74: You can run but you can’t hide.

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Milan Central Station

Milan Central Station

As i walked upstairs towards my hotel room, i had no hope of finding Esther there. I considered my next options if i didn’t see her or see my bag. I had some €1700 and my documents with me. It was still enough money to travel to any part of Europe and stay for a while. The last time i checked the tickets of Easy Jet Airline, it cost only €32 to fly from Paris to Berlin, €48 to fly from Paris to Many parts of Scandinavia, €35 to fly from Paris to many parts of Italy and Spain. It was as cheap as anything and far cheaper than trains. If it happened that Esther ran away with my things, there were just two options available for me. First was to start searching for her which i was sure going to locate her. How i would do that was still not clear but as long as Europe was concerned, i would find her but even if i found her, i wasn’t going to kill or beat her. There was something about Esther that took me off balance each time i was with her. No doubt, she was beautiful but not more beautiful than Naomi and Ngozi; yet i was able to control those two. I didn’t believe in marine spirits, if not i would have believed that Esther was one of them. I recalled in numerous occasions when i decided on what to do to her but each time i see her, i forget everything and just wanted to make her happy. I didn’t figure what made her different from others.
Another option i had was to ignore her to her fate and forget about looking for her. The only consequence i could foresee about that was that if i eventually decided to forget her and move on with my life, i could have never been able to pay attention to the teenage Prostitutes anymore. I would forget about all of them and concentrate my time and energy on something else. I could decide to return to drugs or even decide to start buying vehicle spare parts all over Europe and start sending them to Africa. I could also decide to join the scrap metal business; yes, some of my friends who were into the business had been calling me to establish a link between them and some buyers in Europe. A Chinese lady who sold used spare parts to my elder brother in China has also visited me in Amsterdam twice. She sent me to load copper for her in Rotherdam and Den Bosch. I had a pretty good idea of scrap metal business but the capital involved was huge.

As i walked slowly up to my door, i knocked without a slight hope of getting any response but to my greatest surprise, i heard a voice said ‘Hello’ from the inside of the room, it was my Esther. She was there; she didn’t run away with my bag or my money.
“Open the door baby, its me” I said.
She recognized my voice and opened the door, then she ran out of the room and hugged me on the corridor.
For several seconds, she held me tight.
“I was scared something happened to you but i knew you will come back safe” She said when she released me from her clutches. We walked inside and closed the door.
“I am Ok Esther, nothing will happen to me until i make sure that you become Somebody in this Life. Thanks for not carrying my bag and run away but trust me, you would have carried the fate of many more teenage immigrants with you if you have done that” i said.
She promised never to do such a thing to me.
“How much did you give the taxi driver?” i asked. She said she gave him €100. I pulled my arm from her and went to my bag, it was still open. I opened it and checked the first place where i hid my money, it was still there. I checked the second spot and it was still there as well. Esther didn’t take the money. She had just saved some more teenage prostitutes without her knowledge. She was still wearing the same clothes she had worn since she arrived to the hotel, therefore i looked at her and said, “Change your clothes now, we are going down to eat and when we return, you are going to tell me who you are and how you came to Europe” My tone was slightly high and she knew that i meant every damn word i just said. She opened her bag and changed into another set of clothes.
We went downstairs and found a Chinese restaurant not far away from the hotel. As usual, i ordered for fried rice which was the only Chinese food i liked eating. Halfway through the food, her phone rang; it was Franca.
“Hello Franca, are you ready to send the something now?” i said. There were two other people sitting very close to us, i didn’t want them to hear ‘money’ from me.
“I will give you €3000 tomorrow if you send her back to Kingsley” she said.
“I don’t believe Western Union Money Transfer works here tomorrow. I am eating and i don’t need your bargaining to disturb me. I will contact you when i have time” i said and hung up.
It was getting dark when we finished eating, therefore we went into the city to look around. It was true that we were being hunted but i doubted that Franca had the kind of network and power Maria had. I wasn’t going to hide myself up in one place because of anybody and if there was a safe time to venture into town, it was definitely in the night.

“Where exactly was the place you people stand in the night here?” i asked Esther. She didn’t know anywhere but told me that another girl who lived in Monza had taken her to the place the first day and that she couldn’t locate the place unless she called the girl.
“Don’t call anybody, we can find the place on our own”.

Milan was a giant city, probably the biggest in Italy after Rome. It was the business hub of Italy with five major train stations. Hundreds of designer companies had their offices there in Milan.
I read the signs on the doors as we walked through the Porta Nuova business district. Most shops has closed but a large number were still open. A large number of people were seen returning from the San Siro where their favourite football clubs had played out a goalless draw. People could be seen outside drinking beers and singing some Italian tunes.

“Is this the kidnapping you told me about on the phone?” a voice said behind us. It was Brother Kingsley from Monza.
Damn! It seemed I can never get away from troubles.

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    Why did you choose to move around a city where you have little or no advantage? Mistake. …

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    Zuby, Usually the first thing you do is change hotels and be on your guard. But what happens next……

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    na u put ur self for dis one bc u commo outside. U for dey inside no body go see u.

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