77: You are in Now

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“Madam Model is an Edo Woman. I don’t know her very well but we have talked several times on the phone. Her line of business is to bring teenage girls from Nigeria or maybe Africa and send them out to the street for prostitution” I said.

“But that is the line of business of Edo people. I saw them in Spain when i went to do my paper. I don’t think we should disturb them” Chike interrupted.

“Guy, that was how you behaved the other day that made me angry. I don’t like it when i try very hard to convince a man. I have lived in Europe long enough to teach you how things work here. What they are doing is illegal and against human rights” I said.

“The drugs we sell here is illegal too but we are still doing it” He chipped in.

How was i supposed to deal with this moron?

“Yes, Drugs are illegal but since you want us to go into logical argument, how would you feel if your sister who is just 15 years is brought to Europe for prostitution?” I asked.

“How would you feel if your brother who is 15 Years Start taking drugs?” He asked.

There was no way continuing to argue with this guy.

Life was almost all about making choices. If a 15 year old boy decided to go and buy Marijuana to smoke, that was his business. The only place where responsible adults came in was that they were not supposed to sell drugs to the minors.
Irrespective of how much i wanted money back in Brandenburg, i never sold any weed to a minor. Not that i didn’t want their money but they would point at you in the court and blatantly say that you sold it to them. The system was very sympathetic to them and rightly so. But an adult hardly pointed to us in court over drug charges.

Chike was partly right but where i hooked my argument was that Most of the girls didn’t know what they were coming to do in Europe. That was exactly why it was usually easy for them to follow me. Those who knew what they were coming to do would never follow me, rather if they had enough courage to run from their Madam, they did so on their own.

Back in Germany, I knew one Catherine girl who ran out on her Madam. She used to tell me how she left Paris after one month and how she had not called her Madam. I didn’t really understood what she meant then until i started rescuing the teenage girls.

“Chike, i am leaving and i am taking back my 1000 Euros. You have my number, you can call me anytime you change your mind” I said, stood up and picked the money i kept on the glass center table.

“I didn’t say i won’t do the job you gave me, i only tried to tell you that considering that the Madam spent money to bring those girls to Europe, you should just allow them to do their business” He said.

“I think you are right there. Maybe after the operation i am going for in Paris, i will give up on the business” I said as i dropped the money back on the table.
An instant idea had come to my head, instead of trying to convince Chike to join the operations, i rather drag him in gradually without his knowledge.
It was me who knew the ins and outs of the business and coupled with my method of dealing with people, it would surely be easy to draft him into the business without his knowledge. I was going to start with the receiving and hosting of Madam Model. After that he won’t know how he got into the next Job.

“Sit down, we haven’t finished the details of the coming of the woman. You know she will be asking some questions and if i don’t give her the answers she want, she could think that it was two of us who shared the money you sent to her” Chike said.

As i sat down again, i said ” Chike, two of us shared the money she sent. You just got 1000 Euros with an option to get another 1000. The amount she sent was 5000 and you got 2000. Lets say i got 2000 too. That’s leaves us with 1000 Euros. I was the one who made the calls, traveled to France to pick up the girl and did all the talking. I was the one who also accommodated the girl when she came here. Therefore the remaining 1000 wasn’t even enough for everything i did. Now you can see that i am not interested in cheating people. Any money that comes out of the subsequent operations would also be shared accordingly” I said.

“What Subsequent operations?” he asked.

“None yet, but in case if something comes up, just know that your share of the proceeds would surely be protected and guaranteed” I said.

I somehow liked the way the conversation was going. I had systematically dragged him into the past operation of Uche and somehow convinced him that the money was shared equally. What he didn’t know was that i was already paying him for the future operation. I didn’t know how i was going to balance up things later but i was sure something would come up as long as there was still brain in my skull.

“It is getting dark, i think i should be going” I said.

“You can sleep here if you want, i live alone” He said.

Gay alert!

“My cousin went to work and he will return by 11 pm. I have the only keys to the apartment and if i don’t go home now, he will sleep outside” I lied.

This huge chunk of a guy could be gay and if he tried to force me in the middle of the night, the combined brains of Albert Einstein, Faraday and Aristotle may not be able to withstand that muscles. I needed to exit the building as soon as possible and before he knew that i wasn’t going to be convinced to stay, i was already holding the handle of the exit door.

“I will call you tomorrow as soon as Madam Model calls. Buy some fruits and ice creams and keep them in the fridge. Make sure she feels comfortable here when she come and if you have the chance to sleep with her, take it. Its part of being a fugitive” i said.

“Fugitive, what fugitive?” He asked as i exited the apartment.

“You will find out soon enough” I murmured to myself and started running down the staircase.

I wasn’t sure he was convinced enough but whether he liked it or not, he was already involved. If not, he would be surprised how i would get my 1000 Euros back from him.

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