83: Almost Landed In Hell

Inside my room, we made love without condom. He had no condom with him or maybe he had but decided not to use it on me. It was a move that assured me that he truly wanted me as his wife.
I on the other hand, had condoms in my bag but i wasn’t going to bring it out. Zuby wasn’t just another man, he was my man. Destiny had brought us together. I knew it was going to be difficult pinning him down but i would do my best.

My entire plan began to collapse when Zuby started asking me questions inside the room. First, he asked if Ngozi and Fatimah were my sisters. When i told him they were not and asked why he wanted to know, he changed the topic.

“Do you know why i am here?” He had suddenly asked.

“No,” I smiled.

“I am no longer getting younger and my mates have started having kids. I think its time for me to settle down and i just pray you don’t reject me” He said.

I didn’t know how to respond to this new development. It sounded like a joke but somehow, i knew it wasn’t. He could not have come all the way to Amsterdam to make such joke. However, this new development just crashed my entire Juju plans. What was the need to tie him down with Juju when he willingly gave himself to me; it didn’t make any sense to me. The Juju plan would be of no use anymore.

“Are you asking me to Marry you Zuby?” i managed to mutter out.

“Please don’t say no” He said.
He was looking me in the eyes and i could see love written all over his gaze.

“This better not be a joke” I said as i hugged and kissed him.

“You know i would marry you anyday and anywhere baby” I said.

Tears were running down my cheeks. He was smiling and he knew he has gotten me.

“Lets go to the mall, i want to buy something” He said.

It was getting late but since the mall was still open, we went there together holding hands.
Inside a Chinese Shop, I watched as Zuby negotiated the price of a ring. I had no doubt that it was meant for me as an engagement ring.

The surprise came when we walked out to the walkway where he knelt down and said, “Would you marry me Maria?”

People were staring at us but it didn’t matter. That was the best moment of my life and nobody was going to take it away.

I smiled as he put the ring on my finger and when he was done, i smiled and held him up, hugged and kissed him right before every pair of eyes looking at us.
People started clapping their hands for us and at that moment, i mentally cancelled every plan i made about sending his clothes to do Juju in Nigeria. It was over, God has sent him to me and i believed that if i misbehaved, He will take him away from me.

On our way back, we bought a bottle of champagne. I also called Madam Philo right in the presence of Zuby.
“Aunty, please i want us to forget that our plan. I don’t want to go ahead with it again” I had said.

“Hmm, i hope you know what you are doing” Aunty Philo said.
I told her that i did.

Back in the apartment, we ate and drank our champagne. Zuby forced the girls out of their room to join us in merriment. I didn’t object, we just got engaged and it meant that he also has the right to ask the girls anything; they just became his workers too.

I couldnt hold myself but made calls to my immediate friends. I told them the good news that just happened to me. Some congratulated me while some asked me to be careful with Zuby.

They were all right in their respective assertions but i chose to be happy rather than watching my back. I knew Zuby long before the engagement, We had a story together. We traveled to Edo State and did a lot of things together.
I recalled how we met at the Lekki beach that afternoon, it was the beginning of my happiness; anyone who tried to ask me to watch my back would be considered jealous.
I wasn’t interested in watching my back, i was more interested in loving Zuby.

As we drank our engagement champagne, i stared at my new ring. I knew how much he paid for it but it didn’t matter, what mattered was that i was finally going to get married to the man of my dream, the clever man i met in a Lagos beach.

I recalled the Journey that brought me all the way to Italy, it was like it happened yesterday. I remembered vividly how we nearly drowned in the Mediterranean Sea. I remembered Stephen from Ghana who also lived in Amsterdam, though i lost his contact. I remembered ken and Chinedu in Abidjan, i remembered Ano and how my free life commenced after stealing his money. Did i even steal his money?
I remembered some of the people who slept with me in the past, then i wondered if i cheated on Zuby by being a prostitute.
One thing was sure, i wasn’t going to sleep with any other man as long as i remained with Zuby.
Back in Lagos, he had once scared me when he said that i didn’t sleep alone in my apartment despite not being there. He was mysterious sometimes and it would be better not to joke with his wisdom.
But so many things didn’t matter anymore. What mattered was that i was getting married to a young man who also lived in Europe. There was no need for us to return to Nigeria for our wedding, we would do it right there in Italy where all my friends and the prostitutes would know that my life had changed for good.

“We will attend a party in Napoli tomorrow” I suddenly said.
It was important that i engaged him instead of living in a dreamland.

“No problem sweetie” Zuby said.

He just agreed to follow me to a party in Napoli the next day. It was time to start showing him off to the World. I knew some people would be jealous but it would not matter.
Very soon, we would begin to sew uniformed clothes and wear them to various occasions. It was surely going to be the best thing that would ever happen to me and to think that i nearly destroyed everything with Juju just to control him, i was surely never going to forgive myself if i i had done that but i also doubted the Juju would have worked on Zuby.
Yes, i had doubts in my mind over the Juju plan because every plan i made for him in the past failed.

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