74: Where is my money Baffoe

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Mr Baffoe, after his initial threatening had called back.
”Do you have my money ready Sir” I asked him.

”Tomorrow, I will give you the money tomorrow. Today is Sunday” he said.

”Why did it take you such a long time to decide on whether to give me the money or not” I asked him.

”I just decided to give you the money, that is it” he said.

”How much of my money were you planning on giving me and why didn’t you ask me how much I wanted from you”. I asked him again.

”Look I know how much I will give you” he said.

Amateur! He knew how much he would give me without discussing it with me. It was enough reason to be on alert. And even if there was no reason to be on alert, I was going to take precautions.

In the game of crime, precautions, planning, counter planning, possible fallout, escape routes and violence were all the things we had to touch one after the other in a particular sequence. If one is mixed ahead of the other, it could lead to being caught off guard.

”Tomorrow Mr Baffoe, Tomorrow you will give me my $350. I don’t need any more money from you. I am not blackmailing you or asking you for help. I am asking for my money. If you play any foul game with me, the money would be increased and so would more punishments” I said and hung the call.

In the evening, I called my cousin and asked where he was, he directed me to come to their Church. They had finished the Church but had decided to make more prayers.
The prayer warriors never got tired of disturbing the God Almighty. On a day we were told He set aside for rest was the very day we disturb him with shouts from all over the African Continent. It was we humans that rest on Sundays, not God. It was the reason why I so much believe that some humans were playing God over Others.

Americans own the God of wars. they sit back in their white house and decide what happens elsewhere. Do what they said and you are fine. Disobey them and their mighty weapons invade you.
It was the Romans, Germans, then Russians, then Americans and China was gearing up to snatch the God of war from Americas.
Who knows, maybe, just maybe the God of wars would decide to reside in Africa someday but until then, we can only close our eyes and ask him to send us money, healthcare, technology, win wars for us.
Sometimes we even called him ‘God of Israel’ and asked him to come and fight for Nigeria. Nigeria, a country mixed up with Muslims and Christians if the God decided to come and fight, which side would He favour?

While the Southern Christians shout and rant for the God of Israel to fight for them, the Northern Muslims play the Gods themselves and kill them at every given provocation.
But let the Gods stay for now. We were still in Ghana.

I waited for my cousin until the shouting inside the Church finished, then we drove to his house.

I wrote a check of N300,000 and gave him. I told him to withdraw the money and buy goods with it. He would then return to Ghana, supply the Goods and return the capital.

At about 8pm, I called Jessica Chinelo and told her that I wanted to see her.
She was scared in the begining but I assured her that there was nothing to fear. I also told her that if I wanted her, I could catch her as long as she was in Accra, she believed that.

She came an hour later to the place I had told her to come. I had sent a taxi with Tony. Tony had packed his car where I was and followed the cab to pick the girl up. I was thinking that she could have called Baffoe or the Police but I doubted it anyway. Baffoe had denied her outrightly and women hated things like that.

Tony picked her up with the cab and brought her to the joint where I was. We walked up to a cheap hotel and rented a room.

”Chinelo, tomorrow, you are going back to Baffoe to get the money you gave him. He had agreed to return it. I will call him in the morning and make an arrangement with him. I am sending you because, he may call the Police but if he did, you could tell the cops that I didn’t send you. Tell them that you gave him the money yourself and wanted it back. You will get the $50 dollars on top of it as your share” I said.

Tony wanted to object on her getting the $50 but he knew that his opinion would be vetoed over by mine.

I told Tony to go home. Jessica was staying with me. We had an unfinished business.

I asked Jessica to wait in the room while I see Tony off.
We walked downstairs to the reception. Tony left.

I walked to the receptionist and said ” I just came here with a girl, please do not allow her to leave this place alone under any circumstances”.
He nodded as I walked back to our room.

I removed my trousers and phones and kept them on top of the table, then I put my hand in my pocket and brought out my money.
I had $700 and 120,000 Cedis.
I kept them on the table beside my phone and went into the bathroom.
Jessica was laughing as I walked silently to the bathroom.

”You think I will do that again Abi” she said.
”No Jessica, Chinelo.. You won’t do it again because if you do, I will track down your people in Nigeria and punish them for not giving you proper training.” I said.

She let out a huge laughter over what I said.

When I finished and returned to the room, she was on the bed, the items on the table were still there.

”Go and take your bath, we have to finish what we started” I said.

She laughed and went to the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later, she came out on just underwear.

She was slim with flat tummy. She had tattoos on her back, arms and the laps. She wore a bangle on one leg and a necklace. her bosoms had gotten tired of people’s hands and had decided to point downwards. It didn’t deter me as I moved half way across the room and hugged her.

”Don’t be a bad girl another time, it doesn’t suit your beautiful body” I said as my right hand moved to her A.rse and squeezed it.

Damn! It dawned on me that I had not touched any lady in Ghana since I arrived. The yellow rat in front of me was supposed to be the first but he messed the opportunity up. But then the opportunity has returned and she was still the first.

I had pushed her back on the bed and my finger had pushed her G-string aside and entered inside of her. She moaned as I hit the walls of her cunnt with my finger.

”You will pay me money Zuby” she said while smiling.

”No Chinelo, you should balance me some money. I bought an Italian handbag and shoes for you from my dollars, remember. I have never been that generous with any lady but because I liked you, I did that” I joked.

My manhood had gotten stiff and was ready for action.
I got up and brought a condom from my wallet and threw it at her. As a sexxx worker, she must have been an expert operator of condoms and I was right. In less than 30 seconds, she had torn the rubber, slipped it on me and guided my dicck into the cunnt.

I pumped away hoping to just release my sperm and get up but when Chinelo turned me around and started pumping in and out by herself, I changed my idea of what I wanted the action to be.

”We are all mistaken sometimes; Sometimes we do wrong things, things that have bad consequences. But it does not mean we are evil or that we cannot be trusted ever afterwards”

Jennifer had a second chance and so was Chinelo.
Blame or hate me for my decisions but some times ”We just have to allow life to live us instead of living the life all the time”

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