75: Temporal and Tactical ReUnion

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Jessica rode me for several minutes before I busted. I couldn’t help holding it any longer. I had not Fvckedd for several days and the sperm usually came out quicker.

She got off me, removed the condom and stroked the manhood until it got up again, she found another condom in my wallet and slipped it back on my dicck.

The second time was even more memorable as we fuccked like rats for several minutes until we got tired.
I released the second time and get down from her. She was exhausted.

It was true that she had stolen my money. I also knew a lot of people would condemn my getting back with her but I also knew that it was the mixture of unthinkables and impossibilities that made the visible differences in our World.
Do what others did and nobody knows you but as soon as you did what had not been done before, you will be in the news.
Moreover, I needed Jessica for the Baffoe Job and since I had gotten hold of her, I figured it would be best not to let her go. If she had gone, she could have been tempted to tell Baffoe what I planned or even tell a friend who would advice her against my wish.
The art of protecting our ideas was the hardest job to do.

”But how did you track me down two times in two days” Jessica asked from no where.

”I was lucky” I said.

”You can’t just be that lucky because I was also looking out for you. I thought you had fallen mugu and that you would just go back to your cousin and get transport money back to Nigeria,, she said.

”All I can tell you was to stay away from such things. If you must target money, try the white men who could hardly describe you. Not a fellow Igbo man who knew you had open teeth and tattoos” I said.
She laughed.

She was good at laughing and I wondered what such lively girl found in stealing people’s money.

Late in the night, we went downstairs and got beers. The hotel didn’t sell whiskey which I wanted. There were some local hot drinks on the counter but I lived according to the available money with me…

”When I can’t afford ‘A’, I go for ‘B’ but as long as I can afford ‘A’, I won’t look at ‘B’.

Life is one big road with lots of signs. It was so important to know that while planning for your children and children’s children, remember that you were also a child of someone.

We drank until we got tired, then we Fvcked one more time and slept.

In the morning, Mr Baffoe called me. He asked where I was so he could bring my money to me.

The amateur had made two more mistakes.

First, the natural law of debt stated that it was the person being owed that initiated the sequence of actions to retrieve his or her money.
Sometimes, someone could call the person he or she was owing but it rarely happened and in the case of Mr Baffoe whom I believed would involve the Police, he had just made a mistake.

Secondly, You don’t ask where the person you owed money was. He or she ask the questions; especially in Africa where paying debts sometimes looked like losing money.

”Mr Baffoe, I will come to you when I am ready. Stop being idiotic. I am sure you must have planned other things contrary to what we agreed upon. You may have involved Police or even thugs but I can assure you that if you make one mistake, just one mistake, you will regret ever meeting me because you wont have a chance to apoligize” I said and cut off the call.

” Suspicion is one of the reactions by which an organism defends itself and seeks another equilibrium”

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