76: The Monza Operation

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Monza Italy

Monza Italy


In the space of one day, i had been chased for close to one kilometer in Monza and was attacked by another in Porta Nuova Milan. These cowards apparently believed in physical fights. They thought problems were still being settled with punches. While i made plans and execute them, those dogs planned to knock me down and out. The way Kingsley’s neighbour pursued me suggested that he was not mentally balanced. It had been so long I saw or witnessed such thing. I was always ready to use every available means to avoid physical fights even if it meant involving the Police but there in Milan, i had managed to witness a physical attack on my body. Though Kingsley didn’t win me during the physical fight but i considered it uncivilized and insulting to launch a physical attack on me. Like I said, i was going up to Monza to square it off with them. I didn’t have a plan yet but I was sure to figure out something when I get up there. I knew that Kingsley won’t go back to Spain as was directed by the Police. It was almost normal that he won’t listen to the cops. A lot of people did the same thing and even if he was deported back to Spain, which I knew the Italians were not going to do, he would be back in one day. People did that all the time.
My anger wouldn’t let me sleep that night. I lay on the bed with my eyes open while Esther slept. As usual, she had finally suspended her security and other affairs to me. She had found out that i wasn’t interested in sex. She must have wondered what i wanted or why i did everything i was doing but the mystery behind my being and the things I did were even beyond me. I had found myself in comfort zones several times but i considered them very boring. People suffered out there in the streets, especially teenage girls who were coerced into believing that the Heaven was in Europe.

Around 7:00 in the morning, Esther woke up and said she was hungry. I took her down to the reception for tea. It occured to me that we forgot about food. After the tea, we went back upstairs and got ready for our next travel.

In front of the hotel, we hired a taxi to Monza.
Monza was a small beautiful city located less than seventeen kilometers North East of Milan with a population of about 120, 000. It was also one of the gateways to the Alps in Switzerland. Monza hosted the famous Autodromo Nazionale Monza which served as a race track for the Popular Formula One sport.
As i suspected, a large number of Africans lived there. They were the people who operated mostly in Milan and Bergamo.

We got to Monza and lodged at the Hotel Della Regione. According to the list we saw at the reception desk, one could pay €186 for Four nights; that was what we did. As soon as we got to our room, i changed to new sets of clothes and put on my face cap.
“Where are you going again? we just got here” Esther said. She had been frowning her face in protest over my decision to go to Monza. She had constantly reminded me that i promised Rome and not Monza. I had also reminded her that we were on the run and not on a Vacation.
“I want to go and look around town, things could turn nasty and require that we leave here by night or foot or on emergency. Stay here, i will be back. Here is some money, if i don’t return after two days, call me. If my number doesn’t connect, wait for another two days but keep Calling me. If after four days of staying here without getting me on the phone, call this number. She is a friend of mine in Marseille, she will tell you how to come to Marseille” i said as i called out Naomi’s phone numbers for her. I also gave her €1000 and told her that i was likely to return in a few hours.

As soon as i got out of the hotel, i called Naomi.
“Hey sweetheart, you remember Esther in Paris?” i asked.
“That would be My Madam’s third girl” she said.
“Yes, i stumbled upon her in Italy a few days ago and I gave her your number. She didn’t know you are in Marseille but if she calls you and identified herself properly, tell her to enter a train heading to Marseille at the Milan Central station. I gave her enough money for the journey. You don’t need to be scared because she also decided to quit hawking her body after hearing how i took you away. I left her a few minutes ago and i am not sure when i will see her again. She may not call you but if she did, don’t tell her who you are until she gets to Marseille” I said.

The rest of my money was carefully hidden inside my jean pockets and belthole. Among the things with me were a single key that belonged to Kingsley which I stole from Esther’s bag, she could have given it to me if i had asked but i didn’t want her to have the knowledge of what i was about to do. She behaved like someone who was unstable sometimes. I wasn’t yet sure Aunty Franca caught her in Paris, she could have been the one who called Franca. Telling her what i was planning to do in Monza was a huge security risk. One of my ideas of doing things was to do whatever it was first before talking about it. I didn’t blame Esther either, she was just a kid who left home without a remote knowledge of where she was going.

There was a hotel i saw near Kingsley’s house the day i was running from the strange man, it was a cheap hotel that had a perfect view of the nearest bus stop in the neighbourhood.
I took a taxi to the hotel and rented one room for €35; then i walked upstairs and unlocked the room. It was a perfect hideout with well decorated bed, an old Television and a telephone box for the room service alone. After a few minutes in the room, i walked out to the street and bought a bottle of JW, then i returned back upstairs and started drinking directly from the bottle. Twenty minutes later, i called Esther.
“What are you doing baby girl?”
She said she was just on the bed playing a game with her phone.
“Where are you?” she asked.
“I am in Milan, i will be back late in the night or the next morning. Don’t be scared, nobody can find you there” i said, just to assure her that i was still with her.
After talking to Esther, i called Franca.
“It is time to send the money to Nigeria. I will send you details of the receiver in a few minutes” i said and hung up.
Then i opened my phone message input box and typed ‘John Okolo, Enugu Nigeria’. I forwarded it to Franca. Then i called Kingsley.
“Why are you calling me?” he shouted.

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