75: The Porta Nuova Brawl

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Milan Station

Milan Station


“Who are you?” I asked and anticipated a slap or punch. Rightly, he swung a punch on my head but a quick duck saved my face from being hit. The weight of the misguided punch threw Kingsley off balance as he staggered to stay on his feet. I wasn’t going to wait for him to come for the second one, therefore i hit him on the back of his neck and he fell face down on the concrete ground.
“Go home, don’t stand there” i shouted at Esther as i threw the hotel key to her. She picked it up and started running towards the bus stop. Kingsley was already up from the ground and was torn between fighting me and chasing after Esther. He rightly guessed that i wasn’t the issue, i was a man and i could fight my way out but as for Esther, she was still vulnerable.
Kingsley started to go after Esther but i blocked his way. He tried to run from another angle but i blocked him once more, then he jumped on me and both of us fell to the ground. He was on top of me but i held the sleeves of his shirt tightly to make sure that his two hands were incapacitated. I knew that it was a matter of time before people separated us and i was right because a few seconds on the floor, two security agents from the shop opposite where we were fighting separated and held two of. They held us until four police officers showed up and asked us to follow them. We were cuffed with twine ropes.

We got to the station and were taken to a large office where our phones, wallets and documents were taken from Us. Everything that was taken from me was written on a piece of paper and i signed it, Kingsley did the same. Fortunately for us, we both had legal resident permits. I had a French resident card while kingsley had five years Spanish resident card. The good news again was that we were both visitors, however, the train ticket i used from Paris to Marseille and Marseille to Milan was still with me while Kingsley had no tickets.
“What are you doing in Milan?” a Police officer asked me. I told him that i was on three days vacation from France. Kingsley said he was on a vacation too. They asked when i came to Italy and i pointed to the tickets in my wallet. They checked it and saw that i was new, however when they asked kingsley the same question, he said he came to Italy two days ago but couldn’t provide his tickets.
They were not interested in why we were fighting, rather they told me to leave Italy after three days. They took kingsley’s passport and resident permit card, wrote something on a piece of paper and gave him to go and buy a ticket back to Madrid. They allowed me to go out of the station first.
I walked out of the station and took the first bus i saw even though i didn’t know where it was going; i just wanted to go as far as possible from Kingsley. The bus stopped me at a major Milan station and i took a taxi back to the hotel. I walked up and saw Esther crying. She didn’t say anything after opening the door for me, she just went back to the bed and lay there. I didn’t want to tell her to stop crying. My clothes were dirty and needed them to be changed first. After changing my clothes, i sat down on the bed and called Franca.
“Did your dog tell you that we had a fight this night?”.
She kept quiet.
“I told you never to send anybody after me and it seems you don’t have ears. The deal is off. Esther is going to another Country first thing in the morning. Don’t bother sending me any money again” I said and cut off the call.
She called back and begged me not to take Esther away. She said it wasn’t her who sent Kingsley after me that night. She agreed to send me the entire €5000 on the following Monday and i agreed.
Since kingsley has figured out that we were staying close to the business district, it was time to change base. Novara and Bergamo were two satellite cities near Milan, it was nice to go to one of such places but the problem remained that it was in such small satellite cities that the Benin people mostly lived. One of them could spot us and become suspicious if he or she had heard about Franca and I or Maria and I. A description of the ‘air that can never be trapped’ could have be given out to many places especially where the Beninites lived.
What about if we moved up to Monza? That was a great idea because i believed that it was usually better to stay close to your enemies, it gives you a better chance of monitoring them. We were going to Monza the following day.

“Why were you crying like a baby?” i turned and asked Esther, she had calmed down.
“Is that why you didn’t pet me or even tell me to stop crying?, you are very wicked” she fired back.
That was a surprise one to me. I didn’t know the prostitutes required to be pampered as well. I thought the realities of street life could have tortured them into hard steels like me.
“Oh, sorry that i didn’t pet you, i was angry that instead of you asking me how the fight with Kingsley went, you were busy crying. If there is anybody who is supposed to be crying because of the problems, it is me. I am the one fighting and protecting you all along. Those people marketing your body are not interested in your safety, they are only interested in the money you return to them; how can you not have seen this?. Anybody who send you to the street in the night doesn’t care about you. Esther, i need you to be strong. It is because of the way you have been behaving that is putting us in danger but one thing should be clear to you; I like you and that is why i am taking those bullets for you. If I don’t care about you, you will still be on the streets of Marcadet in Paris. We are leaving town in the morning, we are going to Rome. Have you heard about Pope before?” i said.
“Yes, the head of the Catholic Church. Is he still alive?” she asked.
“You will find out tomorrow if you promise not to cry again” i said.
She promised not to cry again.

Unfortunately for her, we were heading north to Monza once more. She would find out in the car the next day.
Rome was such a big and historic city, well known all over the World as the seat of Vatican City, the home of Roman empire and the largest city in Italy but Ozoigbondu was heading north. Some one just started a war with me, and i was going to finish the war. That was the only life I knew how to live. If I didn’t go for him, he will have another chance to come at me. It had been established through generations that the best form of defense was to attack. Nobody was going to chase me out of Italy. Maria tried and failed.
Heeyyyyyy! Mr. Kingsley, you don’t punch or slap me and go free. Throwing stones while living in a glass house was such a bad idea.
What else do you expect from a provoked soldier, If not war.
Kingsley of Monza, get ready for more goose chases.
“He who gathers the ant infested firewood, invited the Lizards for a party”

Milan Center

Milan Center

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