78: Isaac Baffoe

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”She is a liar, she only gave me $350 and not $500” boomed from the Motorola speakers.

The inspector was astounded. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The unmistakable deep voice of Mr Isaac Baffoe had just made his investigations so easy. The recorded evidence could even get him a promotion.

I looked at him and saw the smile on his face.

”Mr Isaac, I told you not to lie to me… Do you want to tell me more lies or are you tired of them” the inspector asked as he picked up the flat piece of Motorola Razor and examined it.

Mr Baffoe had lowered his head down in shame and clear tiredness. He had given up. He had been outsmarted and defeated in his own back yard by the guy he called a silly Nigerian. Only if he knew that Ozoigbondu’s hobbies had ” thinking ahead” at the top of the list.

”Where is this money Mr Isaac” the inspector asked.

”I can go and get the money sir” he said.

”No, you are not leaving this place Mr Isaac. You are staying one week with us here for lying to me” the inspector said as he pressed a Police radio and called a constable.

”Mr Isaac, you need to call your lawyer or anybody who will bring the money down here today and maybe I will remove some days from your time here” he said.

Mr Baffoe brought out his phone quickly and called a lady. I guessed it was her sister or girlfriend.

” Anna please I am at the Tema Police headquarters. Can you come here?” he said.

He thanked whoever it was and cut off the phone.

A constable had just arrived with another man.

”Take Mr Isaac to cell 12” the inspector said.

Mr Baffoe stood up slowly and followed them.

”Tell me how you record phone calls with this phone” the inspector said.

I took it from him and first of all, deleted Voice call number 2 which contained the conversation between me and Chinelo.

Then I moved to his side and showed him how to switch on the recording when a call comes to the phone. He was impressed with Motorola.

He later asked us to go outside and wait for his instructions. I took Chinelo to the canteen and bought her snacks. We had not eaten anything for the day and she was hungry. As for me, whenever I was on a mission, food was the last thing on my mind. However, I ate snacks with a small pack of milk as well.

”Are you mr Sibi” a lady police officer asked me an hour later at the canteen hall.

”Yes, I am” I said.

She said the Inspector wanted to see me. We followed her to the office again.

Some heaps of Cedis were on the table. Seated opposite the money was a woman of about 40 years.

The Inspector introduced her as Mr Baffoe’s sister and said she had returned my money. She said the Cedis covered the equivalent of $350.
He brought out a paper that was newly typed and printed in a computer. I signed and Chinelo signed as well.

The Inspector handed me the money. I counted some money and gave to him as appreciation but he rejected it with a laugh. He just told us to go and stay out of trouble.

I took Chinelo and left the Police station. We hired a cab and drove to Nkruma square where I changed the money back to Dollars. We got $340.

Great. I had recovered $740 Dollars out of the $1000.

My balance remained $260.

I called Tony and told him where I was. He said he had gone to drop off her girl but will meet me at the Accra mall in an hour. We went to Accra Mall area and ate some food. After that we located a small bar and waited for Tony while we took some drinks.

Tony came about two hours later and picked us up.

”Chinelo, we have seen a lot of troubles today and it would be nice to know where you live” I said.

She said she lived somewhere called Kotobabi. We drove towards north to the area. We arrived at the house. It was a downstairs with self contain apartments.
She lived in a room with another girl.

”As soon as we entered the room, I looked around for the Italian shoes and bag she had bought with my money but didn’t see any of them.

”Where are the the shoes and the bag you bought with my money” I asked her.

Tony who was angry inside the car for my decision to visit Chinelo became alerted. He somehow figured out why I asked that harsh question.
Chinelo on the other had had not fully grasped why the question materialized suddenly, but she was also suspicious.

”Chinelo, my Balance remains $260 and I need it here and now. If I don’t get it in cash, I will pick the things that is worth that amount in my own estimation. If you try to stop me,, I will find a different way to deal with you. I believe you should know what I can do by now” I said as I looked around the room to evaluate the prices of the items scattered around the room.

She was dumbfounded.

”Azubuike, why are you doing this to me. You said you have forgiven me and I believed you. I trusted you.” she said and started to cry.

Tony was touched by her tears but I was not.
I flashed back and recalled how I felt when I couldn’t see my phone in the hotel.
I was lost in Accra without that phone. What if the hotel manager had decided not to give me some money back, what would have been my fate?
I would have probably turned a begger in the streets of Accra and nobody would have believed that I had no money. Some would think that I wanted their money for rituals. People suspected Nigerians with every small opportunity and act. It was the same all over the World.
USA, Europe, Asia and even in our own Africa, Nigerians were subjected to every kind of suspicions. It was people like Chinelo who caused things like that.

”No Chinelo. I am getting back my $1000 and if I want to give you money, I will do that from my heart. The biggest problem you have now is that you have exhausted your slots at the police station. If you go back there to report whatever I do here, they will lock you up” I said as I browsed through the room looking.

I found a pair of leather shoes and threw them on the bed.

”I am going with this at $60. We are now left with $200 balance” I said.

She was still sobbing. I looked at her face and saw that the tears were real but I didn’t care anyway.

”For the wicked, a day will always come when you think you are safe and happy. But suddenly your joy will turn to bitterness in your mouth, and you will know that you are paying some debts”

”Let me see your phone” I said to the weeping angel.

She slowly handed it over to me and continued crying. I valued the Nokia at $100. I opened the back and gave her the simcard.

My money was gradually being paid.

”How much is a night of sex with a beautiful girl in Ghana” I asked Tony.
He didn’t answer. He just kept his gaze at me and shook his head.

”Please pity the poor lady” Tony said.

”Tony I asked you a question and if you don’t tell me, I will get the answers from someone else” I said.

He casted one more look at me and left the room. I heard his car engine came to life and the car accelerated away and the sound faded slowly.

”Because you satisfied me, I will wave the remaining $100 for you but when next you meet a stranger, study him well before making any wrong move” I said as I picked up the shoes on the bed and left the room.

From a taxi, I called My cousin, his Nigerian number connected. He was still in Lagos.

”I am coming down to Lagos tomorrow, when are you finishing” I asked.

He said he should be returning to Ghana the same next day. I told him that it was fine but I needed my bag in his place.

I told him that I was going to pick it since I had a spare key. He told me where to hide the key when I finished.

I called Daisy.

”Baby, I am coming back tomorrow. I hope you kept something for me” I said.

She said she kept something but wouldn’t tell me until I returned. She was happy that I was finally going to meet with his father.

I called My cousin in Idumota and told him I was coming back too.

The taxi driver took me to the place where my bag was. I picked it up and told him to drop me at the Tudu area where I had seen Nigerian bound buses.

It was late but I had decided to go against my policy of night travels.

I got to the Tudu and bought a ticket for a 505 station Wagon going to Cotonou. I waited in a nearby bar and had some beers while waiting for the car to load up. We eventually left Ghana at a few minutes past 7pm, and headed east back to the Federal Republic of Nigeria;
The land of Nnamdi Azikiwe,
Jay Jay Okocha,
Philip Emeagwali,
Tafawa Balewa,
Obafemi Awolowo,
The Nairaland, and like or hate it,
The Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin.

” The will to survive is not as important as the will to Prevail. The answer to criminal aggression is retaliation”

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