80: The new Revelation

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Chapter 80; The new revelation.

“Is that my Madam” That was the question Blessing asked as soon as i finished talking on the phone.
“Yes, it it her. She has been bringing young girls here for years and sending them to the cold streets. It is time for her to start paying them back. I will get money from her and send you to School” I said.
“Do you think it is possible for me to go to school here in Europe? aunty Joy said they will never allow me to go to school” She said.
“Blessing listen, i have sent many girls of your age to different schools in different countries; some are in England and some are in France. I know your Madam long before we met. The truth is that i came to Spain because of you; i came to pick you up” I said.
“What do you mean, i am getting scared” She replied.

“Here is what happened. Your Madam and the other Madams that i know of here in Europe are under serious attack by me and my team. We are rescuing teenage prostitutes and sending them to schools all over Europe. I have some other Edo people in my group that are helping out in this programme” I said to her surprise.
“But who sent you to do this and how do you get paid?” She asked.
“Nobody sent us; it is a programme i started by chance. There was a young girl of your age that i rescued in Portugal and sent to Germany. She is married now to a footballer and they have money. That was the first job i did about all this and it somehow inspired me. Since then, i have saved many other girls; Naomi, Ify, Esther, Lisa, Ngozi, Fatimah, Peace, Caro, Angel and maybe more. Everything is inter linked; it was Angel that told me about you when i brought her to Sweden. That was how i decided to visit Marlloca and pick you up. The Madams, such as Aunty Joy pay for the expenses indirectly” I said.
She stood up and hugged me for very long before she said,  “I can’t wait to see Angel again. I was disappointed when i came face to face with prostitution. It was then that i found out that i no longer owned myself. It is only God that will pay you back for all your troubles. But how do you survive because i know that Aunty Joy and her friends have thugs that beat people for them” she said.
“I know all that but don’t worry about my past or present; just do as i say and we won’t be in any trouble. By the way, i think i may be going to Berlin Germany. Someone just picked up my money and switched off his phone” I said.
As at the time of our discussion, i was already fully convinced that Kingsley intentionally switched off his phone. Phones of business hustlers didn’t just go off. It was a mixed feeling for me because i was wondering what i would do to the bastard called Kingsley if i ever set my eyes on him anywhere again.
“Berlin, where is Berlin?” That was Blessing asking.
I told her where Berlin was located and when i finished, she said she would go with me.
“Blessing, the document you have is not yours. There is going to be a time when the real owner will likely declare it missing and every computer in Europe will be looking for it. This people live in A digital world where machines do things men can not do. I want to put you in a airplane to Sweden, one of my squad members will pick you up at the airport and keep you in my apartment until i return” I said.
“but how long are you going to spend in Balloon, ehm Berlin?” She said.
I told her that i didn’t know but that i will try to be in Sweden as soon as possible.

Afer my conversation with Blessing, we took our bath and slept. I already decided that since i was on a special mission, i wasn’t going to make any intimate move towards her; that was what i did. Before we slept, i tried to call Kingsley four more times but his phone was switched off. The bastard had just gotten €10000; probably the largest amount of money he came across once and since he knew that i wasn’t in Berlin, he must have decided to take a swipe on my money.

The following morning after quick calculations, i decided to start tracking Kingsley down. As an old friend who has stayed with me in Berlin and sometime in Amsterdam, I was aware that the only places he knew very well in Europe was the two mega cities. There could be more places he could have been but the best two bets were Berlin and Amsterdam,

Berlin: That was where he picked up the money. The chances of him staying behind was very slim, especially if he intended to embezzle the money. He already knew that i will come looking for him in Berlin when i discovered that his phone was off.
In that situation, a common thief would run to another place where he knew very well and where he thinks that the chances of me coming to look for him will be very slim. He also knew that i had problems in Amsterdam and had stayed away from the city ever since i left; therefore he was likely to head to Amsterdam where he could buy designer shoes and clothes, he loved such things.

Amsterdam: This happened to be the most friendly city to the blacks. As a matter of fact, the blacks had a suburban called Bijlmer in Amsterdam South East where you can locate every Nigerian in Holland.

After carefully considering my options, i called Kenneth to confirm that Kingsley was no longer in Berlin. Kenneth in return had confirmed through many other Igbo people in Berlin that the bastard had left the city without telling anybody. He went to his apartment where he lived with his girlfriend at the Lehter Stadt Banhoff but could not find him. Kenneth had concluded that he left Berlin as well. I had asked Kenneth to be on the watch out and continue to ask questions about Kingsley. I wanted Kingsley to know that a hunt has been initiated against him; that will instigate him to make a run if he was still in town and i had high hopes that he will end up in Amsterdam. There was also the possibility that he could run down to Nigeria since he already obtained the Fathershaft resident from Germany; in that case, there wasn’t much i could do until he returned to Europe but one thing i had decided to do was that each day that passed, the money will add €100.

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