8: Pitakwa

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The news of the armed robbery attack got to the village ahead of me. My mom was crying when I drove into the compound. My honourable cousin had called my elder brother who had in turn, called my parents. They were told that nothing happened to me but since they had not seen me and had not gotten me on the phone, they assumed something bad had happened.

I stepped out of my car with some smile of assurances on my face. My mother saw me and stopped crying.
She bombarded me with questions.
I narrated the ordeal to them but left out the dangerous parts.
I even lied that I was fighting them off before the police arrived. I made the whole story looked like I was a superman who didn’t even need the help of the police. I needed to prove to my mother that I could take care of myself anytime anywhere.
I boasted to them how my car can never be stolen by car snatches. I told them that the security in the car could detect a change of driver and would stop ten minutes from the starting point if the new driver’s facial features and retina were not coded into the security system. They were all marveled at the German machine. They should be marveled because no other person was driving a BMW of that grade and model in the whole community.

When people left our compound after drinking more thanksgiving beers, I quietly carried my bags to my room and slept. I was tired.

I woke up around 2 pm and drove back to Enugu. I boought a new TV for my room and bought two satellite decoders, cables and dishes.
I called an electrician who wired the TV and made my place look like I was in the city.

The Barry Gold management had agreed to refund one week rent back to me. I had explained to them that I was attacked and that I needed to leave Enugu. After some logic and counter logic, they agreed to refund N21,000.
I had told them that the armed robbers followed me from their hotel.
I had used the MONEY to purchase a ram for Salaka (Thanksgiving).
The ram was killed two days after the attack and was cooked with Numerous yam tubers. More than 10 cartons of beer were downed by the villagers and it wasn’t even enough.

The local girls were upping their games. Some were busy targeting my mother. They would fetch waters, firewood and even weed our large compound since there was no interlocking on it yet. They would sweep the large compound and cook for us.
I pretended not to have noticed that it was all being done because of me. Two of them were particularly beautiful to my standard but still needed a lot of brushing up to get to where I wanted. As a result, I carried two of them to Enugu and bought them the same number of cloths and shoes. I brought them back after eating at the MR Biggs near the Diamond Bank branch in Agbani road. they hardly said much since they knew I was not going to date both of them. They were from the same extended family. I knew all that too but I didn’t care. If I ever decided to go for any of them, I already knew which to go for.
The other girls had gradually withdrawn their services to my mother since they heard about the Enugu trip with Chioma and Nneka.

A day after the Enugu trip with the girls, they started fighting each other. They tore their clothes and accused each other of trying to snatch the boyfriend. There was nothing I could do, therefore I asked them both to stop coming to our compound.
My dad who had even started calling one of them ‘My wife’ decreed that they could come to our compound whenever they wanted. It wasn’t a decree to argue, therefore I ignored it and warned the girls that the first of them to show up in my compound would lose me entirely.

I had also given them N5000 each to do whatever they wanted with it. Nneka had gone to a saloon and plaited the latest hairstyle in town. Chioma had used hers to buy more groceries for her stores.

People had started to troop into my compound every morning for hot drinks before going to their various businesses, as a result, I went to Enugu and bought three cartons of Aromatic Schnapp. Each carton contained a dozen bottles. I also bought some Expensive ones for myself.

Each morning, I would wear a sport kit and run for an hour along the tared road. The runnings started attracting other people as well. Chioma had also joined the running group, she was determined to do anything possible to win me. I as usual, feigned ignorance towards her advances and antics. If only she knew the things I had done in the past, she would have not attempted to trick Ozoigbondu 1.

The days started crawling slowly. I had started missing Europe again but I wanted to rest properly before heading to Holland. As a result, I started a different kind of Adventures. I would fill my fuel tank and head to a place I had never been.
On one of those trips, I found myself in Port Harcourt. It was a magnificent place but not properly planned. There were vehicle hold ups everywhere. I spent over an hour in one of the hold ups. it also rained all day.
I knew only an uncle there in Port Harcourt but I wasn’t interested in Contacting him. I had enough money with me and needed no uncle to give me advice.
I usually hid money in the dashboard pigeon hole and under the driver’s floor mats.
I made sure that I had the minimum of N50000 at every given time.

After clearing the hold ups in Port Harcourt, I located a hotel somewhere off Olu Obasanjo road. It was a small nice hotel hidden from the road. I rented a room for a night and strolled out into the Olu Obasanjo road with legs.

” Hey how are you” I said to one beautiful girl I had found walking in the street. She was Plumpy with round backside. She had ignored my first greeting and continued walking. I followed her and kept making small jokes until one of the jokes got her laughing.
” Why are you following me” she had turned and said.

” You see, this is my first day in this city and I need a friend” I had said.

She had started walking again but slowly. I had kept up in line with her and had managed to got her name out.
She was Rose from Ikom but lived in Port Harcourt where she schooled. She had taken my phone number and promised to call around 8pm,

My net had caught a fish again.?

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