75: Who will be like You

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“Chikelue, you are a man like me. It will be very difficult for me to try to convince you that all those things can’t do anything. But atleast i want you to believe that they can’t do anything to me in particular. Not that i did anything to protect myself. I don’t even go to Church or pray, i just wake up daily and go about doing my business. Therefore my belief is that if i am being protected by anybody or anything, i don’t know who it is. The first thing on my list has always been security and analysis. If you can be able to combine this two factors, with a little luck, you can slap Lucifer and go free” I said.
We laughed for a few seconds before i continued.

“The woman from Paris sent me 5000 Euros. She did that because after convincing her girl to follow me down to Amsterdam here, i told the woman that she must pay that amount before she could get her back”.

“Wait, she just paid because you told her to pay?” Chike asked.

“Not really, that is where the game of wits and tactics comes in. The whole thing hinges on the girls. If they understand and believe that you really want to help them, they would help you but if you are not able to convince them, then they won’t even follow you in the first place” I said.

“Haha my man, tell me where you got the voodoo that help you to confuse them to pay” he said.

After having some laugh over the voodoo statement, i told him that i never went to any voodoo man let alone getting something to confuse anybody.

“I have already told you how i succeeded and if you wish to learn this business, you must first of all forget about depending on anything external except your own head. God will not even listen to you no matter how much prayers you said to him. The law will also turn its back against you if you get caught. The only consolation here would be saving someone from the street” I said.

“So, what happens when you get the money?” he asked.

“You quickly settle the girls by sending them away to a place where the Madams would not be able to see them again” I answered.

“Now i understand why the woman said she took your name to the Marmaid. You are messing with the wrong people and trust me, their juju will deal with you” he said.

“Chikelue, I don’t like stupid people. I am not here to convince you about marmaid or other deities. I came here because you invited me to come” I said and stood up.

“Ask them how much is our bill” I continued.

“Don’t worry, i will pay. I am the person who invited you here but we have not finished yet” he said.

“You don’t deserve to pay for me. You are a poor man with low mentality. I came because you rescued me from..” I was saying when he suddenly stood up and grabbed the collars of my shirt.

“Do you know who i am, if you call me poor man again, i will knock you off here” he almost shouted.

The idea was to make him get angry and it worked.
I wanted to challenge him and let him know that muscles were not brains.

“See, there are many people here and i believe One person is already thinking of calling the Police here. If you start anything, i will turn everything on Your head and trust me guy, everybody will believe me” I said and slowly pulled his hand off my collar.

“I am sure you have spent more than five years in Europe and has never been to Nigeria. Its because you don’t have the courage to make the money. You will spend another five years here without saving enough money to go home. What you do is go to the gym everyday to train your useless muscles which are of no use to you here. The only thing this muscles and biceps can fetch you are women. And i can easily get them without muscles” I said.

“Now i know why the Ghana People wanted to kill you, you run your mouth like Parrot. I will surely get you where nobody will save you” He said and walked out.
“Poor man, you can go. I will pay them for everything, including the food you ate before i came” I said as he fumbled in his pocket and brought out his wallet.

He walked to the counter and settled the shopkeeper, then he left the place and went away.

I smiled as he stepped out of the place.
My ‘upset him’ plan had worked. It was time to wait and see if he would chicken out or come back stronger.

It was a pity Chike thought and believed that building up muscles was the real deal. He came to our meeting with a light singlet despite the fact that the weather has started to drop towards the cold level. He wanted every girl with open teeth to see his biceps even if it meant contacting cold but unfortunately, i wasn’t someone to be impressed with physique.

Thirty minutes after he left, i stood up to go. First i walked to the counter and paid the rest of the bills, then i brought out my phone and called Chike.

“Sorry for the way i talked to you today. I don’t know what came over me. That won’t ever happen again” I said.

Chike waited for a few seconds before responding.
“You should mind how you talk. People will kill you in this country if you don’t watch your mouth” He said.

It was really time to move. I already managed to clear the way for my movement. I had a feeling Chike would be hanging somewhere, waiting for me to come out so that he can attack me. But despite annoying him, i still wanted him to be around the place.
The real danger was the Ghanaians who could Shoot me without thinking twice.

As i made my way towards the outside, i decided to stop at the exit door and look around for the Ghanaians before moving.

There he was, Chikelue, crossing the road about 60. Meters down the road.

What was he doing there for more than thirty minutes? Waiting for me to come out.

I succeeded in playing with his head; hitting him and saying sorry later.
But in truth, i was upset that someone his age who lived in Holland still believed that some lifeless deity somewhere in Africa could affect his life in Europe.

Belief was one thing that was very difficult to remove from people because it worked both ways; sometimes good and the other times, bad.

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    Belief was one thing that was very difficult to
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