8: Queen Is Queen – The Enquiry

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Chapter 8.

From the look of the school, it was easy to know that it was a very expensive one. The students all looked nourished and rich. A few of them waved at Queen and she smiled back, they knew her even after more than a year of leaving the school.

“I want to see the Principal first” I demanded.
Emeka was still with us. It was good that he was not in a hurry to leave. Our bags were still inside his car boot and Queen didn’t even know yet.

“The office of the Principal is upstairs” She said.

We walked upstairs to the office and were told to wait at the reception.
It took an hour of waiting before we were told to go in.

The Principal, a slim wiry middle aged man was from Ogun State according to the name on his table.
He recognized Queen and asked where she had been.
Queen told him about the death of her parents and the eventual return to England.

The moment Queen got to the stage where she returned to England, I interrupted her and took it up from there.

“That’s why we are here Sir. She couldn’t get admission into any school in England because they asked for some clearance documents from her previous school. We want your help to be able to help her get admission Sir” I stopped.

“It depends on what documents you want” The Principal said, “Some of them, are not free. We have many students who graduated from here in England and even in America. They are doing well. The issue now is that Queen didn’t finish up. It would have been easy for her and us if she had finished her WAEC. She would also have taken a special exam which could easily make her gain admission anywhere. The only clearance we can give her now is the JSS completion certificate and letter to show that she completed her Junior Secondary school here. In that case, she can just go to England and start the next grade depending on how they do it over there” He said.

He was making very important points and it was easy to know that he wasn’t interested in anything fraud. My original intention was to ask that they give her a Senior Secondary Certificate and take money from us. But on a second thought, it would affect her education later on in life. She may not be able to defend the certificate and even if she could, something could come up later on in life that would require the sessions she missed.

As a result, i said to Queen, “The Principal is very right. You will get a Junior secondary certificate and return to the UK with a letter from this school. It means that you are going to repeat two years of senior secondary up there”.

Queen nodded and remained silent. We were making headway.

“How fast can we get this certificate sir?” I asked.

He said it would be ready in about two weeks. He said that he would contact the bursary department to make sure Queen wasn’t owing any fees.

We greeted him, picked up his phone number and left.

“Two weeks, that’s long” I murmured on our way to the car.

Queen heard me and smiled.
“Its good. We will return to Lagos in two weeks to Come and pick it up” she said.

She was already planning on going to Enugu with me while i thought about how to leave her behind in Lagos.

My cousins Uche and her Sister were schooling in Enugu. They would be all over me as soon as they know i was in town. Two of them together with Queen was going to be too many girls around me. There was also the Ify girl i had talked with back in Amsterdam. She was a beautiful girl they found for me to marry. Not that i agreed to marry her but we were likely to meet too. Four girls tagging along me was going to pull me down.
But i cannot leave Queen in Lagos. It was not only going to be very expensive keeping her in a hotel for two weeks, she was going to be very lonely as well. If she was still in good terms with her Aunty, i would have just taken her there to stay with them but the bastard husband of her aunty had attempted to rape her more than one year ago. There was every chance that he would attempt to do that again now that Queen had grown bigger and more beautiful.

In conclusion, i decided to go down to Enugu with her. I would find a way to manage the situation.

“Where am i dropping you off?” That was Emeka.

In the mix of thoughts, i had forgotten that he was to go to his shop.

“Here is the plan, we are going to Enugu tomorrow. So wee need to stay in a hotel that is very close to Where we can get the bus to Enugu tomorrow. So find where we can get a taxi, we will use that since you are not far from your market” I said.

He drove us to CMS where we hired a taxi. I opened a bag and gave him a bottle of Hennessy. He Deserved it for his work.
He consoled me over the disappearance of his friend and asked that i updated her on the investigations when i get to the East.

There was a hotel i knew long ago along Maza Maza area in Lagos. The name was Promiseland. I used to sleep there when i was in Lagos.
The standard wasn’t the best but it was just for a night and i was sure i had slept in a worse hotel in Paris.

“Take us to Maza Maza” I told the driver.

The road from CMS to Maza Maza through Orile was too busy. It seemed some Chinese company was creating a space in the middle of the road to install railway tracks. It took us longer than usual to get to Maza Maza but we got there.

Promiseland hotel was still there and has been renovated. It looked better from the outside.

“I didn’t know you brought our bags” Queen had said inside the cab.
I told her how i changed my mind as soon as she left with the Police.
She said she thought i wasn’t coming for her at the Police Station.

“I was serious when I told you that i won’t let anything happen to you” I said and smiled. She smiled too. She was returning to humanity after the Police shock and it was a good thing because i liked Queen when she looked bright.
She was a little pretty thing that was not created to be angered.
I would punish the Policeman for what he did to my Queen.
He could never have done such to The Queen of England and Queen was Queen.

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