80: Captured With Love

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“Wow, she must be a bad girl to do that, but why did she take the girl from the woman?” I enquired, brightening my face to convince her that i was genuinely interested in the matter.

“I don’t know. I think she sent the girl to another city and turned her to become her own girl. She was my very good friend and i was even the person who sent some of her things to her in Sweden” she said.

“What about the man whom she went to meet in Sweden?” I asked.

“I heard that the Aunty sent some people to kill him in Sweden” she replied.

Ozoigbondu, killed in Sweden?

It was good being dead anyway because it helped my security so much.

“What is the name of that your friend?”

“Maria is her name. The woman whom she stole her girl kidnapped her some days ago but she has left her. That is what she told me on the phone” She replied, “Let me even call the woman, she owe me some money” that was Linda as she dialed a number unsuccessfully.

“Lets forget this matter and discuss about us. Are you working tomorrow?” I asked.

“No, i won’t work tomorrow and next?” She said.

“Great, can i take you out tomorrow?” I asked as i knelt down and held her hands while looking her in the eyes.

Linda nodded with a smile too.
She said i was romantic and nice and caring and handsome.
She called me every romantic name in the book and said she never met a sweet guy like me.
She even offered that i slept in her apartment that night while she worked at the restaurant.

“No, it will be boring without you here. I will return to my hotel and come in the morning to pick you up” i told her.

At around 6pm, i went to a restaurant belonging to an Igbo man.
Rumour was already circulating that a young Edo girl was raped by some unknown people.
Nobody knew who brought the girl to Europe since they still believed she was one of the street body hawkers.

They said she was raped and abandoned in an apartment since morning without food. The case has been reported to the Police and they have assured the public that the culprit will be apprehended very soon; the normal police crap.

As i drank a bottle of beer, i deleted every call i made to Jessica. She didn’t have any phone with her; her mobile phone was with me.
I had warned Sunday not to take her money so that she could be able to return to Rome.
Forcing her was enough punishment since that was what her mother sanctioned on my own woman.

Two Edo men eating in the restaurant were talking loud. They swore with everything they could see, that they will find out the man who raped their sister. They vowed to cut of his head as long as Castel Volturno was concerned. I eventually joined their table after i had also condemned the man who did such a thing.

According to the rumour, the girl whose name was said to be Jessy, was just 13 years.
The two Edo men eventually bought two bottles of beer for me but before i left, they gave me the information i came to the restaurant to get.

They told me where Alaye and his girlfriend lived.
The address was near the city center.

In the middle of our collective condemnations of the silly man who raped an Edo girl, i had suddenly said that i was looking for a man who was a friend of mine back in Nigeria.
“We used to call him Alaye when we lived at Ikpoba Hill in Edo State” I said.

I didn’t know where Alaye lived in Nigeria, i didn’t even know if he lived in Benin City or not but sometimes in Life, there were gambles that were worth exploring.

I apparently knew that if they knew who Alaye was and tried to confirm if he knew me, his phone number was most likely to be off since he was at the Police net and they knew it anyway because one of them told me that Alaye was arrested by the Police. He said Alaye in collaboration with three other people, kidnapped a lady called Maria.

It seemed that majority of people knew the truth about the matter.
It made me very uncomfortable because the way i operated and leaked information, i always wanted things to be opposite of what people say in the streets.

“That is very bad, always in police trouble” I said.

“What about his wife?” I asked.
They told me he was not yet married but has a girlfriend.

When i got the address of the lady, i ordered two bottles of beer for the loud-mouthed men and left them.

Outside the bar, i bought a new sim card and put it in my phone; it was time to become security conscious. Half of the Black people in Castel already knew there were bad guys and molesters in town. The little Jessica must have given some descriptions of the people who raped her, although that information must have been given to the police and perhaps one or two black people.

It was very dangerous to stay in a hotel because that was one place the police always started their searches when a crime was committed.

I found a bar and drank until it was 10pm, then I re-inserted my old Sim and called Linda; she was going to close work by 11:30pm.

“I will come and pick you up at the restaurant by 12am” I said; she agreed.

I told her that i missed her and continued my drinks until 11:30 pm, then i got outside, picked a cab and drove to the restaurant.

Linda was waiting for me near the entrance when my taxi stopped in front of the Restaurant. She came out, opened the back seat and entered.

We got to her apartment a few minutes past midnight. She offered a bottle of wine which i rejected with the excuse that i already had beer and hated mixing up drinks; she offered beer.

“Where are we going tomorrow?” She asked.

“Any Island of your choice Sweetheart, i like the serenity of small Islands” i said.
“I don’t know any good Island here in Italy” She said.

I told her that i knew some of them since i visited them in the past.

As i drank my can of beer, i thought about the perfect place to take Linda. She was a beautiful and elegant lady who deserved to be taken to beautiful places to enjoy herself but unfortunately for her this time, she wasn’t going to enjoy herself; she was going to pay for her sins.

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  1. obumsway

    hmmmm….captured in love …..FTC again

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  4. obumsway

    no be small thing…. Nt all enjoyment are really enjoyment….. Women and money indeed she have seen a rich african prince…… Jessy thing dnt de hot am….. Zuby ntin do you !!

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    Zubby….i am waiting for the chapter where you will be eventually captured and punished. You should have left Jessica out of it cos she’s a young girl and doesn’t know what her mother was doing

  6. Crave4Stan

    Linda, the back-stabbing Maria’s true friend, is about to be served a taste of her own medicine. Ride on Zubs.

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    despite the fact that what zubby did to the girl was wrong, don’t let us forget so quickly that her mother also brings young innocent girls to Europe for prostitution.

    • Tony Obaze

      No matter what her Mother did, it doesn’t justify Zuby and his friend taking turns to rape the 15yr old girl. I read that chapter in tears cos I have a 15 yr old daughter in SS1.

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    Ride on Boss

    Shoot her knee cap, that’s 1yr injury.

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    zuby how are u? do u know what i love every bit of steps u are taking but the area u got it wrong was raping that innocent girl,even God almighty will never forgive u for that unles u ask for forgiveness. never put law into ur hand. i pray that God will put u through in all things u put ur hand most especially by helping most of our girls out of the street.
    my advise to Governor of Edo state is to look into what is going on in Italy where Edo girls are been lure into prostitution there in Italy. i will advise Adams to make use of you(Zuby) to get many of this girls out of the street(prostitute)in Italy. May God be with u.

  12. Dexterslab

    Dis is a good work of fiction so guys plz jst read and enjoy. Na only Zubby sabi revenge? If all he has been telling us is real, he wld probably b dead or in prison cuz in d real world u don’t get away with everytin jst as zubby is trying to make it look. Cheers

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