82: The Good Evil Plan

Some days after i sent the International Passports to Libya, Ngozi and Fatimah arrived in Napoli. I didn’t know how Madam Edna did it but she said i needed to balance her another 500 Euros. She said she bribed extra Agencies in a bid to make the operation smooth. I didn’t argue, i just sent the money down to her. I knew i would need her service again someday soon.

After every money i spent on bringing the two girls to Italy, I still had up to 18,000 left from the money i got from Hungary. I didn’t know what to do with the money, i had a feeling that Basil would be freed someday and he must definitely come for the money. The best thing that came to my mind was to use the money to buy two more girls in Libya. I would keep them in my house and save all the money they would make. Whenever Basil came out, i will give him some money and promise to give him the rest at a given period.

Ngozi and Fatimah needed to rest for some days before hitting the field. They needed some new clothes and new foods to make them look fresh. I was sure that if they eat enough protein, they would look fresh in a few days.

Two days after the two girls arrived, Zuby called and said he was in Italy. He said he was in Vatican City and would join the Alta Velocita fast train to Napoli the next day. It was the best news i heard in recent time. He was coming to me finally.
He would surely be impressed with my new acquisition; Ngozi and Fatimah.
I planned to tell Zuby that we didn’t need to work hard any more, the two girls would be providing money for us to survive. I will also tell him about the Hungary deal and how much money that came out of it. I was sure he would support the decisions i took and would also defend me anywhere if Basil managed to come out earlier than i thought.

Life was just about to become interesting for me again. I just brought two beautiful girls to Italy and my boyfriend was on his way to my place. If everything went as i planned it, i would be the happiest woman on earth.

When Zuby called the next day and said he was in the train to Napoli, i went to visit Aunty Philo.

“Aunty, I have a boyfriend who is coming to visit me from Amsterdam. I love him and i want to marry him. I don’t know how to make him stay with me. That’s why i am here” I said as soon as Aunty Philo walked into her sitting room and sat opposite me.

While i told Aunty Philo about Zuby, i felt that it was a mistake. Aunty Philo herself, despite her age, was still single. I didn’t know the kind of advice she would give to me.

“Do you mean you want to marry and live with the Igbo boy?” she had managed to ask.
I nodded.

She continued. “Well if that is what you want, you can go ahead. I will meet one of my friend who is marrying an Igbo man and ask her how she did it. I think she took the man’s hair or cloth and send to Nigeria for ritual. But you must be sure you can live with the man because after doing Juju with his things, you will be stuck with him. The Good news is that you can always command him to do whatever you want him to do. He will obey you and respect you everywhere.”

I didn’t think about controlling Zuby, i only wanted to marry him and be happy. But if using his clothes to do Juju could hook him down, i would do that. I just hoped that it wont backfire because if it happened that way, i wasn’t sure what he would do. Zuby was very unpredictable. I never knew how he operated and it was difficult to forget how he reacted in Benin City the day i took him to visit Aunty Philo’s Mother.

After my discussion with Aunty Philo, i took the bus down to Napoli to welcome Zuby. I waited at the Central Station until he arrived.
After kisses and hugs, i took his red bag and asked him to follow me.

We got out of the station and took a bus to Castel Volturno. Inside my apartment, i introduced Ngozi and Fatimah as my new girls. I could see that Zuby was not impressed at all when i told him that the girls were my girls. It looked like he knew what they came to do. It was difficult to tell what he thought about them but i wasn’t going to bother myself with that. They were my girls and that was all that mattered.

After making sure Zuby was settled, i excused myself and went to shopping mall. I wanted to buy some clothes for Zuby, he never wore singlet ever since i met him and when i asked him about it in Nigeria, he said he didn’t really remember some basic things.

I bought him shirt and singlets and also bought some more clothes for the girls.
It was pretty good to be in control of three people at the same time. I was the Boss of all three of them, although i knew that if Zuby was going to stay, he would definitely snatch that beautiful title from me but the good news was that i would confuse him with the help of Aunty Philo’s Juju. He wont be able to know how he started doing my bidding, he would love me more than anything else and would go to parties and markets with me. Life was going to be good for me at last and there was nothing else i could ask for.

When i returned to my apartment, Zuby and the two girls were sitting very close to each other in the sitting room.
One look at the girls and the scrambled up.

“Go to your room now” I shouted at them and expected Zuby to react but he said nothing.
He just bent his head as if he wasn’t aware that i was upset. That was unlike him but everything will be settled in a few days.

My plan was to stain his T-shirt with something while washing it. I would then tell him that it was no longer good for him to wear. It was actually the reason why i bought him another shirt in advance.
I would then take the stained T-shirt and pretend that i was going to throw it away. I would take it to Madam Philo and give her some money to commence the ‘hook him forever’ operation.

I was finally in a position to keep Zuby forever. I had introduced him to my parents as my Fiancee and I was finally going to make it permanent. I just hoped that he wont surprise me again.

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