82: Intentional Blame Game

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“Precious said that the daughter of Aunty Adesuwa was raped in Castel Volturno by two Nigerian men” Maria said after serving me a plate of Yam she cooked.

“Which Precious?” I asked, knowing that i was suspect her chief suspect.

I had left Castel Volturno and  and traveled back to Levanzo with a boat. I had opted to sit near a window where it was very easy to dispose the two phones; Jessica and Jacobs’.

I got angry that Jacob who never called Nigeria, has decided to call and report me to my family. According to my elder brother, Jacob said i took the phone which he was using to make his living and his money in Europe and that he has lost so much money because of that.

Money huh!
Imagine how people back home began to see me then; apparently i had become a thief in Europe. Not even a good thief but the thief that stole little things as small as phones.

Jack never called home.
Jack never sent a single vehicle to Nigeria.
Jack never even got resident permit.
All those things were possible with money and he never did any of them.
Yet he had the gut to call home and made things look like i was the reason why he didn’t make it in Europe.

The entire rubbish had angered me and made me throw his phone and his important sim card into the Mediterranean Sea. He can kill Sharks and Dolphins with his phone now.

I had seen in movies, where Detectives recovered guns and other things thrown into water after crimes and as i sat on the boat heading to Levanzo Island, i wondered how the Italians were going to recover the sim cards and the phones which i separated and threw into the water at 5km intervals.

After sinking the two phones and its components, i called Sunday.
He didn’t answer the first call since it was a new number but he picked the second one. He didn’t say a word when he picked, he just listened to hear the voice from the other side and know who he or she was before talking.

“Prince, its me, don’t say my name. I need you to get me the new phone number Jack Solo uses now” I said.

He recognized my voice before i finished.

“I will send it, he called yesterday night and said you took his phone. What happened” he asked.

“Its a long story but he was involved in what happened to my woman. I will brief you later” i said.
We spoke Igbo language all through.

I was eating the Yam Maria gave me and re-playing the events of the day when Maria said, “Precious said that the daughter of Aunty Adesuwa was raped in Castel Volturno by two Nigerian men”.

“Which Precious?” was the only thing i could say, knowing that i was supposed to wait for some moments before saying anything.
The only option left was to either trying to divert the topic or try to shift an unimportant blame to someone else.
There were only three of us living in the apartment and since i was ruled out already, the blame must go to either Maria or Precious; the better option was miss Precious.

“Do you mean that Precious still have contacts with Adesuwa and her people?” I asked.

“Not that Brother” the voice said coming out of the room, “I have one friend who tell me everything that happens in Castel Volturno” She said.
Since my game plan was to put the blame on Precious, her explanation meant nothing.

“Oh, really? Even you Precious? You understand everything that happened to Maria was as a result of you and your Madam. So you have been talking to people in Castel Volturno? I put it to you that it was you who called Castel and told them Maria was coming there” I shouted as i stood up and abandoned the food i was eating.

There was no way i would admit that i forced a 15 year old girl. Even Maria whom i was getting the revenge for, wouldn’t have approved that i hurt Jessica. Or maybe she could but i believed she wouldn’t sanction such thing.

My revenge wasn’t for Maria alone. It was for Berlin or Paris; those were the names i had stored in my brain which i would give to my boy or girl respectively whenever they were born.

Those bastards killed Berlin or Paris. I wondered what the Germans or the French would do if any lesser country destroyed their capital cities of Berlin or Paris; that was what i did. I imagined what the Germans would do if a country like Holland intentionally destroyed Berlin; their capital city. Surely they will rape and level Holland and turn the country into a refuse dump.
The same applied if a country such as Greece or Portugal destroyed Paris; the French army will definitely rape and burn every living thing in those countries alive.
And they killed my own Berlin, yet raping a 15 year old girl was too much a revenge.

Jessica was just a victim of circumstances but the sins of the fore-fathers has been visiting humanity since eternity.

“Brother please, i would never do such thing as to call Castel and tell them that Maria was coming. I didn’t even know my Madam’s phone number now” Precious was saying amidst tears.

“What you people want is someone to set up and kill, isn’t it?” You are leaving this apartment now. Not tomorrow but now. If by the time i come out of the room, you have not finished packing out, i will throw your things to the sea and push you in there too of you try to stop me” I yelled.

“She is not going anywhere. She said she didn’t tell anybody anything and i believe her” That was Maria coming in defense of Precious.

“Really? So it is now you who decides what goes on here Maria?” i shouted at her.

“You haven’t said anything about the girl that was raped by two Nigerian men” Maria said aloud.

“What are you insinuating? That i raped a 15 year old girl? Oh, now it has become such a crime for a 15 year old to have sex. How old was Fatimah’s when you sent her to the streets? How old was she?” i asked as i moved towards Maria with my hand raised to hit her.

“Brother please don’t beat her, she is not healthy yet” Precious said.
“Are you still standing there?” i shouted back at her.

Maria had started crying and was looking directly into my eyes.
As i stopped in front of her with my hands still raised, i wondered if i was really going to hit her.
I knew that i could have done that and would regret it later but i liked it more that i managed to control myself and avoided hitting her.

I put my hand down and hugged her. We held each other for long while she cried on my shoulders.

“It is OK, I am sorry, i wasn’t going to hit you” i said to her ear.

“What happened to the Azubuile i knew and fell in love with?” she managed to say.

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