76: The Italian Discovery Day

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After receiving €2000 from Maria, I left Levanzo for Palermo. I left without a single bag, Just two phones, my wallet, my documents and Money. I needed to travel as light as possible.
I had told Maria that i was going to Freiburg through the Palermo airport but i didn’t. Rather i traveled from Palermo to Castel Volturno.

The restaurant Maria described for me at Aversa was easy to locate; It was a Dutch restaurant.

I entered and sat down near the buffet set up where everyone was expected to go and get his or her own food.
I didn’t need anyone to tell me that the black young woman i saw there was Linda; she looked Nigerian from hair to toe.

“Excuse me” I waved at her.

She came to where i was sitting alone and said “What can i do for you Sir?”.

“Not much. Just that since i was born, i have never dished out my own foods. We had maids all over the Palace back in Nigeria since my dad was the king of our clan. His Majesty never allowed his sons to go near the kitchen. Could you please get me my food?” I said.

“But Sir, every other person is getting his own food by himself” She said.

“I know Sister and that’s is why i chose you, a fellow African to do that for me” I said.

“Alright, tell me what you want to eat”

“Just get me half plate of rice and add vegetables of your choice” I said with a smile as i opened my wallet and gave her €50 note.
I knew whatever i was going to eat there could never cost more than 10 since it was a middle class restaurant.

She took the money and left. When she returned with my order, i thanked and asked her name.

“I am Linda” she said.

“Thanks again and you can keep the balance” I said as she stretched her right hand to give me my change.

“Just give me your phone number, i will like to take you out someday” I said.

After smiling, she took my phone and added her phone numbers there; she saved them with ‘Linda’ and showed it to me.

I dialed the number as she left and about six meters away, she brought out the ringing phone and picked it.

“It is me, the person you gave food now” I said.

She looked back and asked what my name was.

“Prince Austin” I said. She smiled and turned away.

After eating my food, i left the restaurant and took a train to Napoli.

At the Napoli Capodichino Airport, i bought Easy Jet flight ticket to Rome Fumichino Airport.

It took us under an hour to get to Rome. It was getting to 4pm when i got to the Rome city center.

There were several African Shops in Rome; i located one that belonged to an Igbo Man called Ibeto and entered.

After drinking a bottle of Guinness Stout, i started asking questions.

The first person i asked said he didn’t know any Benin Woman called Aunty Maureen but promised to get in touch with me if he finds out; he took two bottles of stout on me.

It took more than five people to eventually find out where Maureen lived. The person who gave me her address also gave me her phone number after drinking three bottles of beer from me.
I called Maureen and introduced myself as Prince Austin.
I told her that i lived in Napoli but was in Rome and decided to see her for some confidential matter.
She said she won’t invite me to her apartment until she know who i was and why i came.
I waited at a restaurant where she directed me to stay.
It took her an hour to finally meet me at the restaurant.
When she entered, i stood up and waved; she had told me the clothes she was wearing.

“Hello Maureen, welcome. You look beautiful in this native attire” I said, trying to become as friendly as butterfly to flower.

She sat down opposite me and relaxed since i was all smiles and didn’t look dangerous to her.

“Prince Austin, its nice to meet you but i am curious to know why you are looking for me. Two people already called and said someone was asking of me” She said.

“Oh, there is nothing to it. I needed to see you for some urgent matter because i am a good person. I do business in Napoli with Adesuwa and she told me much about you and Jessica. I never bothered to ask her for your phone number because i felt she would think that i may shift the business from her to you” i said.

“Adesuwa, she is my friend. Why would she think such a thing?” Maureen said.

Confirmation number one: They were really friends.

“I guess she was just trying to protect her business” I said with a smile.

“Well i understand but that doesn’t explain why you are looking for me” she said.

“Something happened to Adesuwa two days ago. She was arrested in Castel Volturno for prostitution related issues. I don’t know when they will release her but i needed to see Jessica. I owe Adesuwa €20,000 and i want to stay in contact with Jessica. If after a month and no good news about Adesuwa, i plan to return the money to Jessica. Her mother did something good to me which i will never forget” I said.

“What? Did you say She was arrested?” Maureen asked.

“Does it mean you haven’t heard about it?” i asked.

She ignored my question and brought out her phone, dialed Adesuwa and when the phone said it was switched off, she dialed another person.

“Aunty, i heard Adesuwa was arrested. Is that true?” She asked.

I didn’t hear what whoever she called told her but the expression on her face revealed that my news was confirmed. The truth was that Adesuwa was really arrested and one of her charges must be related to prostitution.

“Prince please tell me what happened, am i safe here?” She said after the call.

“Safe, you are safe. Maureen i am a Nigerian and will never wish you harm. I told you why i m here and that is it. I only need to establish contact with Jessica so that she will know i owe her some money. I would have asked to give you the money to keep for her but money is the root of all evil. You may be tempted to use it and get in trouble with Adesuwa” i said and smiled.

Jessica is in school now at St. Stephen High School. She will be back soon, lets go to my house and wait for her” Maureen said.


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  6. lil jboy

    lol…. now we have set the ball rolling. women and their chicken brain.

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