8: Blackmail – Me Ahead Of You

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“I haven’t seen you before” The Italian said.

He looked purely Italian; black curly hair, strong physique and tall with that Mafia smile.

“Yes Sir” I said.

He continued.
“I am Constantino but call me Tino. How old are you?”

I told Mr. Tino that i was 20 Years and that i have lived for two years in Italy.

Mr. Tino was at Volturno Hotel near the Sea. He was a tall slim man with muscles that suggested that he frequented gym.

I was directed by uncle to meet with him at the hotel and when i got there, he was at his room.

I was warned to behave myself when i got there. Uncle also told me that nobody should see me with the man, he had given me the hotel room number.

“Two years, thats OK” he said.

I didnt know what was really expected of me inside the hotel room. I didnt know whether i was required to start removing my clothes immediately or just to sit and wait for him to make the first move.

The new system required new methods unlike the way we used during my days at the Domitiana highway.

Since he was drinking beer before i knocked on his room door, i sat down and answered his few questions until he finished his beer and started touching me.

During Tino’s romance practices, i didnt concentrate much. I just used that opportunity to think about Jacob and his many threats.
I was mentally disturbed because i had no doubt that Jacob would carry out his threats to the end.

I needed to start finding a way to get to him first. It was true that i had initiated a fake reunion movement but that was only to keep him close to me.
He had planned to ruin my young life in Italy simply because i refused to live with him.

I was sure Jacob must be thinking that he had me cornered to an impossible angle without any chance of escaping, what he didn’t know was that i just met an Italian Police officer in a hotel room inside the Same town.

Most Europeans were honest people, therefore i knew that telling Tino the truth about Jacob and his blackmail would open up so many other things including the money i stole in Milan.
I needed to think well before making any move because the end result could also swallow me in Italy.

“You dont seem to be relaxed” Tino had said.

I didn’t know that cops were caring too, i had always seen them as trained enemies who knew nothing about street life.

“I am fine Sir, its just someone coming to threaten me everyday in my apartment” I said.

“Who is that?” He asked.

Without holding much back, i told him about Jacob. I mentioned everything Jacob and I had gone through together and how he wanted to live with me but i refused.
The only part of the story i left out was Ano and his money.

Mr. Tino was obviously a rogue police officer who not only worked with Sex workers, he also knew the drug dealers.
There were people like him all over the World but what surprised me about him was his way of discussing illegal business.
Despite being older than i was, he was comfortable and friendly enough to tell me that He knew all the African drug dealers in town.

By the time i finished the story of Jacob, Tino said he didn’t know Jacob but asked that i find a way to alert him when next Jacob comes to my house.

We eventually made love and before he left, he gave me 100 Euros and his phone number.

Rather than going home as was told by Uncle, i returned to the restaurant.
A few more girls were there while others had gone out to service men.

When Uncle saw me, he asked why i returned to the restaurant after he had told me to go home and rest.

I lied to him that i would feel bored and lonely at home.

While i sipped from the glass of Whisky i had gotten from the bar, i thought about how best to deal with Jacob without hurting him. I already had the Policeman on my side but i still didn’t know how to go about the case.

My original plan was to lure Jacob into my apartment again and alert Mr. Tino. I would accuse him of rape and i was sure he would be whisked away by the Police man. But the problem with that plan was that it would fetch Jacob a very long jail term if eventually found guilty and convicted.
Jailing him would not be very difficult because i was going to be required to make statements at the police station.
Despite what he was doing, i didn’t want Jacob to end up that way.

Right there at the restaurant, I decided to give him another chance to change.

I picked out my phone and dialed Jacob.

“I want to see you in the apartment this night?” I said.

After attempting to give some excuses, he agreed to come.

At about 10pm, i went home.
Melissa was home before me and as soon as i settled down, she asked how the first day at work had gone.

“Fine, but there is a problem, Jacob is blackmailing me. He wants money or marriage. I dont know what to do. I may leave this place if he continues” I said.

“What” Melissa shouted, “You can’t just leave here now. We moved in a few days ago and i like it here. If you leave now, what am i supposed to do? If Jacob is disturbing you, we will find a way to deal with him”.

I asked if she knew what to do.

“Yes, i know some bad Casalesi boys who can deal with him” She said.

The Casalesi clan were the violent natives who controlled drug business in Castel Volturno and the entire Caserta Region.
However, my fears remained that they could kill Jacob.
I understood Melissa didn’t know how to move back to the slum after tasting the new apartment but that wasn’t really my priority. I didn’t want Jacob dead irrespective of what he was doing.

Everything would have been easy for me if Jacob didn’t know where i lived but he knew where to find me. I was in a bad situation that required luck to scale though.
My life would change to worse if Ano eventually come down to Castel Volturno and based on the way Jacob talked, it was very clear that he had every intention to direct him to me if i didn’t do what he said.

As a result, i instantly decided to chose myself ahead of Jacob.

If he died on the process, so be it.

I called Tino.

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