78: Right Money In Wrong Hands

I didn’t want to travel with Aircraft. There was no need risking losing the money, therefore i took a Snoda to the Amsterdam central Station and took the fast train to Torino Central Station.
Since Torino was in the North, it didn’t take us too long to get there. There was no Control whatsoever in train. Heading South towards Africa was never a problem and going from Amsterdam down to Italy was simply heading towards Africa.
It was one of the things i learnt from my boyfriend back in Lagos. He told me that the problem was always traveling from Italy or Spain towards France, Switzerland and Germany.

I boarded another train from Torino heading down South towards my base city of Castel Volturno.

Mary had been calling to know how i was doing but i didn’t tell her i was returning, I wanted to surprise her. She was even lucky because i didn’t spend much time in Amsterdam like i planned. If the business had gone well as i thought, i would have just made about 4000 Euros from the Hungary deal. The money would not have been enough for me to return to Italy because i initially planned to save up to 20,000 Euros to be able to go to Libya and buy two girls for myself.

When i got home, it was raining. After several knocks, Mary opened the door for me.

“Why are you not answering my calls?” I shouted as soon as i opened the door.

The answer to my question was not far fetched. Mary had a visitor, a Nigerian boy called Ajibo who was known all over the city. Ajibo was a no gooder; just walking all over Castel Volturno and sleeping with girls. He was once rumoured to have contacted a disease two years back but the news died naturally.
I was very angry when i walked inside the apartment and found the idiot smoking cigarette inside my sitting room.

“Is this why you refused to open the door for me?” i said as i pointed to Ajibo who was sitting non chalantly with his stick of cancer.

Mary didn’t say anything, she just stood there and stared at me as if i was a ghost.
Since i was with a lot of money, i opened my room door and went in first. Under my bed, i threw my bag inside and walked back to the sitting room.
Our new visitor was already standing up and ready to go. I figured that there was no need fighting him since it was Mary who asked him to come in the first place.
I opened my fridge to pick up beer but non was remaining. Mary or her visitors already enjoyed themselves with every alcohol in my fridge.

As i closed the fridge, Mr. Ajibo was opening the exit door and was leaving.
I waited until he closed the door behind him before i turned to the girl standing in a corner of the sitting room and said, “What are you waiting for?”

“Aunty i wanted to…” She was saying.

“Mary, please follow your boyfriend to his place. I want to invite my own boyfriend, or do you think i don’t have a boyfriend?” I shouted.

It was already night but i didn’t care. I didn’t care if she would tell Aunty Philo that I sold Angela by myself. I warned her about bringing men to my apartment. I wasn’t even sure Ajibo was the only person she brought to the apartment. I never wanted the Nigerian men to know where i lived. A lot of strange things were happening in Castel Volturno and it was important that every girl secured herself.

Mary was crying but i wasn’t moved. The truth was that since i had a lot of money with me, i didn’t need anybody in the apartment. I was thinking about how to send Mary back to Madam Philo but right then in the sitting room, it seemed the reason just presented itself.

Mary was going, Not that she deserved to go, but she needed to go. Sometimes, something needed to happen to us, even without reasons.

“Why didn’t you go to work Mary?” I suddenly asked.

She kept quiet. Of course she wasn’t going to give me the popular lie of ‘I am seeing my period’. We invented that lie to deceive our Madams.
If she was seeing her period, the she had no business inviting a man in my place.

“I am not well Aunty” She said.

There was no need asking what was wrong with her, it was obvious that the lies were about to begin.

To make things easier for everyone, i called Aunty Philo instantly.

“I heard you traveled to Holland again” Philo said from her end of the call.

I turned quickly and looked at Mary as if she heard what Philo said. I wanted to ask her why she told Aunty Philo that i traveled but since i needed to talk to Philo first, i said, “Yes Aunty, i went there to visit somebody but i am back. I am going to have a visitor tomorrow. Mary will come to your place.”

Madam Philo didn’t object, she didn’t have to anyway.
Mary heard everything i said on the phone, there was no need to continue asking her to go when i could do what i just did.

“You will go in the morning. After spending some days with your Aunty, you will return here. I want you to learn not to disobey me” I said to Mary before returning to my room to recount the money i returned with.

The door was locked. I brought out my bag and emptied it on the bed. The money didn’t disappear, it was still there.
After counting them again, i was assured that it was still complete.

Mr. Solomon had called two times in the immediate past but i didn’t answer, it was time to talk to him.

“Hello Maria, i have been trying to reach Basil but his number is not going through” He said.

Since i had two phones, i decided to leave the Netherland line on one of them; that was the one Mr. Solomon had and that was the one he called.
The way things stood, Basil’s friends, family or business partners were going to start asking for the money i had with me.
It wasn’t my money, it belonged to them but fortunately the money was with me when Basil disappeared. I would be the most foolish person to hand the money over to anybody. We were in Europe for money and money was what i had with me from the Hungary deal.

“I am not in Amsterdam now, i left him there yesterday” I said to Solomon. It was time to start putting the hawks off.

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    Smart move!

  2. Good one Boss! Smart move by Maria. It’s left for Basil to come out and claim his money but till then, it solely belongs to our dear Maria. Meanwhile, Mary is a stupid girl. She got the treatment she deserved.

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