76: The Timely Arrest

76. The timely arrest

We drove through Austria in the night, stopping over in Vienna and one other city before we entered Germany. As i expected, the Police entered our Bus in Regensburg Bavaria. Being the only dark skinned creature in the bus, i was naturally asked who i was and where i was going. Since i tore my flight ticket from Amsterdam to Hungary, it was easy to tell them that i cam from Italy.

“But your passport showed that you came from Amsterdam” One female cop asked me.

She was right, i was stamped at the Netherlands airport. But i forgot it.

“Yes, i traveled from Italy to Amsterdam and to Hungary. I am on sightseeing” I lied.
She was looking me in the eyes but since i was traveling from east to west, i was sure she doubted i had drugs with me. Drugs were usually transported from West to East, not the other way round.

After flipping through my passport, she took the resident permit card and looked through it with lenses. Two minutes later, she handed back my documents and asked if i had anything in my bag.

“No, just the shoes and my make up kit” I said.

She nodded, looked at my face once more and left.
As she walked up the isle, i wondered if she was returning with more cops. It was true that i had a lot of money with me but i wasn’t too scared. It was not drugs which could have landed me in a serious prison, it was money which i could even be left to go and provide the evidence of where i got them.

Fortunately for me, the bus left Regensburg with me and the money. From then on, we headed North West towards Koln until we got to the German-Netherland border.

No one controlled us as we entered into Netherlands. It was already getting to 4am and everywhere was cold. I was sure that Basil must have called me one million times already. He must have thought that i disappeared with his money or that i was arrested in Hungary. I pitied him as i smiled inside, it served him right. Next time, he must have thought about plan B on how to return before sending me on an errand that could get me into trouble.
I even thought about leaving back to Italy with the money. But i got discouraged by the fact that if i kept doing things that way, it would be only a matter of time before i would have nowhere to run to. It would be impossible to hide in Europe if i had enemies in Holland and Italy. Those were actually the two countries where i could survive with prostitution and drugs. Since i already stopped street prostitution, Italy was getting out of the picture. The only place where i could do anything again was France but for some reasons, i ruled going to France out.
Some of my fellow Domitiana prostitutes era had already migrated to Paris where i would definitely go. It would be a shame for them to see me there after the news spread out that i already bought my freedom.

We entered into Netherlands and made our first stop at the Utrecht Central Station. I knew that Utrecht was close to Amsterdam. I was tempted to open my phone and call Basil from there but since i was already close, i decided to give him a surprise visit.

Since the bus didn’t stop anywhere else, i followed it to the Central Bus Station near the Amsterdam Central. As soon as i got out of the bus, i called a Snoda and asked the driver to take me down to Bijlmer. Inside the car, i switched on my phone and dialed Basil, his number didn’t connect; it was switched off.
I tried again to make sure it wasn’t a network issue, but i met the same result.

Basil had switched off his phone, whatever the reason was.
I was close to Bijlmer already, therefore i decided to go straight to the apartment to find out why his number was switched of.

Up to the apartment door, I pressed the bell and waited. Basil didn’t t come out. The door was locked.
I hit the door harder for several minutes but nothing happened.
As i was about to leave the place and find somewhere else, a neighbour who had heard me banging on the door came out from the apartment opposite ours.

“Politie came. They go with you friend” she smiled mysteriously.

From the look on her face, she was probably a Suriname or somewhere from Latin America.

“What?” I asked.

“Politie came take you friend go” she repeated.

Police took Basil away, for what?

“When?” I asked.

“Night” She said and returned to her apartment.

My heart was beating fast. I didn’t know the type of danger i was in. If police took Basil, i could have been connected to whatever reason they did that. He could have been tracked through his phone calls which must have also involved me.

My heart beat faster as i walked down the stairs as fast as i could, even though i didn’t know where to go.

It was still morning and people have not started coming out.
As i busted outside the building, the first person my mind told me to call was Bola.

Bola picked his call as soon as it started ringing.

“How are you Maria?” he asked with sleepy voice.

“I am OK. I just returned from Hungary and decided to see you before i return to Italy” I lied.

Return to Italy, that was one thing my mind skipped.

Since Basil was arrested according to the Woman neighbour, i could just head back to Italy with the money. I would hide it in my room and waited for Basil to come out, then i would hand the money back to him.

Bola asked me to come to a place called Kempering. He said every Soda knew the place.

As i walked towards the road where i would find the Snoda, my phone started ringing. The call originated from Ivory Coast. I had no doubt that it was Chinedu and i had no doubt that he also called about the same money i picked up in Hungary. Since i didn’t know what he was about to tell me, i decided to ignore the call.

As i settled down in the cab, he called again but just like the first one, i ignored the second call too.

Five minutes after we left, i paid the snoda driver and walked down in front of the Kempering tall building.

Bola was waiting for me downstairs as if he knew that i was loaded with neat bundles of Euros.

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