80: The Arrival Of Ngozi And Fatimah

Some months after i asked my mother to start looking for teenage girls in Edo State, she called and said she found two. Their names were Ngozi and Fatimah. She said Ngozi was an Igbo girl who was raised in Edo State because her father married an Edo Woman. Fatimah was also from an Hausa man who worked in Kogi State while the mother was an Edo woman as well.
I didn’t know how successful such girls could become in the prostitution field, i preferred complete Edo girls like me but according to my mother, it wasn’t easy locating those two girls.

The next plan was to take them through oaths before setting them on the destructive and dangerous route to Libya. I didn’t want to start looking for Look-alike passports for them. Even if they would use flight, they would have to travel to Libya first.
I didn’t have any contact in Lagos, there was nobody to help me put the girls in the aircraft.

Look-alike passports worked well through Tripoli. Nigerian immigration officials always detected the look-alikes or tampered Passports. They did that because they always asked questions at the Murtala Muhammad International Airport Lagos. The only way to beat them was to bribe them with large sums of money and that was without guarantee.

According to my mother, the girls were ready to be transported to Lagos. I didn’t know how they were supposed to move from Edo State to Libya, i needed help from the Madams who did such things in the past and as a result, i decided to approach Madam Philo.

She was at home when i arrived that Sunday afternoon. Due to the serious nature of what i wanted to ask her, i felt that it was better to discuss it in her apartment rather than the resturant.

“Aunty,” I began, “I have two girls in Nigeria that i want to bring to Italy”.

She looked at me and continued drinking her wine.

I continued. “My mother found them and said they are willing to come but i have never done such thing before, so i don’t even know where to begin.”

“How old are they?” Aunty Philo asked.
The question was a positive one, it meant that she was remotely interested.

“They are both 17 years” I said.

“Have you taken them to swear to the Olokun in the forest?” She asked.

I didn’t think the Olokun oaths worked. I for one, has done something that would have resulted to my death if Olokun had powers but nothing happened to me.
However, if Madam Philo suggested Olokun, then the girls must go there to take their oaths.

“I have not done that, i don’t know where to do it” I said.

Aunty Philo picked up her phone and dialed someone in Nigeria. She told whoever it was that there was a job to be done. According to the instructions, the girls where to be taken to the forest in two days to swear that they wont run away from their Madam when they eventually come to Italy.

I sat quietly and listened as they bargained for price until Aunty Philo suddenly hang the call and said that some money is required to perform the sacrifices.

“How much Aunty?” I fired.

She said the price was 50, 000 Naira for each girl.

I immediately called my mother and asked her to make 100, 000 Naira ready in two days. I also told her that someone will contact her about the girls.

I was still with Aunty Philo when Zuby called from Amsterdam. He said he returned long time ago but didn’t have his own apartment where i would stay if he had invited me.

“I will call you back now” I said to Zuby as i got up and declared that i was ready to go home.
The way Zuby was talking on the phone, i was bound to say something that will make Aunty Philo to know that i was in Love with someone.

I had missed Zuby so much since i lost his number. I felt that he returned to Europe long ago but either didn’t want to call me or lost my phone number. He couldnt have just forgot about me. A lot of things had happened since we lost contact, i had gone back to Amsterdam more than four times since the last time i sent drugs to Milan for Bola. Bola and I were already dating each other. Mary was staying back permanently with Madam Philo, though she visited me occasionally. Basil was jailed for 6 years according to the rumour in Amsterdam. I hid the money i got from Hungary inside my mattress and waited for whenever it would be needed to do something good, the only money i removed from it was the one i sent to start the super market in Benin City.
Life had changed so much and i was living it however i could.

As i took the phone number of the woman who was supposed to take Ngozi and Fatimah to the Bush for oaths, i smiled as if i had won a lottery.

I haven’t reached my apartment when i called Zuby, i wanted to hear from him again, that he was really back in Europe.
From the tone he used, it seemed he was in Amsterdam for long before he called me. How could i not have ran into him?

While i settled on my couch, i told Zuby that i would start coming to Amsterdam the next day, he refused.
I asked why he didn’t want me to come but he gave me no specific answer.
His excuses ranged from him staying in another man’s apartment to him not having time to socialize at that moment.
I almost felt like crying, i wanted to see him again, that wonderful smart guy who made life memorable and miserable for me at the same time in Nigeria. It was really good to know that he was in Europe.
I felt that he was already involved with drug business and didn’t want me to get involved.

Each minute that went by, i felt that Zuby was gradually drifting away. If i had known that he was in Amsterdam, i would have asked people in Bijlmer about him. Ever since i lost his Nigerian number, i never talked to him again. He must have to explain a lot of things whenever we meet again but for the time being, it was time to concentrate on Business first.

Two days after visiting Aunty Philo, Ngozi and Fatimah were taken away from their homes into the Olokun river in the Forest between Ondo and Edo State.
It was time to spend the money i got from Hungary many months ago.

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