8: Safer in Prison

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Chapter 8.

Back in our apartment, Maria said, “How on earth did you stand there and talk to a lawyer without fear?”
“Dear Maria, the first thing i defeated in life was fear. If you can be able to achieve that, the sky will be your limit” I said.
“I pitied Aunty Joy today, she couldn’t even look up to see the people in court” She said.
“She deserve whatever that comes to her and i surely don’t care” i said as my phone rang; it was George from Paris.
“My friend, i am back to Paris. I want to start work on the stuff” He said.
“George, i need only two now. How much do you need to do that?” I said.
After telling me to send a new mail identifying the two faces i wanted, He said it will cost €500 each.
“I will send you the two faces and send you money tomorrow morning” I said.

I left the house immediately to a nearby Library were i re-sent the faces of Blessing and Angel, the other two still in camp.
It seemed that they would be traveling to the UK without Peace and Sharon. It was destiny anyway and the best way to stay safe in life was to find the destiny and follow it. It may sound so difficult to understand but it was actually very easy. Being able to discover a destiny and follow it was what differentiate geniuses from the rest of the people.

Peace and Sharon, out of fear abandoned the single mobile phone i gave them in Lulea. When i called the number, it was Angel who answered. I told her that Sharon and Peace were fine and that i have visited them where they were undergoing training.
“I will allow them to talk to you when i see them again” I said.
They said they were scared when an unmarked vehicle came and took them away. I told them that it was me who sent those people.
“I want you two to start getting ready, your documents to the United Kingdom will soon be ready. Remember to hide your phone and get ready for my call” I said. They thanked me before hanging up.

Two days later, George said the two documents were ready.
I gave him an address to send them, then i took a cab to the agency that advertised for people who wanted to go for a leisure tour in the United Kingdom. There was only one lady sitting at the desk when i came.
“Hello, how are you?” She said as soon as i opened the office door and walked in.
“I am fine, thank you” I said.
“My name is Solomon. I have two friends that i want to send to the UK for a leisure trip. I saw your advert on a train a few days ago” I said.
“Oh that is good, do you have their traveling documents?” She said.
“No, i just came to find out if the programme is still ongoing. I will get their documents and come with them tomorrow or next” I said.
“That is Ok” she said and smiled at me.
I confirmed the price i saw on the advert and left the office.

Rather than going back home, i returned to the hospital where Rose was. I didn’t want to call her before going. I felt it would be nice to pay her a surprise visit after the way i talked to her the first day i visited.
She was no longer there. A quick calculation Made me believe she must have returned back to the apartment i left for her; therefore, i took a cab to the place and sure she was there.
She had to ask who i was several times before she opened the door. It seemed the torture she received drove her into a bad mental state.
“Rose it me Solomon and I am alone” I had said several times before she eventually opened the door.
I wondered the kind of things they did to her. No doubt, i was the real target. They had prepared that punishment for Ozoigbondu the first, the Wind that cannot be trapped in Amsterdam, in Berlin, in Napoli, in Paris, in Lagos, in Abidjan.
They wanted to torture me to possibly a bad mental state or death.
It was difficult for Rose to say coherent words at a time. I pitied her and almost shed tears. If not that the bastards were already in Police custody, i would have tracked them down one after the other and show them how to make sure that the enemies never have the second chance to revenge.
An idea had come instantly; i was going to court in a few days to know how the judgement will go. If they were released, it would be a good news to me as well as if they were jailed. Either way; Aunty Joy was never going to be safe in Europe as long as i am concerned.
As for Bonaventure and the other goat, they needed to pray for the Judge to throw them behind bars; prison was going to be safer for them.

“Have you eaten anything today?” i asked.
She stared at me like a Moron.
“Did you cook anything?” I asked again.
“Yes, i cooked. I will bring for you” She said as she walked to the Kitchen and brought out bread.
That was it.

I got up and opened the door, then i walked straight to the outside and took a cab to the Police station.
The young lady who interrogated me the first day recognized me and asked why i was there.
“I want to see the two thugs that tortured my friend. I need to ask them what they did to her because she could barely recognize me” I said.
“Really. I am sorry about that but you can’t see them. They are locked up by the prison authorities and no one can visit them until after the court ruled on their cases” she said.
I was almost in tears as she explained the prisoners laws in Sweden.
“Just have patience Sir, they will soon be brought to court for judgement. Just bring your friend there as well on that day” she said.
That was what i would do. Rose was coming to court in three days. I didn’t believe i would be given any audience to speak again but as long as i get into the court room, i would surely interrupt proceedings.
I left the Police station and went to McDonalds where i bought some chicken and burger. I took them to the lady who cooked bread and handed it to her, then i left her place and went back to Maria.
“Rose has been discharged but i think she has a problem now. I believe those bastards did something very bad to her because she hardly recognized me. I need you to get ready to leave to a hotel because another war is most likely to start here in Stockholm” I said.

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