81: The Home Call

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Chapter 81.

I had sex with Linda that night. I didn’t enjoy it but i did it anyway. I needed to assure her that my sudden love for her was genuine; she believed it was.

It was a few minutes past 5am when i received a call from Nigeria. My elder brother who hardly called, was calling my ever active French Line.
Due to the reason that i wasn’t in France, i didn’t answer the call; rather i called him back with the new Italian Sim card which i had put into the phone i took from Jack Solo.

Before i called him back, i braced myself up for whatever news that was going to come from him; it was unlike him to wake me up by that time. But behind the back of my head, i had a vague idea of why he called; Jack Solo.

“Where are you?” he asked.
“I am in Italy” I replied.

“Since when did you go to Italy, i thought you told me you were in Freiburg last week”.

“Yes, some people kidn….” i was saying before i suddenly recalled that Linda who was sleeping beside me could be listening.
I wanted to tell my brother that some people kidnapped and raped my girlfriend in Italy and that i came to help her but that would have been revealing too much.

“Some people keep telling me that Italy is good, so i came” i said.

“Jacob said that you…” He was about to say when i interrupted.

“Please let me call you back in two hours, my girlfriend is sleeping here and i don’t want to wake her up” I said and before he could say anything else, i cut the call and switched off the phone.

I had four phones with me and it wasn’t ideal. Jessica’s phone was with me but i dismembered the components to frustrate the authorities from tracking it. I didn’t know if tracking a switched off phone was possible then but the only way to be totally sure was to assume that anything was possible.

Right there on the bed, i vowed that the first thing to do when we go out was to dispose of Jessica’s phone.

I haven’t spoken to Prince Sunday since we committed our crime but i warned him to stay indoors for some time.
I had a feeling that we were going to be arrested in relation with the rape since another person was involved; Sunday.
I usually had more confidence in my security situations when i did something alone.

The Saturday morning was bright. Linda prepared breakfast for us but it was expected; it was scrambled eggs with bread and tea. When she went into the bathroom to shower, i called my brother in Nigeria.

He said that Jack Solo called and reported that i stole his phone from his apartment. He told me that he informed Jack Solo that there was no way i could stoop so low as to steal a mobile phone since i was far bigger than that.

“I actually took his phone” I said, to the amazement of my brother.

“Yes, i took the bastard’s phone. He leaked information to some bad people that i was in Italy. They were people who wanted to kill me due to some business that went wrong and i trusted Jack to keep quiet. He told them the hotel where i lodged and they almost found me. The phone 
I took was as a punishment to keep him separated from almost all his friends and contacts. I will give it to him before i leave Italy but for now, i am keeping it” i said.

He said he understood but warned me to be careful with the people i dealt with and also told me to give Jacob his phone back.

“Who was that on the phone with you?” Linda asked as soon as she came out of the bathroom; An idea came instantly.

“That was a business partner. I am wanted in Germany right away” I said.

The expression on her face showed that she was disappointed since she was looking up to our little adventure.

“I am sorry and will make this up to you baby. I will return as soon as i finish whatever business he called me for up there” I said.

She adviced me to be careful.

I left Linda around mid day and took a cab to the area where i was told Alaye’s girlfriend lived. It was a very bad and dirty neighbourhood occupied mostly by Togolese and Ghanaians.

Adisa, whatever that meant, lived in a two room apartment. She was a fat lady in her early 30s; she looked trouble from hair to toe but i wasn’t there to look for favour either. I was there for trouble related issues and the good news was that i was more prepared than she.

“Sister, i heared what happened and i came to show you some of the business your boyfriend was involved in. Have you been able to visit him in prison?” I asked.

“I don’t have papers, so i can’t go near the prison because they will ask me to fill the forms with my identity. I don’t know what to do” She said.

“What bout phone calls, has he called you yet?”

“Not at all, the lawyer i visited said they are not allowed to make calls until they are arraigned in court and charged for the offence they committed” she said.

That was a good news to me because what i wanted to do with the fat Adisa required that she didn’t get in contact with Alaye.

“Our house rent will expire in a week and i don’t even know how to pay for it” she lamented.

“Don’t worry about that, the share your boyfriend was supposed to get from our last deal will be given to you. It will be up to 5 or 6000 euros. You must try to help get him a good lawyer with the money and keep some for him so that he won’t be angry when he comes out” I said.

“Deal, what deal and when is the money coming?”

We did a small deal from Holland. We don’t mention the names anyhow because this place could have been bugged. The money will be shared before the end of one week. I will call you and tell you where to pick up your own share” i said as i stood up and asked for her phone number.

I left Fatty Adisa who was still wondering how i found out who she was and where she lived.
Some small boys playing football outside the African quarters had pointed to her apartment when i asked if they knew the man called Alaye.
Our man was popular in the hood and so was his fat girl. She had offered me drinks but due to the state of the apartment, i told her that i didn’t drink alcoholic. She thought it was true.

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