8: Quick Thinking

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Chapter 8: Quick Thinking.

”My friend, a riot just started in Evry and they are burning cars at the mall. If you waste time, they will burn your car” I said.
”What are you talking about” the Indian cab driver said.
”Oh my God, run, they are coming” i shouted as i looked back behind the car.

The driver shifted down his automatic Gear lever from ‘P’ to ‘D’ and pumped the throttle pedal down. The grey peugeot 406 surged forward, screeching its tyres in protest.

The Indian driver drove two hundred meters down the road before he said, ”What riot, what is happening my friend”?.
I didn’t want to say anything since i was still breathing hard. Naomi was smiling at the back seat. She wanted to say something but one warning look from me reminded her that i needed her to stay quiet.

”I will stop you in Grigny Center, you can find another taxi there and go to Paris” the cab driver said.

”Please drive past Grigny Center and take us to Juvisy” i said.

Juvisy is a railway station located in Juvisy-Sur-Orge, in the Essonne Department of Paris. It was a small town along the Paris-Bordeaux route.

I had figured that if Efosa and Luke managed to get into another cab quickly enough, they would probably be headed to Grigny.

As soon as the cab driver dropped us off at the Juvisy train station, we walked fast  towards the city center. We got to a coffee bar and sat down to rest and plot our next move.
”I slapped her girlfriend for you Naomi” i said.
She looked up at me and smiled.
”That was very good of you to take that revenge for me. That fool beat us all the time when we don’t have money to give to Aunty Franca” she said.
”Listen carefully Naomi, this problem just got complicated. Police may get involved. I need to know where you stand on all this. I want to know if you wish to forget about me and return to the streets of Paris” i said.
She looked me in the eyes and said, ”I love you Solomon, i just don’t wish to leave you but i still don’t know what to do about my Aunty’s money”.
”You don’t owe your aunty any money Naomi. She is a human trafficker and every government of every Country frown upon that. You said you took asylum in Marseille when you newly arrived in this Country. The only thing that could happen to you is to be asked to leave Paris and return to Marseille. Marseille is also a nice city” i said.
”But what about you, what is going to happen to you if the police get involved” she asked.
”You don’t have to worry about me, i took asylum back in Germany and i have also submitted my request for documents here in Paris, the worst that could happen to me is to be deported back to Germany” i said.
Naomi looked into my eyes again and said, ”I don’t want to stay without you”.

I had no answers to her last statement. She was really in love with me. She was a teenager who had just discovered that someone really cared for her outside sex.
Prior to the current problems, i had refused to touch her for days. She had asked me why I didn’t want to touch her and had accused me of not loving her.
”You have been sleeping with men since you arrived in Europe, how can you not be getting tired of sex? What i want from you is different from just sex. I am heading to Thirty years now and i need someone to be my best friend and my partner, not just a sex mate. If you wish this relationship to be about sex, then i am afraid you have chosen the wrong person” i had answered her.
She had hugged me and started crying. She had suspected that i really loved her for who she was but after what i told her about sex, she believed it.

The vibrating Nokia E63 smartphone inside my trouser pocket reminded us that we still had contacts with the outside world. I had brought it out from my pocket and found a strange unregistered number blinking on the screen. I had instantly suspected that it was either Aunty Franca or her thugs. As a result, i quickly pressed the Option button and switched on the recording application.

”Hello, who is this” i said.
”You want to try me in this Country. Do you know who i am? I am coming to Grigny Center and if you don’t open the door, i will break it and anywhere i ever see you again, i will kill you. Go and ask of Efosa in this Paris since you never heard of me” the voice said.

”You and your human trafficking Aunty will run away from Paris soon. I am going to report you to the French Police if you break my door. You people bring young girls to this Country and push them out to the cold streets to sleep with men because of money. You kidnapped teenagers and brought them to Europe. Your time is up in this Country” i said.
”Is it your business what we do with our girls? Do you know how much each one of them cost? I warned you to stay away from that girl and you refused. We are coming to Grigny. Just wait and see what will happen” he shouted and hung up.
As soon as he cut off the call, the wonderful technology from Nokia Inc automatically saved the entire conversation.
I punched a few buttons and listened as the conversation was replayed in a very clear tone.
Naomi looked at me and shook her head, ” how did you do that, teach me” she said.
”Sweetheart, you need a smartphone to be able to do that’ i said and pulled her up gently from her seat, ”Lets go”

There was a small old hotel in Juvisy. It was rumoured that the President of France slept there during the World War 2.
We crossed the road and walked hand in hand up to the hotel reception.
”We need a room for the night” i said to the ugly old man behind a desk.
”That would be €30 Sir” he said.
I counted the money from my wallet and handed it over to him.
After writing down my names, we followed him to a room on the first floor.
As soon as we settled down in the room, Naomi asked, ”What are we going to do tomorrow when we go out of here”?

”Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” Holy Bible, Matthew 6:34.

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  1. Nche95

    Fine. Nice quote. But this human trafficking and forced prostitution are still going on up til now. How can it be tackled or stopped?
    My brothers, lets put heads together, and find a way to fight this nonsense.

  2. Jaykizz

    Nice post 4rm zuby. I’m sure u out-witted efosa n co. But how do I re-register? Plz I dnt wana miss any episode here.

  3. solarmontero

    lets go runners, life on the run in Paris.
    Zuby77 na wa o…..ur past is something to ponder on. lessons must be learnt.

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