had taken control of my mind and no amount of principles would have stopped the inevitable banging that was going to occur. Like a Zombie, i stood in the middle of the room with no pants, waiting for Tina to do with me, whatever she pleased. “Come here” She said. She had just finished removing her pants and was totally naked. Like a foolish man that i was, i walked to the bed where she was. I stood in front of her as she carefully grabbed and rubbed my manhood before carefully kissing the tip. Then in one Fast move, she engulfed half of the length and started licking it like her life depended on it. The sensation was enormous. The excitement was exceptional and the experience was different. I was about to start moaning when the knock came on the door. I wanted to rush towards the wardrobe to cover myself with my clothes but then we heard the voice from the other side of the door. “Tina, its me” “Its Kate” Tina said as she moved to open the door. She walked in and closed the door behind her. “Hmmm i thought you said nothing will happen” Kate said. I didn’t say anything in response. It wasn’t my doing that we were in that situation. The person who started the act was supposed to take care of the answer but Tina chose to remain silent on the matter. In response, she returned to what she was doing. Her saliva had made my manhood slippery and her mouth moved up and down the dick as if she couldn’t do without it. The act brought the memories of Maria back to me. That was her specialties. She was the only person who had the permission to treat me that way. She had done that every other night that at a stage in my life, i thought that blow job was a normal every day life. With the corner of my eyes, i watched Kate removed her own clothes. What were the girls planning to do to me? Did i still even posses such strength to take in all those things again? Sure i wasn’t getting old but apparently, some other things had taken my strength. Kate finished undressing and came to me with the bottle of of Jack Daniel in her hand. I was standing while Tina was squeezing, kissing and doing every other thing with my manhood. “Open it, i want to high a little before i start my own” Kate said as she handed me the bottle of the yet sealed JD. I uncocked the bottle and poured some inside the cup she had given me, gulped it once and handed both of them back to her. The hot liquid rushed down my throat and met the excitement coming from Tina on the way. They collided and headed back to my head. Kate had poured some poison into the cup and had gulped it down in one swoop as if she was trained to do so. “This one is good” she said as she kept the bottle on the wooden table and came towards me. She was totally naked. Her young breast pointed out like an unripe Carica Papaya while the bright electric bulb over our heads decorated the hairs around her cunt and made them seem not to be dark in colour. Since Tina had occupied the down chamber, the only place left for Kate to work on were my lips and the little two points on my chest called breasts. Her lips touched my right breast and kissed it slightly. It sent a sensational excitement down my spine. She kissed the hairs on my chest and kissed the left breast at the same time. At that moment, i was no longer in control of my life. I held her left shoulder as she kissed every area on my chest and eventually ended up on my lips. I no longer cared if she was my girlfriend or not, it was time to kiss.

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