83: Jack Solo And His Case

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Human beings will always change, someone you knew could become something else if something he or she never experienced happened to him or her.

“I am still who i am Sweetheart. It’s just that this whole thing seems to be getting to me too. I couldn’t bear the fact that some bastards raped you and killed my child. The same child i wanted to be nurtured and brought up in an Isolated beautiful Island where he or she would learn to swim and fish. Now that dream is almost like gone because this place is no longer safe for us. I have initiated a series of war in Castel and it is a matter of time before they trace us here. We are leaving Italy again. I am sorry that i have to be dragging you all over Europe and i wish we met in a different and more peaceful circumstances but we can’t run away from our troubles now. It has become part of us Baby” I whispered into her ear.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“I don’t know yet. All the cities i love are very dangerous for me to live in; Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm. Even in Vienna, i once ate foods from some Igbo guys after promising to sell cocaine to them but i left and didn’t fulfil that Promise. They may be looking out for me. The only place safe enough for me now is Nigeria. Yes, my village is the best place to hide now” I said.

“Things may not be the way you think. What did you do in Amsterdam? We could go there because i like the city” she said as she dismembered herself from me and sat down.

“A man named Clement from somewhere called Nando in Anambra state tried to kill me in Amsterdam. He sent some people to drown me inside the Gasperdam Lake but i managed to survive it. I went after him and shot him in the leg before i left Amsterdam” i said.

“Oh my God” she said.

Precious was standing at the entrance of the door, watching me carefully to know if i would explode any moment and demand that she pack out.

“Come here” I said to Precious as i stood up.
She walked into my open arms and we hugged for a couple of seconds.

“I am Sorry for what i said, but you should have told me that you were in contact with someone in Castel Volturno. I will always find such things out on my own and will react angrily to it. I am running this family and i expect two of you to always give me information that can help secure us” i said.

She apologized and sat down opposite me.

“Both of you should start packing, we are leaving Italy. We may hang around in Marseille for a while but i would love to return to Amsterdam; that is the only City that didn’t care if you have their papers or no; everyone simply lived there” I said to no one in particular.

They went inside while i stayed back in the sitting room and considered our next port of call.
After convincing myself finally that it was safer to leave Italy, i called Jack Solo.

“Uncle Jack, i understand you called village to announce that i stole your phone” I said and kept quiet.

“I welcomed you into my house and you took my phone.
Even if i die, i must collect my phone from you. Do you know the kind of contacts i have in that phone?” He shouted.

“Mr. Jacob pay attention. The only reason why you are still alive or outside prisons is because you are my uncle. If not, i would have done to you, what i did to your friend Adesuwa. Have they told you where she is? You called and told her that i was in Venus Hotel. The police are still looking for all the people who contributed to the kidnap and rape of my woman. I am going to go back to the Police station and tell them you are one of them. I am sure they they will see your name and phone number in Adesuwa’s phone. Silly man” I said and cut the call.

He called back three times but i didn’t answer any of them. Ten minutes later, Prince Sunday, who gave me Jacobs new number called.
He said Jacob called him and asked him to beg me not to go to the Police to tell them that he knew Adesuwa.

“Tell him to call Nigeria back and tell them that he has found his phone. Tell him that he must call back all the people he told that i stole his source of wealth. I heard that his old mother has gone to shout at my mother in my compound, that i stole the phone and money that belonged to her son in Italy. Tell him to call his mother and tell her to return to my compound as soon as possible, to beg my mother and ask for forgiveness. If all this conditions are not met, you should forget to call me back. And you, i warned you to stay off communication for some time” I said and cut the call.

It didn’t take an hour before calls started flying in from Nigeria. It was my elder brother who called first. He said Jack called back and said that it wasn’t me who stole his phone and that he found it. He wanted to unravel the mystery behind the sudden change since i already admitted to him that i took the phone.
“Don’t mind that coward” Was all i said to my brother.

My mother who hasn’t called me since three years suddenly flashed my phone and when i called back, she asked me what happened.

I denied having anything to do with Jacob.
She told me everything Jacobs’ mother said about how i was a thief who was responsible for her son’s inability to send money home and how the old woman has been telling people about me everywhere.

My mother also said that The old woman returned to apologise to her but didn’t raise her voice for everybody to know that she came to apologize.

By the next hour, the news from home was that Jacob has found his phone and that it wasn’t me who stole it.

It was amazing how the coward nearly destroyed my name back home.
I almost wanted to visit him again to give him some more punishment but on a second thought, i decided against it since he didn’t deserve to put my security in jeopardy.
I was still a fugitive in Castel Volturno and despite that the Italian cops may not be searching for me seriously, it would be silly to go into the city and start anything that could send me to Police Station.

It was ideal to let Jacob go.

Dedicated to the Indomitable Lions of Cameroun for their opening football game at the Fifa World Cup in Brazil in a few minutes.
Make Africa proud.

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