82: Hitting the nail on the side

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“Freedom is your right any day any time and must not be negotiated. No matter what anybody did for you in this life, you are only required to pay back if you can. You are not required to be indebted to him or her forever. You must not allow what anybody did for you to be the foundation of your own life. Being born into this World is difficult enough for all of us. Jesus has paid for all our sins on the cross even those yet to be born” I said. It was important that i also brushed past Religion and Belief since that area could be the major convincing factor. Most of we Africans were made to believe that salvation came only through Christianity or Muslim or whatever Religion imported into our land in the past. “But Bros, what is your name” Tina continued. “Call me Nana. I know somebody brought you people to Europe because somebody also sent me here. Since i came here, i don’t think i have called the person who sent me up to three times. The last time i went to Ghana, i visited Lagos where he lived and paid for his daughter’s University fees. Now you can see how i am paying back on my own terms. If he had asked me to refund the money he spent on me, i would have refused and stopped talking to him. Slave trade and human trafficking are illegal and outlawed” I said. I had deliberately decided to introduce Nigeria via Lagos because i had this feeling that one or even both of them could be suspecting that i was a Nigerian. “Wait, Lagos is not in Ghana, it is in Nigeria” Kate said. Kids! “You are right but i lived in Lagos for many years. My father was one of the Ghanaians who relocated to Nigeria when the country was good” I said. “I thought as much. You even look like Nigerians” She said. “Yea, My father Married an Igbo woman from Enugu. I used to go for holidays there too” I said. I had succeeded in making myself half Nigerian and half Ghanaian. It was just a matter of time before i turned into a full blooded Nigerian. How i was going to do that remained unknown but i knew that with a thinking head, everything was possible. Afterall it was human beings who discovered everything we used in the World. “I have a friend who called me one day from Denmark. She said her friend left her Madam and ran away and nothing happened to her. Is that possible” that was Kate. “What do you mean by Is that Possible” I asked, trying to make her believe i was new to that kind of story. “Some people are usually taken to a shrine to swear an oath that they won’t run away when they get here. I want to know if the oath can kill them if they did run” she said. “But you said your friend said nothing happened to her friend” I fired. Tina had started removing her clothes on the bed. “Yes, nothing happened to her but maybe she didn’t take the oath in Nigeria” She said. “Did you take the oath?” I asked. Kate nodded. “I took the oath too” Tina said. She was just on her Bra and the tight trousers. “Why are you pulling out your clothes?” I asked.

“Nothing, i just feel like doing that” Tina said. “Lets start from the start. Nobody is going to have sex here tonight. You will get your money but i am OK as i am. After our talk, we will sleep and talk more in the morning, then i buy you breakfasts and see you off” I said. “Are you sure your manhood is working?” Tina said and provoked a laughter in the room. “Do you want to see if it is Ok?” I joked. “Yes, bring it out and lets check it” She said. “That would be when we finish talking” I said. “Talking, what we are talking about is not important” She said. What? She really thought we were just nibbling around the topic. She would find out later. “Tina. Your freedom is more important than sex. You can take control of your own life and maybe pay your Madam later. If you don’t do that now, you may one day just be like your Madam. You will sleep with different men until you get old. Then you become useless and begin to look for a native doctor to help you get children or husband” I said. Their faces had changed into seriousness and it was clear that the message had started getting to them. “What do you want us to do, i don’t even know where to go or how to run” Kate said. “You see, your Madam and your friends told you that there was a man who came to take girls away for rituals, that was a big lie. There are no ritualists in Europe” I said and stopped there. “That is what i tell people. I don’t believe there is ritualists in Europe. Look at everywhere, very neat and organised” Kate said. “The truth is that they don’t want you to be free. You are their money making machines. You go out there in the cold and wait for men, then at the end of the week, you gave them all the money you made. How long do you think you will last in conditions like that? That is why i like the girls who work in Amsterdam. They have their rooms where they did their thing rather than standing illegally on the roadsides. Besides there are many Nigerian men over there who will welcome and accommodate you and even help you pay the money you owe your Madam” I said. The message was getting clearer to them and since i already said there was going to be no sex, the only thing they could do was just to sit there and listen. The hot girl who had removed her blouse to show me her breasts were still standing firm had somehow started putting on her clothes back. It was time to hit the nail on the head but since i figured out we were going to have a long night ahead of us, i brought out some money and gave to Kate. “Go down to the reception, ask them how much they sell Jack Daniel whisky. Buy one bottle and one can of Cola. Come back here as soon as possible, we need to finish our discussion. If you girls are interested in helping yourselves, you could leave here as early as tomorrow but if not, as early as 6am, you will return to the Paris streets and continue whatever you are doing. I am sure you will never see me here again” I said as i hand the 100 Euro note to her.

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  7. You must not allow what anybody did for you
    to be the foundation of your own life. Being
    born into this World is difficult enough for all
    of us. Jesus has paid for all our sins on the
    cross even those yet to be born” I said.

    see as story don turn to salvation and freedom


    zubby u be magician of appearance and a good


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