8: Finally In Sweden

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We took the Bus to Domitiana way and bought a ticket to Sweden.
I was going to Sweden; it seemed like i was going to hell but i was going to Sweden.

The next day, i went to the KFC workplace and told the manager that i was traveling to Sweden to spend a few days. After advising me to return on time, he allowed me to go. He was bound to let me go since he slept with me twice already.

From the KFC, i went to Napoli airport and boarded an aircraft to Stockholm. It was time to square things up with the bastard who ruined my life.

Alice didn’t come to welcome me at the airport, she said she had no legal documents to go near such facilities.
I took a cab and met her at the Stockholm Central where she waited for me.

Lilian has changed a lot, not just the name but in stature too. She looked thinner than when i saw her last in Italy.

As soon as i got down from the cab, we hugged each other and exchanged pleasantries.

“We are going to his place now but first of all, lets find where we can buy acid” I said to Alice.

“Acid for what?” She asked.

“You will find out soon” I answered.

“No way Maria, i hope its not what i am thinking” Alice said.

I kept quiet.

She continued. “Maria, no matter what he did to you, you can not pour acid on him. It can kill him and if he dies, his death will be on your head.”

I didn’t blink an eye, i just stood there and boiled inside.

Alice was right, acid could kill Zuby. In as much as i wanted to get my revenge, killing him wasn’t part of the plan.
I was just angry at how things turned out. I had even done some things worse than what Zuby did to me.
I sold a girl that belonged to my Madam.
I stole money that belonged to Ano.
I stole money that belonged to Basil and i even chased Melissa my friend out of the apartment without knowing if she had somewhere to go.

My sins were numerous and there was I, plotting to throw acid at someone else because he did something bad to me.

“Lets go to his house” I suddenly said.

We took a train to where Zuby lived. My heart was beating faster as we approached the door and started pressing the bell.
Several minutes after we arrived, no one opened the door for us.
We had no option than to return to where Alice lived in one room in an apartment she shared with a black woman whom she said came from Ghana.

Under normal circumstances, i would have simply gone to a hotel and pay for the night but i didn’t have much money with me. If i didn’t manage the little one i have properly, i could run into a bigger problem in Sweden. The way i see things, Alice wasn’t ready to give me any money.

All through the night, i asked Alice questions about Zuby. I asked if she was sure he lived in the apartment she took me to.
I asked if he has changed or if he was still the same man i knew.
I wanted to know everything about him.
I was surprised when Alice told me everything Zuby told her about going to rescue teenage girls from the streets of Stockholm. I thought his focus was Italy and France, i didn’t know he has taken the war to Sweden as well.

As i lay on the bed that night, i thought about the best way to approach him when i see him. The issue of throwing acid at him was no longer on the table. According to Alice, there was no open market for acids. There was no place to buy it and even if there was, we were likely to answer questions over what we were going to do with it.

Another idea that crossed my mind was to get a knife and conceal it inside my cloth. If and when i came face to face with the bastard, i would simply stick the knife inside his stomach. The only problem was that he could die and if that happened, i would be the most wanted girl in Sweden. I already had enough problems and didn’t need the entire Swedish Police on my back. That was how the knife Idea died naturally.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as i couldnt come up with a good idea of what to do to Zuby. I was defeated and helplessly in agony. I didn’t even know how to get Fatimah back. One thing i was sure of was that Zuby was never going to easily and intentionally hand Fatimah over to me. We were going to have a big fight first and it was a fight i had no plan how to win.

“Why are you crying Maria?” The voice said beside me on the bed.

I didn’t say a word, i just lay there and sobbed uncontrollably.
It was all over, my journey to Sweden was going to be for nothing. I was returning to Italy without my money and my girl. I was returning to that boring Castel Volturno to start working at the Kentucky Fried Chicken once more.

There was a way out, it crossed my mind as i lay there beside Alice. I could easily end it all by killing myself. At least, i wont be able to remember Zuby anymore. I would die peacefully and forget all the troubles in this world. But then when i was a kid, i heard that the people who killed themselves wont make it to God’s Heaven. They said hell was terrible and that fire burnt people all day long. I didn’t want to go there at all.

I didn’t know when the day broke. I just opened my eyes and checked the digital clock on my phone screen; it was already 6am. I didn’t even know when i fell asleep, i was still thinking about my life when it happened.

“Get ready, lets go and check him again” Alice said.

I stood up from the bed and went to the bathroom, took my bathe, brushed my teeth and told Alice that i was ready.
She got ready herself and told me it was time to go.

Out in the street, we walked all the way to the train Station and took a train to the area where he lived.

Slowly we made our way to the apartment where he lived.

“Please wait, don’t press the bell, its too early. Lets knock on the door” I said as Alice raised her hand to press the bell.
Instead, she knocked on the door and and waited.
To our great surprise, the door opened after the second knock.

It wasn’t a dream, Zuby was really in Sweden. He was standing right there in front of me, wearing only boxers.

Two white girls were on his bed; both naked.

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