79: Beauty and pain

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Chapter 79

I got to Lagos and headed straight to my house.
It was raining when I got home. There was no food in the house except custard and powdered milk. It wasn’t what I wanted but since I was tired to go out and needed some sleep, I boiled water and made the custard.

After the food, Daisy called. I had told her that I was traveling in the night. She wanted to know if I had returned and when I said yes, she said she was coming right away.
All my efforts to make her understood that I needed to sleep fell on deaf ears. Her only reason was that she had missed me…

She came in less than 15 Minutes and stopped me from sleeping.
She was all over me as if I had returned from Iraqi war alive.
She wanted to know what I brought for her in Ghana. I gave her a pair of leather shoes I had bought $60 dollars from Chinelo, although it came with no receipt.. She said it was not new but I had to convince her that original items usually came in second hands. It wasn’t really her size but she managed to squeezing her legs into them.
I was sure it pained her but she didn’t care.

Women were very good at enduring pains when it comes to what makes them look different and beautiful.

Take their hairs for example. They would tie attachments in their heads which pain them everyday but apparently makes them look different.
I used the term ”different” Instead of beauty because I personally believed that African hairstyles makes our women more beautiful and natural but of course ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’.

” Baby when are you coming to see my Father” Daisy asked from nowhere.
”Baby when are you coming to see my Mother” I asked too.

I was tired and weak and it baffled me how Daisy didn’t notice that. I was getting aggressive since she didn’t want me to rest.

She had frowned her face due to the sudden counter question but I wasn’t in the mood of looking at faces let alone the frowned ones.

She got angry and went to stay on the single seater sofa.

Great! My aggression had worked and I finally had time to close my eyes and sleep.

”Baby is Ghana more beautiful than Nigeria” Daisy asked again..

”Daisy please leave my place. I thought I told you not to come until I rested enough. I believed you came here to see if I had returned with another girl but you can see that I only returned with her shoes which belongs to you now. Stand up and leave. Don’t come until I call you” I said.

She sat where she was and looked surprised at what I had said. I guessed she never believed such words could be formed in my brain not to talk of saying them but she was disappointed.

She ignored me and switched on the TV. The noise from the TV was disturbing me… I was in the habit of requiring maximum concentration whenever I wanted to sleep or think. Even a hiss could easily keep me awake.

I got up and went to the room, the TV was still shouting. I walked to the change-over and switched the light off without her knowledge.

Since Nepa had suddenly taken the light, she announced her leave.
I opened the door and let her out. She took one look at my face and quickly figured out that I was not in the mood for play.

When she left, I slept on the Sofa until her phone call woke me up again.

I ignored the call but when it persisted, I switched off my phone.

I called My elder brother and told him that I was back in Lagos. He was going to China in two days and had promised to stop over if he had time.

I called My cousin who said he had sent his goods to Accra through warebill but said he would sleep over in Lagos for the night before traveling the next day.

When I was totally relaxed, I checked how much of my money I had recovered from the lost $1000.

$400 from Chinelo.
$340 from Baffoe.
$100 from phone.
$60 from shoes.

$900 Total.

I lost $100 in Ghana. It was lost to a Nigerian but I believed that Mr Baffoe had taken part in that $100. I remembered seeing him at a restaurant with Chinelo when she still had the money. The food they bought must have been from that money since Chinelo even gave him $350.
As a result of my logic, I decided that a Ghanaian must pay me $100 whenever and wherever I see him.

They often defeated us in football and it would be a shame to allow them flourish in the game of crime. I trusted that the Nigerian brothers and sisters in their country was already dealing with them but my own time will come.

Patience! Just have patience.

”The flood that powered its way down to the river during a heavy rainfall, must surely subside when the rain stops”

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