79: Time To Spend The Money

First thing the next morning, Mary left. She returned to her Madam but before she closed the exit door behind her, she looked at me scornfully. I didn’t know what was going on in her mind, it could be that she has finally decided to tell Madam Philo that it was I who sold Angela.
But as the fear was about to torment me, i remembered that i had a lot of money with me. If things escalated, i would simply pay Madam Philo off and become her worst enemy in Castel Volturno.

Four days after i returned from Amsterdam, Basil’s phone number was still switched off. The last few days, i had turned into a powerful prayer woman. I had started praying with every little chance i got.
In general, i had only one prayer point, i asked God to kindly keep Basil wherever he was locked up in Holland. I prayed that he spent a million years over there to make me the sole owner of the cash i got from Hungary.

Four days after i started the prayers, Basil was nowhere to be seen. It seemed that God answered my prayers. How else was i supposed to know that my prayers has been answered?

I called my mother in Nigeria.
Before i left Nigeria few weeks back, i had asked her to find a good shop in Benin City, I planned to open a store for her.

“Mary how are you?” She had asked.

I told her that i was fine and that everything was alright with me.

Before i could say more, she told me that she already found a shop in Benin City and that what remained was to put items there and start selling.
I didn’t trust her on that, i felt that she wanted the money to start a cross-border business between Nigeria and Benin Republic. She had said something like that in the past which i discouraged her. I wanted her to start a business where she could stay in one place and rest. The Cotonou business would keep her on the road all the time. Another reason was that my mother was still relatively young. The moment she fly out to the roads, she may start dating men. Such things happened in Edo State all the time and the result was always some kind of divorce or separation especially if the woman had something that fetched her money.
Since i was determined to keep my family together, i decided that it was better to open the store in Benin City.
Although my mother was likely to date men if she was allowed to live separately in Benin city.
For that reason, i decided to involve my father in the New business.

When i asked which area in Benin City where she found the shop, my mother told me that it was at the Lagos road.

“Have you told Papa about it?” I asked.
She said she hasn’t.

“Take Papa there tomorrow. I want her to know the place too” I said.

Every effort my mother made to discourage me from involving my father in the business met a stone wall. She claimed she didn’t need anybody to monitor her business but unknown to her, i had a better reason why i wanted two of them to manage the place.
I was about to make use of money that belonged to someone else. If issuing Orders to my mother was what it took to pacify me, so be it.

When i threatened not to send any money for the business, my mother agreed to show the place to my father the following day.

After talking to her, i called my father and told her that he would be going to Benin City with my mother to inspect the store.
He was excited by the way i involved him.

One week after i returned from Amsterdam, Basil was nowhere to be found. It was time to start making use of the money with me.
If Police invaded my apartment like they did to many others, they would likely take the money and send me to prison. It was better that i used the money and wait for whatever consequence that would emerge as a result.

I sent 5000 Euros to Nigeria. My mother picked it up in Benin City and started purchasing items for her store. She also paid for the store from there. Three days later, she gave me account of how far she had gone.

After confirming her claims from my father, i sent another 5000 Euros. That was how i opened the store in Benin City.

As i feared, my mother relocated to Benin City. My father refused to leave Ekpoma. He had recovered partially from partial stroke and could do some minor things but he refused to leave Ekpoma. The arrangement was that my mother would be visiting home three times every week.

Left with almost 40,000 Euros, i was still with a lot of money. It was time to start another line of business.

First, i called my mother and asked her to start looking for two teenage girls who will come and work for me in Italy.

Two weeks after i returned, i called Bola and told him that i would be coming back to Amsterdam.
He said he would be delighted to see me again. My major reason for the new trip up north was to see if i could pick up any news about Basil. Despite wishing him long stay in Prison, part of me wanted him to be free.

Before leaving for Amsterdam, i didn’t invite Mary back. I locked everywhere up and flew to Amsterdam through Napoli. This time, i was searched and scanned with machines in the Amsterdam Airport. I asked them what they were looking for but the lady who led the search team didn’t tell me anything. I knew what they were looking for but fortunately for me, i had no drugs whatsoever.

At the Kempering highrise building in Bijlmer, I sat with Bola and talked. He said Basil has not been released and that rumour had it that he was taken to Den Hague. It was a mixed news for me but if i was asked whether i liked what was happening to Basil, i would gladly say yes.

Bola proposed sending drugs to Italy. I wanted to refuse but since it was to my Country of residence, i agreed to swallow the cocaine. It was 700 grams of hard drugs which was supposed to fetch me 1750 Euros at 2.5 Euros per gram. I had money and was supposed reject the deal but somehow, i decided to do the deal.

Three days later, i swallowed the drugs and took the train down to Milan where i discharged it. My money was paid to me in Milan before i left for Napoli.

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