8: Only in Africa

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Only in Africa.
“Brother Solomon, anybody who even think about running away will die. I have witnessed a girl who owed her Madam some money and after two weeks, she died. There were some wounds on her body but nobody attacked her or saw who attacked her. The Italian Police took her away. It was when her Madam told us that she refused to pay her that we all knew what happened. Due to that incident, may girls left Italy because the Police started chasing us around; some went to France and other Places but I came here. It was in Napoli Italy” she said.
“Did the Police conduct autopsy on her body before you people concluded that she was killed by a deity?” i asked.
She said she didn’t know anything after she left Italy. The only thing Alice heard from her own Madam was that it was Olokun that killed the girl in Italy. As a result, she was scared to even embezzle the money she was making by herself let alone run away.
That was the problem of Black Africa in general. We attributed our deaths to all kinds of useless reasons even without autopsy. If a man of over 90 years dies, some people would say that he was killed by his brother or his wife. In some cases, they would force the wife to drink water that was used to wash the dead man’s body.
If someone died by car accident, rather than finding out where the vehicle developed faults, we would point fingers to someone who was not even anywhere near the accident scene. We will say that the accident victim was killed by his or her uncle, aunt, business partner or anybody we know was not in good terms with them.
A vehicle will catch fire and burn down as a result of the owner not having a fire extinguisher, we Africans will point fingers at someone who had nothing to do with it.
Our system was greatly flawed deeply by our fore fathers. It was true that things had started getting better but majority of the rural Africans still believed that we possessed such powers. Individually , we knew that we didn’t have such powers. Examine yourself first, don’t look on anybody else. Have you ever asked yourself if you had the powers to make a car start burning without being very close to where it was?

Have you ever asked yourself if you had the will power to make a running vehicle tumble upside down even without being at the scene?
Have you ever asked yourself if you had the power to kill someone who lived in a city hundreds of miles away from you? If the answer was yes, how did you acquire this powers?
If the answer was no, why did you attribute such powers to another individual?
Black Africans believed in witchcraft and as a result, we attributed so much powers to them even without ever seeing them do anything.
It was only in Africa that humans turn to vultures and vice versa. It was only in Africa that a Pastor claimed to have driven a car without petrol for miles.
It was only in Africa that a Pastor claimed to cured HIV, a disease he didn’t even know its formation.
It was only in Africa that a Pastor tells a sick person not to go to hospital for medical attention, rather he would tell him or her to stay in the Church.
It was only in Africa that people prayed for rainfall in dry seasons. It was only in Africa that criminals kidnapped people and rather than going to the Police, we go to the Native doctors and Churches to look for the victims.
It was only in Africa that a known spiritual father/and pastors own many private jets.
“And until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to religion, we will never come out of all these lies” that was what the Europeans did. Yes, they first of all guaranteed basic human rights to everybody and that was why we kept running to them. It is only when food and healthcare is readily available that our people will stop depending on those fraudsters called Men of God, prophets and the native doctors. Those who told us that they have seen what would happen in the future were the biggest liars of all time. Human beings were not designed for that purpose.

Alice had been living with lies since she left Italy for Sweden. She had all along, believed that a girl who died in Italy was killed by a deity in Africa even without knowing the autopsy results. I was sure that the Italian authorities will give a different account of her death.
Appendix, Malaria, Fever, accidents etc all kill people. Murder, suicide and heart attack were all methods of deaths but we never considered such things. We attributed everything to gods or devils; whichever one that suited our mood at the moment of death. Yet we hope to grow someday.

“Alice, the girl that died in Italy could have been murdered by thugs sent by her wicked Madam because she refused to pay. She could have also committed suicide due to the frustrations of the kind of work she did. The life you live belongs to you. During the time of ancient slavery, the people we were supposed to tell our grievances were the same people trading on us but as it is now, there are people who are looking for us to show up and tell them our problems such as the modern day slavery. You people must stop being scared of one deity or the other back in Africa. They can’t kill you by themselves” I said as she concentrated on my face.
“I have rescued many girls from their Madams in Italy and France. They are all free now and nothing has happened to any of them. I believe that if Olokun is looking for who to kill, it should be me since I am disturbing her business. It is a pity that you went through your youthful years making money for one wicked Madam in Italy when you were supposed to have enjoyed your life. At the end, you are left with a weak body and mind and no money. I am not a pastor and I didn’t come here to convert you to any Church; I don’t even go to Church. Look at the business you do now, selling used kitchen items while waiting for the Police to arrest you one day. If you are given back the past six years, wouldn’t you do something different from what you did with the past six years of your life?” i asked.
She kept quiet.
“Are you Married Alice?” i asked.
She shook her head signifying that she was still single. Tears had started to form in her eyes and i liked it because that was usually the moment they realised that what they did with their lives were all wrong and that was because of fear.
“I am sure that you will never allow your daughter or your younger sister to go through the same thing you went through here in Europe. That was all in the past now and there is no more need to cry about it. The only good thing you can do to help the young ones out there is to work with me. I will be sponsoring the operations with my money” i said.
She looked up and nodded.

I had just made my first breakthrough.

“Every challenge you encounter in life is a fork in the road. You have the choice to choose which way to go – backward, forward, breakdown or breakthrough”

– Written by Zuby

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